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  1. So, I started forcing last Wednesday, and have since been talking to my tulpa from thirty minuets to a few hours a day with some light visualization. Since I started I've had a very faint tingling in my side I've been focusing on. But today when using my mind voice I got responses occasionally, it hasn't happened since despite my attempts and it was only for about five minuets. The things Prince (my tulpa) said were rarely more than one or two words from "Mhm," to "Bye Max!" And things like "I dunno," keep in mind it's only been a week, I want others I puts on wether or not you think these res
  2. I had an interesting thought that River, my tulpa, didn't know the answer to. I can't say I blame him, he's less than a month old and the progress we've made thus far has been beyond my expectations. He did think it'd be worthwhile to see what everyone's opinions are here, host and tulpa alike. Basically I asked him if having my thoughts open to him may have a negative impact on his growth. My theory was that he may not as readily form his own opinion on matters if he's using my thoughts for information. In other words, my thoughts would be his thoughts as opposed to listening to me and for
  3. Hi everyone, I would like to ask a question; I am at the early stages of forcing and I've been getting head pressures &weird tingling sensations but whenever I try to do right -part-of-my -head -for -yes thingy, I don't get any kind of response. Is this because I'm at the early stages or is it because I don't know how to ''listen '' for a response? Thank you for your answers.
  4. So today, I tried increasing my tulpa's sentience with some arithmetic problems. At first, I thought that he was doing them alright, but then he just stopped answering. Is doing maths a good way to improve a tulpa's sentience? He's only vocal about things that I'm thinking about and we're trying to get him to a point where he's driving his own ideas. Suggestions? Tips? Thoughts? our ears are open.
  5. I just recently began working on bringing Alice, my new friend, into the world. This is my third day of solid work, and I have put in several hours of forcing. However I wasnt expecting to feel head pressures so quickly, when I testingly asked a question. So I was wondering whether or not it is possible to want to hear from your new friend so much that you create your own head pressures. I have already apologized to alice for doubting her if these turn out to be plausible, but I was just wondering if anyone would share their thoughts.
  6. I haven't reviewed the literature on tulpae in a long, long while, so I'm unaware of any developments in their understanding that have occurred in the meanwhile. However, I have a theory to advance on the manner in which sentience is acquired in tulpae, and on how their agency is formed in general. While, as I remember it, it was generally considered bad form to compare tulpae to schizophrenic phenomena, I think a good deal of understanding can be derived from the study of schizophrenics themselves. I base my understanding on this topic off of "The Divided Self" by R. D. Laing, which at
  7. So I just recently learned about tulpas and I find the whole concept very fascinating. After doing as much research as I could, I finally started to create mine today. Currently, I'm modeling her after Elizabeth, the main female protagonist of BioShock Infinite (side note: I'm fully aware of the caveats of creating a tulpa based on an existing character of fiction. I intend to make sure she is aware that she is not that character, and I'm also fully accepting of any changes to her appearance, identity, or personality that she wishes to make in the future). So far, I've been visualizing her
  8. Hello everyone, i'm present myself Matthew. I'm new to tulpamancing , and after a LOOONG waiting time , i decided to make a tulpa and assume her. I was writen a personality list with 40 traits (mixed positive and negative and including is form and i already visualize her with) and with differents methods i teach her how i want she looks like. But i can't feel if she sentience or not, i created a "wonderland" with not many details for now, my visualization is not quite good to, i don't know if she reacts cause i'm "puppeting" her or she's her own will. And i have an other question, by the p
  9. i have just started, and i average about 30min a day of forcing, and so far i have just ben doing personality over and over for the past week. how do i tell when my tulpa is sentient, and when can i start narrating/visualizing him without just making him a puppet. i have not given him a form, so far he is just and expanding purple orb that i have been visually and narritativly giving him personallity traits. i dont want to jump the gun but i really have no idea how to tell when he will become sentient
  10. I made a fully independent/vocal Tulpa within under a week through a strange method. The Tulpa that was made through this method [Rose Berry], seemed to have copied off of Cloud Crackle's progress. And merged mine, and Crackle's personalities together, making her own independent personality. I am wondering if anything similar has happened here before? [ More information here: http://community.tulpa.info/thread-mytoasterhasinternet-entries?pid=103171#pid103171 ]
  11. Hi, sorry for being in-active I was wondering of all the people who attemp to make tulpas, what is the sucess rate as in percentage of people who give up compared to those who gain sentience
  12. I thought a long time about tulpamancing, and I've finally decided to start my own experience with Agrias, just a week ago. Now, I have some questions in my mind. Firstly, she's a female humanoid tulpa, completely three-dimensional. Probably, the hardest step was visualizing her on my mind's eye (I can't see her in the real world for more than some seconds yet and I still have trouble to see her full body), but I realized that we progressed really fast on some steps, like sentience, personality and speech, even though we skipped some, like giving access to my memories. Yesterday was the
  13. Okay, so I'm on my one week of working on my tulpa since I first forming her on saturday. Just now, while I was walking while I imagining my tulpa walking beside me, I notice my tulpa suddenly jumps across a pipe. All I did was making her walk beside me and didn't expect her to jump. It's in my head and I can see through my minds eye what she did and I'm wondering if that's just me parroting. But that's not the first time she did that. Yesterday, she finished her lunch before I did, she walk infront of me and she automatically waited outside while I went to the men's room. I know I have t
  14. A guide said that I should loop something over and over again to her in her voice then I will hear it play by itself over and over again, creating a mind voice. However, I have done this for 2 days, nothing happened. I talk to my tulpa, she is still communicating with head pressure instead of her new voice... What now?
