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  1. Corra is my first Tulpa and overall I can't have been creating her for more than a few weeks, with about the same amount of time in between the second and third weeks NOT forming. Today was more or less a normal day, raining (classic Britain) and I was walking to school and talking audibly to her when two things happened. 1st, I noticed that she wasn't wearing her usual attire. She prefers a blue blazer over a plain white shirt with a matching blue skirt with black tights and flat sensible shoes. I was surprised to notice today that she was wearing a black rain coat too! I have never seen her
  2. Just the other day I got what I'm very sure was a response from my tulpa. When I was narrating to her, I felt a certain rush of emotion I wouldn't normally feel. Then, later that day I got a vocal response from her and we had a conversation. It felt great, and I'm 90% sure it is her but at the same time I'm 10% sure I might be parroting all of these responses. It don't feel like I'm consciously coming up with them, and whenever I ask her to surprise me by, say, asking her to say a random word, it is a surprise, but at the same time it feels parroted. I will for sure keep believing it's her, bu
  3. Hi all. I have a question ! It is my understanding that tulpa move by themself eventualy . How can that be because i have been forcing a lot for 2 month now and they only go where i wan them to go or else them don't do anything. They just sit there. So i make them go place a bit but nothing by themself. No voice, No movement , no head pressure and no bringing me beer wen i come to my wonderland. At least my real wife bring me beer sometime wen a play on the computer so it not all bad :) If ever they did move without me knowing and i came back to my wonderland and i imagine her neer the
  4. As of late, I have been struggling with my Tulpa creation. I can feel it there but I feel like every time it speaks I could just be parroting and making it say what I want. I tried to talk to her just now...and something odd happened, look at the "chat log" below. Am I just parroting really hard? Is this unhealthy? Has anyone had a similar experience? This kind of made me uncomfortable, I think I might be talking to myself and believing that I am talking to my Tulpa but I cant be sure. CHAT LOG: Her: You keep calling me Holo, on accident. Why is that? You said my name is Juliet. Me:
  5. Blah blah blah, 2 years and 1 month with absolutely nothing, blah blah blah. I'm tired of whining about that. Would creating a second tulpa help with the development of the first, taking into account over 2 years of silence from the first one; Tay, my eevee tulpa? Thanks, Lunaclipse PS: I can guess the response ("possibly"), but I'm just seeing if anyone has any advice on the matter. If I can somehow lead up to Tay finally being able to communicate freely, or me being able to hear him, interpret and see him, my life will take a steep turn in the general direction of "good". I've been
  6. Okay so a bit of back story on my small amount of experience: I was actively forcing with rebel, first forcing a personality, and then by the second day, I began getting head pressures. These could turn on and off with a simple request to rebel, and he could very quickly move them to different locations on my head.I began using this to have him answer questions. Fast forward: I was slacking off with talking to rebel and I decided that was wrong. I began talking to him again, instantly getting the return of head pressures and decided to make a bracelet for him. I was actively talking to hi
  7. Me and my two Tulpas, Lilly and Edan, are my best friends but sometimes I can't stop Edan from being overly nice and way to talkative but Lilly doesn't talk enough and is a bit too jumpy when she is spoke to. I'm almost 90% sure that this is just their personalities but I can't be too sure of it. Any advice?
  8. My theory relies on a few assumptions about the mind. 1) The mind is incapable of multitasking on the level required to have a tulpa running around in it thinking as the host does all day long. 2) The mind, when dealing with thoughts, has a complicated and fancy process in which it assigns/manages identity to those thoughts. 3) That process is malleable based on many possible factors. So, when a person makes a tulpa, what happens? Person begins by forcing, they narrate, make a personality, make a form, and so on. After so long of doing this process, the person begins
  9. Tips and tricks. So, you're worried about parroting or puppeting, correct? When they move or speak you're certain you made them do it a moment before they did, however you did not conciously make them do it? Well, time for a big realisation because those movements and words do belong to the tulpa. It is their development, however as they are not distinguished/seperate from you yet (meaning they are still a part of you, you have not made an entirely seperate being yet) their words and movements will feel as if you did them, rather than being entirely alien. This will progress over time, howev
  10. Okay I think Baron is sentient but I just need to make sure. The moment when realized his sentience was when he spontaneously asked me whether he was a burden to me after knowing my friend's opinion of tulpas and me having to keep him a secret from my family. We had a deep conversation in my wonderland and I assured him that it was the exact opposite. I had made him to help me mentally and to go on adventures no other would go on with me. At first it was a task to create my tulpa healthily, but then once we started having conversations it was more of a pleasure to help him mature to whatever h
  11. I'm without knowledge of how to continue. I've been forcing for two years, and all that time, I've been nowhere. I've received nothing in the form of response. I've tried intentional parroting for short whiles to coax a response; I've tried narrating for hours on end about anything and everything; King of Vandenreich's Prism for physical response, but my concentration is so terrible and imagination so wild that I can barely keep the prism still; I've tried just asking him to find a way to let me know that he's there; I've tried listening incredibly intently - so much so that I miss everything
  12. Ahh... this might be kind of hard to explain.. I know I've asked a similar question, but this is kind of getting on both of our nerves. So, when I'm not thinking about her, she can't talk to me, she can only produce headaches to let me know she's there. Her voice is really weak when she does speak to me. It's really quiet. She can't speak long sentences because I kind of get uneasy and parrotnoid when she does. Most of the time she just makes small remarks about things. Like she'd say "That's cool." sarcastically, or earlier today I finally made the connection to her and she was like "Final
