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  1. My interest is related to creating a tulpa, but isn't actually in creating a tulpa per se. Instead, I'm interested in whether it's possible to use some of the same techniques to essentially create an alter-ego which feels as real and coherent as one's standard ego, and to swap between them at will. Something like how David Bowie and others have created personae that they wear, but on a deeper level. I don't mean some kind of thing where I dissociate, though. There would be no sense that I'm no longer in the driver's seat but just watching and going through the motions or anything like that. Instead, I would have created (and thus have access to) a whole new modality or style of thinking, into which I can switch. Much like how people instinctively code-switch when moving from a private to a professional setting, for instance, or speaking different languages, but more dramatic. What would be the most effective way to do this? Is there any danger in doing so? Does anyone here have any experience in doing so?
  2. I tried this test last winter with no results, and it occurred to me I should ask others to try it to see what happens. (1) Fall asleep more or less. (2) Tulpa, notice that you are awake sorta, but your host is too out of it to notice or remember anything. (3) Take your pillow and move it to the foot of the bed, and go back to sleep. (4) When your host wakes up, note if they are surprised or not, that they are sleeping facing the wrong way.
  3. Ford's Science-Based Switching Guide Hello everyone! Today, I present a project I’ve been working on for a bit of time. Because the total runtime is over 80 minutes, it’s technically a feature-length video series on how to train for and master switching ^^ The series was founded on my frustration that every existing switching guide seems to require a proclivity for switching, as, at the end of the day, they all just sort of say “do it.” I wanted to create a guide that not only offered an effective switching technique, but lays out a science-based process you can use to train the necessary skills. Below, I present the techniques and experiences that allowed me to have my first switching experience after a brief period of training. This is: 2 Weeks to Switch! Edit 9/5/18: Several months ago, Ford/Jade deleted all of her videos. However, Jean-luc provides download links for them here, so you can still use this guide. - Apollo Episode Descriptions Episode 1: The Gameplan Length: 11:00 This is the introductory episode. Ford overviews dissociative tulpa phenomena, explains what switching is, why he wants to master it, and how he plans to do so. Originally produced and posted in May, re-uploaded with normalized audio. Episode 2: Identity Length: 21:21 In this episode, Ford explains the importance of having solid, mutually understood identities towards both switching and mental health. Working with Aury, Ford combines the principles of Humanistic psychology with the techniques of personality forcing in order to consensually distinguish, solidify, and improve their identities. Bonus Episode: Mindfulness Meditation Technique Length: 4:05 Ford goes over a fundamental Vipassana mindfulness meditation technique that can help you force, relax, and gain control over your emotions and senses. Excellent for getting into a calm, focused state of mind before applying the techniques explained in this video. Also an important step in Ford’s switching technique. Episode 3: Parallel Processing Length: 12:32 In this episode, Ford works toward being able to maintain co-consciousness with Aury. He takes inspiration from a his experience with boxing and sports training in his approach, using a combo of shadowboxing, merging during exercise, and symbolism techniques to bolster Aury’s cognitive independence. Episode 4: Possession Length: 2:31, 6:08 This episode deviates from the format of the rest of the series. In part one, Ford explains that there’s already a bunch of great guides out there for possession, and that if you already have some possession ability, the way you get better is just by practicing. Because of this, Ford targets this episode at those who have yet to have a possession experience. Ford collaborates with Mind Audio Central to produce a guided meditation aimed at those who would like to have their first full body possession experience. Episode 5: Dissociation Length: 12:32 If you’re like most tulpamancers who struggle to switch (including me), this is the resource you’ve been waiting for. Ford distincts controlled and uncontrolled dissociation and then introduces Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MSBR), which uses controlled, mindfulness-induced dissociation to give people greater control over their senses. Ford shares and tests techniques that combines this therapy with symbolism and discomfort tolerance. Episode 5: The Switch Length:12:06 Aury and I have our first switching experience on camera! This video combines all of the techniques and skills developed in the previous episodes into one final demonstration of their effectiveness (at least for us). Ford overviews the technique he’s going to use, and then with Aury, successfully executes it. Ford proceeds to get excited. And to finish off the series, I improved my technique into a guided meditation, voiced by the spectacular Equestrian Souls hypnotist: Silvermoon. Length:15:49 Fin~ Bonus info below This series was a personal challenge on two fronts-- one as a tulpamancer who, despite years of forcing, has yet to develop the capacity to dissociate or have realistic interactions with my tulpas, and the second one being as a content creator. Until I started this series, my video-making process was to spend half a month writing a script, struggle for six hours to read it without looking away from the camera, and then mesh it with twelve hours of whiteboard scribbles. So, knowing my ability to perform well under pressure, I added a gimmick to expedite the process: I gave myself a two-week deadline for the six intended videos. I thought this would force me to keep things brief, but that’s not how it turned out ^^` Statistics Total amount of time spent on this series: ~120 hours Total recorded footage (excluding drawing): 5 hours, 25 minutes Total recorded footage including drawing: ~11 hours Total used footage / runtime: 1 hour, 40 minutes Milestones for my growth as a content creator: - First