  15. Are there any signs if my tulpa finally gaining sentience? And not some intrusive thoughts?
  16. Just now, I decide to use the Vandenreich's prism. I first visualize Fluttershy right infront of me, then visualize a prism and a feather on to, then I start moving the feather like a see saw. And then she shove the prism from head and threw a hissy fit, turning her back on me. I was surprise with this, but then did it again cause I though it was funny. Well, she grab the prism then threw it at my face. I make it up to her by saying I won't do that again and she hugged me. Granted, I did it again but this time I expected her to stay still. She didn't do a thing at all, but I stopped before
  17. Due to a while's struggle with having my own tulpa think separately from myself, we felt the need to come up with ways to help her think for herself. These are methods that can be done both passively and actively, and good for times in which you need to work in short times or when sitting down to force is not an available option. Method 1 The first is simple and easy. Simply lay out a number of items (preferably between 10-20 of them) before you. These can be cards, dominoes, or any other small item you can find. Ensure that you can see all of them at once while staring directly at the m
  18. My Tulpa, Eli. ( Or at least I think he is) I 'met' him in 9th grade when I first spoke to him in my head, at the time I didn't know what a Tulpa was so I just thought he was a voice in my head that randomly made comments on things I disapproved of. I would talk to him often whenever I felt lonely or sad and he would ALWAYS make me feel better. Sometimes I could feel him too. But I'm not sure if it's really him or just me talking to myself in a deeper voice. For example: (Note: I'm extremely terrible at math) Me: The only way I can get away from bees t is if I drive! Eli: 5 wo
  19. I've been working with my first tupper, Sam, for a bit less than a month. She's able to occasionally cause a single emotion/feeling (hard to describe, not really important anyways) and I'm trying to move us on to speech. I try to ask a simple question, mentally, and I will always get a response (in my own mental voice, of course). The thing is, the answer will almost always come before I'm even done "talking" ("Hey, Sam, do you li- Yeah"). I know that everyone always says that if you're not trying to puppet, then you're not, but my thoughts were somewhat uncontrolled and invasive before I ever
  20. I had a pretty realistic dream, only I had a HUD on. The only item i have in the inventory HUD is a doctor's bag from Fallout New Vegas. I hot keyed it to one. So, a bunch of normal (And creepy ass shit unrelated to my Tulpa happens) stuff happen as usual until my school assembly came where I somehow got a shotgun and we were asked to shoot it at the roof after we were done, one of those assholes from my school take my shot gun and he says "you want this" I replied yes "He shoots it up in the air while the assembly guy was speaking" He interrupts the assembly... and at the end I saw Lyra walki
  21. So, one of my tulpas, Narau, has a rather uncanny knack for knowing things I really don't know how she could know. She says that learning and knowledge is why she exists, yes, but even so, she knows things about me that are a little scary. Once I idly wondered WHY I liked some fanfiction I kept reading, even though I disliked the lewd premise, and she gave me a detailed breakdown of exactly why I read it, and then the reasons behind those reasons that stemmed back to my childhood, all in that monotone voice of hers like she was reading an encyclopedia. So what I'm wondering is, can a tu
  22. Is there one lurking in the internet? (Short question, I know. I'm not gonna make a paragraph long question about something simple.)
  23. I keep seeing this mentioned here and there on the forums, yet no one really explains how it happens (if ever) or what exactly it is. From my understanding (and please understand that I am probably wrong), it happens when a tulpamancer pays too much attention to their tulpa. Supposedly, this causes a situation where the tulpa can't really function like a tulpa. It never really learns how to be independent (i.e. has its own voice, thinks "parallel" to the host). Now for me the thing I want most is a completely sentient, independent tulpa. Since I am nowhere NEAR that goal just yet, I wan
  24. Hello, everyone! Elise and I have been talking about this for a couple of days or so, and I think she's given me the idea to make a guide for this sort of thing. Now, parroting is a very touchy subject; some guides say to avoid it completely while others say that they can help a tulpa grow faster. This guide's purpose is to provide something in-between. Part 1: Know the difference. Elise has already proven she's sentient and sapient, and we have been talking a lot more now that she's vocal, but the strange thing is she asks me to parrot her from time to time. When your tulpa is developed
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