  13. So, I've been working on my Tulpa for about a month and I don't force too much, but my Tulpa has already said something in her own voice out of the blue pretty early on, but never said anything in that voice again. Everytime I assume she said something it's my mind voice... are these her responses or mine? I'm 80% sure that she's at least somewhat sentient because before her I didn't give a fuck about anything and was depressed and moody all the time, but now I have a plan for my life and I'm just way happier with everything.. my life has improved dramatically, lol. She doesn't really say
  14. This is something that I've been really keeping in mind when concerning this phenomenon. Over the years, I've heard scattered accounts from authors and other creative types about their characters "coming to life" when they get into their story enough. While before I heard of tulpa, I didn't really pay it much mind, I do admit to having a similar experience before creating Midori at one point. But, in these accounts said creative types profess that their creations would often pipe up while the person was doing their work, may it be to encourage the person to keep up the good work, or to sugg
  15. I've been having some issues with Nebri recently. For starters she can't settle on a voice. We've talked about it and she says that I don't have a big library of female voices. At least none that are very recognizable or memorable. On top of that it seems like when she talks the main thought gets across and then I say it in her voice. I don't consciously think about it until the last few words and I'll end up dismissing it only to have her get frustrated. I've also had problems with her not understanding why I've done something even though she's able to catch my thoughts at other times.
  16. My tulpa talks perfectly with a pendulum, does this mean my tulpa is sentient?
  17. ok, so ive been doing alot of stuff in the wonderland and ive tried the prism test multiple times and it has yet to work. But ive seen some signs of sentience such as going a way i didnt know she was going to go, and kicking me in the face when i asked her to surprise me (lol) Is this bad that the prism test doesn't work for me or is she just not sentient quite yet?
  18. If you are resorting to a guide with a title such as this than you are probably pretty familiar with the entire process of creating a tulpa. You know about how to make a personality, you know what forcing is, you know how to put yourself in a wonderland with relative ease. You have found that despite all this knowledge, despite hours of forcing, despite reading every scrap of information you can find, you really honestly aren't sure what to expect from a tulpa. Alien feelings? A person whispering into your ear while you cross the street? The feeling of a walkie talkie? Some threads spea
  19. I'm about 15-20 hours into Narration with my Tulpa, she's shown no signs of recognition yet, although I wasn't expecting anything yet so soon anyway. I was just wondering, is there any sort of order of signs I should be looking out for when it comes to her showing signs of sentience? Things like: Moving on her own in our Wonderland, talking, emotion surges, head pressures and obviously talking. Does this usually happen in an order? She's currently done none of those things as far as I'm aware of, although It would to be nice to know what to look out for first.
  20. I don't know what to do. It is officially one year and seven months since I started work on my tulpa. No action. Not a single word. Not a single movement. I have seen no independence or sentience of any sort and I'm just lost on what to do. It's driven me so far into sadness that I'm even contemplating giving up - something that I promised myself I would never do...
  21. So at midnight tonight I will have been working on my tulpa for 1 month and though I am very patient with her showing signs of her presence but she hasn't showed much of herself lately but on the contrary when her form was changed to a pony( for The Sake of me knowing the anatomy of a pastel colored equine better then a human ) she has been very active in fact we sung a Christmas carol ( through mind voice but damn she got a good high c) and I feel her presence more and more but I digress to my question should I expect times of silence or unresponsiveness whilst making a tulpa?
  22. Hello everyone, I apologize for making this topic, it is not that I didn't search existing topics for answers, but rather found these answers too controversial. Where to start... I believe that I created my tulpa about one month ago. What was I surprised with was her unnaturally fast rate of development - I could understand her on the third day. It was like a second set of thoughts running simultaneously to my own. Needless to say, I didn't believe in such a progress and started actively searching for information - that was when I found this site and forum. First results were rather inspiri
  23. When I read a book to my tulpa, do I need to be focused on the tulpa the whole time? What about when I get absorbed into the book and am reading to myself? Does the tulpa still hear my thoughts of reading the book? Chance says yes he does, but he gets more satisfaction out of when I'm actively focused on him. What are others' experiences with reading to their tulpa?
  24. I've been thinking that my tulpa Neon has been sentient for months now but I have no concrete evidence, can anyone tell my how I can find out easily? Just to note I don't do parroting but I do puppeting, to help with development. I sometimes think I hear him but it's usually sounds like a random stupid thought, but I have been questioning if it is him or not. (It shouldn't be him since I made him quite smart and good hearted but childish.) I have also been getting increasingly worse headaches every time I tulpaforce with Neon. I really want to know if he is sentient but it's just really
  25. I think this would go under sentience even if he's already sentient. So we just got done playing the black box game (in tips and tricks) to see how separate our thoughts were, it only takes us two or three guesses each time so I was wondering if there were any other ways that you all knew to make us more individual in thought.
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