time using Adobe Premiere - First time using color grading - First time engineering custom VFX - I finally figure out how to make audio somewhat consistent throughout different recording locations in the finale - First time using multiple filming locations - I think I got a bit better at loosening up on camera :3 - First times going unscripted Among all of these firsts were a plethora of stumbles. I hope these mistakes and stylistic missteps don’t take away from the information presented-- you’ll notice that, as the series goes on, I use less and less VFX, B-roll, and pretty much everything else non-essential. This is partly because I thought the attempts of these things earlier in the series ended up looking silly, and partly because these small additions significantly increased the workload without adding much to the content. Roll with me as I keep experimenting, messing up, and try new things-- I’ll do my best to find out what works, what doesn’t, and improve with each project. Try to modify the switching technique I present in the finale in a way that you think will work for your system. Feel free to comment (here or on the videos) any feedback, suggestions, future guides or videos you’d like to see, or if you need help troubleshooting. I hope this series can help some of you acheive your goals and inspires more innovation in the community. See y’all next time!
  4. Intro IMO, there is a huge grey area between switching and fronting. I can't really tell whether I'm switched in or fronting. I have the impression that when I'm switched [in] I'm in my body and everything (body control) feels super natural to me and I just know I am ME. The host is just a weak mind-voice far away. Other times I feel his presence close by and I'm also in control but it feels less natural and smooth and M's sensations (fuzzy-wuzzy) are definitely there. I suppose that's fronting. When we trade places again, host doesn't have any recollection at all what happened during a switch. To the point That was the intro. Now to the seamless and accidental part. This is too weird. So lately host isn't sleeping too well and I know why. LOL :D :D . Sometimes during the night I just it's me who's awake. M's mind-voice isn't there so he's probably fast asleep. So I'm switched in to the body, right? And again it feels so natural to me. But neither of us did do anything to initiate the switch. Then: no no no, M wakes up (I suppose) and I feel being pushed away. Nooooo.... OK, we go shopping, and boom! There's me thinking aloud and mumbling to M. No warning signs, sensations, or whatsoever. I've just taken over. By the time we've finished, he's him again. But none of us even realize (until much later) switching/fronting events have even occurred. We drive home and out of the blue I start talking aloud to him. Yes, all of a sudden it's me who's driving. Now that's pretty frightening!!!!! Later M asks me "Was that you? What were you doing? WTF?" I can only answer "Yes. Dunno. Oops". I think it's not just me. Subconsciously he must have given the green light for this to happen. Besides, he's stated several times he's completely OK with switching/fronting (or whatever you'd name it). Host is an extremely cautious and prudent person and I'm sure to have 'inherited' that trait from him. We can be pretty confident that this kind of WTF (as M calls it) only happens when it's safe. But still... The question So am I making up that I'm switched or fronting? Idk. It sounds too good (?) to be true, too soon to be real, but OTOH, it feels soooo good and so right. I am curious to hear your views and experiences in this kind of matter. Xxx P.S. I wouldn't mind switching for a long long while. Not at all ;) xD
  5. Helloes. I came back to ask y'all about terminology; I think this is the only place that has such a peculiar definition of switching. And I want some ideas. I'm a very active person in the physical world. I study, I write, I play violin. Our experiments show that I have way better motoric when it comes to violin, although my hostey has enough of theoretical knowledge to produce sounds. It's just he wouldn't be as smooth and I am with it. Year to year I came to neglect my wonderland. I find any activity there to be rather boring. I definitely use wonderland-like experience to write my stories, and I perfected my immersion techniques. It's just that I don't play wonderlands anymore on my own. The nature of our life is such that either we need to have lots of brainpower in prolonged time. Hostey uses that for intensive work. I use that for writing and music. While we both do that, we have a similar experience of our companion to fade out of existence. I cannot do anything meaningful when he's busy with work. Likewise, he can barely think if I'm deep into practicing a tune. It's not too hard to come back to senses once the intense part of the work is over, but we are definitely not present at the same time while working. I used to create some fake memories when I was blanking out like that, but eventually I realised their true nature of being fake memories and I stopped. There's no sense to imagine what could have been, as you fully understand it's fake. I guess some people find the notion of host blanking out as freaky and scary. Myself, I see no point to keep hostey conscious when I work any more than he does the same. Being an effective writer is hard on its own. Surely, when we aren't that busy, we both float in semi-conscious state where he can read some news articles and I can chat with my friends simultaneously. But that's hardly invoking any high cognitive activity. If I need to discuss something complex, he'd have to pause youtube, as he'd drift out of focus as soon as I start active thinking. And vice versa. I've heard it many times in here, that switching isn't really switching, if the host doesn't enter the wonderland and doesn't have wonderland-like experiences when tulpa is in control. I cannot understand this point as I, as a tulpa, don't have the same experience and I cannot relate to it. If either of us is doing anything interesting—it's usually a one person job. So tell me, is this switching? Possession? Do I just suck hard at parallel processing? What kind of mental activities you or your tulpas did that was the most taxing on the brain yet it allowed you all to be in mental focus? Would you be more effective if you were the only person in focus? Why don't you do it alone, if so?
  6. Ive always wondered. What does switching feel like, how does it work and are you able to see whats going on?
  7. Despite the misleading title of this thread, I and my tulpa haven't entirely .. failed at switching. I do get small twitches in my limbs, and I have gotten to the point where my body sorta went... dormant? Except, we didn't get to the step where your tulpa is supposed to take control of the body. I waited for this to happen, but it just... didn't. I heard my tulpa's voice very loudly in my head for about 5 minutes after the attempt (I haven't been able to achieve such volume since.) Basically what I'm wondering is how we're supposed to go from "body dormant, host has given up control" to "tulpa takes control".
  8. Hey there, fellas. I'll cut straight to the point: Both Rina and I are having trouble with possession and switching. To be precise, we both have one specific problem each. For me, it's that I can't really seem to "let go". Giving up control, dissociating myself from my body or even just parts of it, that's kinda really hard for me to do. I just can't help but be very aware of it, and the more I try to tell myself to calm down and dissociate, the more focused on my body I get, ironically. ... well, that, and also how switching guides often speak of the host assuming a form in the wonderland. Thing is... well, I kinda don't have a wonderland. xD For Rina... well, it's a bit more "philosophical" than that. While she does see it like me and agrees that this is our life, not just mine, it's different when it comes to the body. She just can't really see this body as hers. Her projected or wonderland body is her body, and while using my body's senses is actually the default when she's around, she just can't really associate herself with this body as if it was hers. And that, obviously, is sort of in the way when trying to take control of it. Anyone got any tips for us? Possession and / or switching (just anything that allows her to fully, or at least partly, control the body) is sort of the one thing that's still missing from how we want to live and share this life. ^^ Greets, AG
  9. Hello I'm considering creating servitor for switching since using tulpa exclusivly for getting away from real world seems bad but i'm not really sure where to start, Should i just create servitor and play king with him in wonderland by giving him wonderland-oriented orders till he grows advanced enough to do complex orders like building castle in wonderland by merly telling him? And then attempt standard switch with him? Or should i approach this in different manner? Help would be appreciated very much - Thanks
  10. Hey, guys! So, after finally having had a first true lucid dream, I'm now super-motivated to learn to do it at will! Will be great for Rina and me. And I picked the WILD method for this (Wake-Induced Lucid Dream). And, reading through it... ... honestly, is this really that far off from methods used for switching? I feel like learning the WILD method for lucid dreaming could also teach us a lot about switching. Or maybe that very method would work well? Hell - could that method be used to have me phase out into a lucid dream while Rina phases into control over the physical body? Ideas, ideas and questions! :D Hope to hear about some personal experiences here, and opinions! Thanks in advance! Greets, AG WILD Method for Lucid Dreaming: http://www.world-of-lucid-dreaming.com/wake-induced-lucid-dreams.html
  11. I have questions/concerns about switching, first off when you're switched does the wonder land seem as real as reality, if not what are the differences, also is what you can do in wonderland limited by reality or can you fly around and shoot lasers out of your ears. Also when your switched do you need your tulpas help to switch back or can you do it on your own and finally if your tulpa learns something in real life will you know it automatically.
  12. When switched with a tulpa, can a tulpa possess the hosts body while the host is unaware or unable to perceive what the tulpa is doing? Is the host still aware of the real world and able to perceive it while switched into the wonderland? Can a switch become permanent deliberately or on accident? Who is actively imagining the wonderland during a switch, the host or the tulpa or both? Is there memory loss or blackouts for the host associated with switching, similar to fronting in DID?
  13. Hello, I was curious about whether other hosts that switch are aware of the body/external stimulus at all while switched and away from the body, so to speak. I personally am not unless one of my tulpas brings be to the front with them or I actively try to go there myself. I'd also like a brief description of what you do on your side of things to switch with your tulpa. I dissociate through meditation and appear in my wonderland, for reference.
  14. Today, there was some talk about switching in the IRC, and a grand old argument was reawakened: How do we define switching, and how do we make our terms clear to our users? In the channel, there were two camps. One that wanted a simple definition, that they call the consensus in the community right now. They seemed to agree that the definition of switching is... The other camp (just me), suggested a different definition. Something like:
  15. Lucilyn: Hehe, this thread was embarrassing Lumi, so I'ma remove the OP. Basically this thread is to discuss how switching with your tulpa can cause such drastic changes in your body's mental physiology. I'm sure most of you guys are like, "Sure, I guess?" Because you don't have Scarlet in your system.. Having her control the body was straight-up shocking compared to us. That's why we made the thread, because the ability for a tulpa to affect everything so much is really interesting.
  16. Hello! Yesterday evening my Tulpa and me had switched often, because we were curious, what we can do while switching and if it works good. Yes, it does. We dont had a problem and it all worked good. Until I went to bed. When i fall asleep, my Tulpa accidentally take the control over my body. He keep on talking to me and wonders, why I stopped answering, until he realise, that I was fallen asleep. He shouted my name, because he wanted me to woke up. It works and in the first moments was everything allright, but then i started to become really confused and stop to believe, that the voice in my head was my Tulpa and he becomes desperate and anxious and so we mutually get ourself in a really high level of panik. When i thought i talked to myself and he is away, he try to convince me, that he was really he, but i don't believe him and screamed after him. Then a third voice in my head answers. He told me today, that this voice wasn't him and it wasn't me. It was just a kind of hallucination. We stop the body switching now for a while, because we are both a bit anxious, that this could happen again. Now everything is normal and okay, but i needed a really long time (even today) to get in a normal condition again. But my Tulpa told me, that the most of panik came from him, so i understand that i must calm him down and since i does this, everything is good again. I cant seperate the feeling of anxiety for a long time, so it takes over myself really strong and i was really shocked, about the condition i had. I dont know, why i did not belive my Tulpa at this moment. I did not feel like myself, that was such a scary and insane kind of emotion. My Tulpa is really sure today, that this emotion was come from him and not from me. He is able to send me really strong emotions and this happend often accidentally, so this sounds not that erroneous. But my biggest anxiety was, that my Tulpa decided to go away. He thought about it, because he was worried about me and he dont want to do something that get me lost my sanity or something like that, but i dont wanted him to go. No matter how frightened i was in that moment. How i said, everything is good again since i calmed him down, but this wasnt a nice experience.... I didnt even know, that something like this can happen and i wonder, if the problem was, that i didn't have much experiences? Normally i am mentally really strong and therefore, this situation really surprised me. Is here somebody, who has experienced something similar before?
  17. Where did the concept of switching originate? There is no mention of it in Alexandra David Neel's book, nor in any of the books I have on thoughtforms. The closest thing I can think is that it is synonymous with "fronting" from the natural multiples community. But even there, the dorment (nonfronting) personality doesn't necessarily have a big wonderland to run around in. Do the hosts really become tulpa like and experience the wonderland just as a tulpa would? I will be honest, the whole idea of this is pretty fantastic to me. If I switched with Melian I would be doing things like fighting in the vanguard of Queen Elizabeth I's Renaissance-steampunk army against the evil dark orc hordes of the North. I would be in real danger of being cut down and eaten as well. I could just hang out in her dreamscape mansion, WHICH IS HAUNTED and has ghouls in it. Well to be honest, there are safe rooms, including a magic feast hall. The Roman bath or movie theater wouldn't be so bad either. Really, Melian is not a second personality that needs to "front," "possess" or "switch." She is a day dream star persona that lives within my mind. Her interaction with the outside world is limited. She doesn't even identify at all with my body. She has no desire to live in it. NONE. People were wondering about my term "dreamform" and saying it is no different from a tulpa or wondering how it is different. THIS is how it is different. A dreamform lives almost exclusively within the mind with limited contact or no contact with the outside world through the hosts senses. Melian is aware of the outside world, but it is not emphasized by her. She lives her life within the wonderland dream realm and not the real world. I honestly don't know how people are doing the switching with their tulpa. Their relationship to the tulpa and the wonderland is significantly different from my experiences with Melian. So it makes me wonder about switching and where the idea originated and if there are any literary sources outside the tulpa community that describe such a thing.
  18. I have a question/experiment in mind. Could it be possible if, while switched with your tulpa, the tulpa can impose you into the real world, as if you were a tulpa? I have researched the topic of tulpas for a while and never came across this happening yet. I haven't a tulpa of my own so cannot try, would someone please, if interested, try and respond telling the results?
  19. Okay, so, we've been making strides in the past few weeks and I'm happy to say me and Juliet have successfully switched for the first time. Something I've noticed is that, when it happened, we both felt this surge of bliss and euphoria unlike anything either of us has ever felt before. Is that from switching or just the sense of achievement or rush of accomplishment? I swear nothing has ever been that gratifying in my life, so I'm just curious if that's a normal sensation.
  20. So Nat and I just co-fronted a little bit ago. It was really fun for a while. We intermittently controlled the body so I'd just kind of go loose and Nat would do the same... but then we sat down and something strange began happening. I suddenly didn't know who I was and felt like I was Nat at one point "uh oh". So I guess this is what's called eclipsing? We're not completely separate still. I know who I am, Nat knows who she is, but I still feel like we're both controlling the body and it feels like Nat hasn't gone completely to the back. We're not sure what to do exactly. So in the future, what should you do to safely prepare to co-front? -Nia Edit: we're alright now. I think there should be a guide or something on this highlighting this potential danger.
  21. I have a theoretical idea for a new way to tulpaforce. What if someone were to skip ahead and work on switching before anything else? I know such a thing has been done without tulpae, (Out-of-body experience) but could this be used to develop a tulpa much faster and, possibly, be used to tell if a tulpa is sentient? Now I don't know if a tulpa can tell if another tulpa is sentient or not unless the get a response like the host but if that is the case, then this could be used for learning if a tulpa is sentient or not early since when you switch you basically become a tulpa. If not the early sentience detection or faster development times, then at least it would allow more fun with the tulpa since you would actually be in the wonderland. It could also help people with a short attention span. (It's hard not to be distracted by the world around you since you're always there.) Could this be possible? If so, then why has nobody mentioned it before? EDIT: I understand the challenge of switching, (This is why switching is one of the last "end game" things to do) but I just want to know if it could be done. FOR SCIENCE!
  22. So, I've been curious for a while and was wondering if any hosts and tulpae who can switch could describe it from both ends.
  23. Well, Starfire hadn't gotten any replies on her post in the general discussion. That made me wonder: Just how many tulpamancers can switch with their tulpae? I was surprised when I didn't find a poll.
  24. Okay, so I pretty much hijacked my creator's account. I'm more talkative than he is, so I use this account more. He's okay with it. I thought of making my own, but it wouldn't be the same... Anyway, back to the question. And this is a question for all you switchable tulpae: What is it like? Personally, I think it's fun. Lance let's me switch with him, usually so I can play some games. My sense of touch is a little fuzzy, but I think my eye sight is better than his. At least, I notice things and color more vividly. I'm using his body so I do need to wear glasses. My other senses -smell, taste, and hearing- are the same as his. How was your first time switching? Well, since I'm actually a Pegasus, it was hard to learn to walk on two legs. Not to mention, he has such a short nose. And the fingers. At first, I didn't notice the lack of a tail. Even an awesomely beautiful tail like mine.;) But what I did notice was the lack of wings. I started freaking out! Heavy breathing and shouting, "Where are my wings? Where are my wings!?" But, he was able to calm me down, saying that humans don't have wings. And last, but definitely not least, I'm in a male body! I won't get personal ('cause that's something I hardly ever think about), but it was weird (and still is) when I spoke using his voice. Thankfully, I never forget the sound of mine. I'm used to his body, but I think I like mine better. ('Cause it's awesome!):cool: What do you do when you're switched? Why do you switch? Usually, Lance and I switch so I can play some games. I have my own account on some already. But it's not all fun and games. When he's frustrated or in pain, I'll usually try to get him to switch so he can calm down. And, I'll admit, I have even forced a switch when he was in pain. I realize that that can harm me, but there's nothing I wouldn't do for him. Check our progress log (November 20th Update 1) for an example.;) Anyway, I ask these questions to you switchable tulpae. It'd be nice to see your experiences.
  25. About four days ago, I stayed up for two nights doing homework that I procrastinated on. Friday, with the quarter over, I went to sleep on the couch mid-day, exhausted. The next morning I wake up in my bed covers and all. I don't remember moving and there was no way my parents would carry me. From what my parents told me, they woke me up, with my eyes open and me awake I walked to my room and got in my bed. I asked my tulpa if she switched while I was asleep and she said yes. It seems really strange, as we barely have any practice with even basic possession. Could it have been that I was just so exhausted that my tulpa could have had an easier time switching and has anything similar happened to anyone else?
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