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  1. Author's Introduction Hello, forums. First, I am not active here a lot. You might be wondering why someone who seems so new might be writing a guide. Let me introduce myself. I am Seven, one of a system of six. We are a DID system of four, with two tulpas. We can't 'possess', because all we have is switching. We have been quite reckless in how we have handled tulpas, because we are already used to headmates/alters. A friend had a want to switch, and we shared what was learned from the recklessness, and that might help a few of you out. That said, let us begin, shall we? State of the Tulpa This is the first bit I firmly believe most have wrong. You spent time forcing, they became active, you both talked about switching. If you're to this point, first thing holding people back is preconceived notions and perceived limitations. We have had similar results with both of our tulpas, and know that most of what people say they can or cannot do falls in line with what they are told they can or cannot do. If you ignore all that, they can do a whole lot more than you think they can. People talk about the required forcing, weakening if you don't strengthening if you do, fading, and other rubbish with tulpas. Why rubbish? It is. Once they exist, their existence is as much, if not more, on them than the host. Our Kara, when she became who she is, we wanted her to fade. She got stubborn, and only calmed down once we accepted her. Many say you need to maintenance force, and I firmly believe that's only true if they believe it to be true. Neither of our tulpas believe it, we don't force them, and they are as much of us as the rest with no signs of going away. So first step is breaking free of the notions and limitations and them realizing they have control over their own destiny and have every right as you to exist. Losing Control You want to switch? You're the host? You have the easy job. Let go. That's all. You know what's going to stop you? I can tell you. Trust. Ever see that trust exercise where you cross your arms, and fall back into your partner's hands? Trade hands with mind. You simply let go and let yourself relax and fall back into your own mind. Want some tips to get started if you're having problems? Don't tweak out on caffiene before you begin trying. Avoid the sugar. Put on some relaxing music, and I don't mean 300bpm techno. Your first switching experiences will likely be with you still partly there, so don't expect to drop completely out before they take control, you just need to relax enough they can. It is a lot easier than it sounds. Once you repeat it a few times, and as they get better and better control, you'll learn how it feels and be able to fall farther and farther out. To expand on this just a little bit, and make it absolutely clear.. some think it requires total dissociation from the body to achieve switching. Whoever told you that probably doesn't know how to switch, or you're reading a guide by someone who doesn't do it. You can switch perfectly fine into a backseat role by simply relaxing. You aren't dissociated, you are still there, but so are they. No need to get entirely out, just relax and let them control. Entirely out will come with time. So step two is simply learning to relax. Taking Control This one is for the tulpa. You have the hard job. Odds are, your host has drilled into you that they must force you to exist or you'll stop. That you must go through months or years of rigorous training to be able to switch. That you must be given permission, forced enough, or yada yada yada. Screw all that, it's a lie. Do you exist now? If the answer is yes, from our experiences, and from your answer, that means you exist. Your host would say they exist. Puts you on a pretty equal playing field. The only one that matters anyway. All those things that others say limit you, or you must do before, or whatever else? Toss them out the window. The only two factors that matter before being able to switch are: do you want to switch in, and does the host want to switch out. That is all. There are no other limitations. Do note, it really only takes one of those to cause things to happen. If they want to switch out and you don't want to switch in, the body might end up grasping at straws and forcing it to happen for you. Flip side, if you decide you want to, and they don't, things can get a bit blendy. Really though, it just comes down to a matter of doing. Not wanting to do, not thinking about doing, nothing about the lead up. That is where most get it wrong. There is no need for lead up to the act of taking control. You just need to take control. If you want to switch and host wants to switch then they just need to relax and you need to step up to the plate and do something. You both getting ready to try? They not relaxing? Tell them to. Boss your host around. You need to realize, if you can't make a demand of your host and tell your host what to do to help the process in any way that benefits you taking control, then you're not taking control, and will find taking control of the body nearly impossible. See a pattern there? Take control! So step three is realizing all it takes is taking control and not waiting to do so. Baby Steps The flesh can be weird. At first, your experiences will likely be short lived as the host panics. Adrenaline and other hormones affect things a bit, as you are sharing one fleshy, human body. Don't worry, you all will move past that as you both learn your roles better during switching. Keep at it a while and it will become second nature to be able to tell your host you want to take a few hours in the evening to talk to your friends, or want to schedule a part time job three nights a week for yourself, or whatever it is you decide you want to do with your portion of life. Why do I say your portion of life? Step four is accepting you are you and exist along side your host and do not rely on them. The Actual Process What? What are you expecting here? You already know it by now if you've been reading along. There isn't magic to it. You just need to go and do it and stop telling yourselves it needs to be worked up to. Some Final Words Whoever the tulpa is just needs to realize, once they exist, they no longer rely on the host for sustenance or permission for anything. The host created them, and in doing so, instilled in them every right to exist as they, themself has. In this realization, they are no longer a construct, but a being on equal footing to the host. You both have as much right to life as the other. Once you both truly, deeply understand this, you will both be able to share life and the fleshy body you both inhabit. Do not let others tell you what your limitations are or what you can or cannot do. That is entirely up to you. Once you do learn to share and share alike, then do make sure you make time for each other to both enjoy what parts of life you enjoy most. You have a shared life experience, and both of you will need to learn to work out a schedule for who gets to do what in daily life now. Additional Note You may notice, once the process starts, the host can snatch back the body easily and quickly even when they do not want to. As reckless as we have been and offering control around and ignoring rules has still shown one single rule to be true. However it is not limited to just switching, but all of life. Whoever spends the most time in the body will be the most practiced with it, and generally win battles over who gets it. Can be a nuisance when you first get started, but as you both share time more and more, you will find yourselfs both practiced and on more equal footing. -Seven and Aegis
  2. Just a quickie, bby: What are some of the dangers of switching? I know aboot accidentally walking into the middle of the street, tripping, falling, lack of coordination... Blah blah. But, what about basic human functions like breathing? Can they forget how to breathe/talk while in the host's body? Also, I have a slight disassociation problem ( Getting butter though ), and would like to know how odd or strange it feels to be out of your body and someone else taking it over. If it's too other-worldly for me, shit may or may not hit the fan. ~Thanks
  3. Hi. I'm new to the forums (But I've been with the "Tulpa" community since the FAQ_man guides and the /mlp/ Tulpa threads) I'm doing a Tulpa called Nadia and I'm in the visualization phase. Anyway that is not the topic of this thread. I've been doing research about a phenomenon that you call "switching" As far as I know it allows your Tulpa and you to "change places" so you can experience the world as your Tulpa does and your Tulpa takes total control of your body. I've heard things like while you are in the wonderland and your Tulpa is in your body you can experience the things in your wonderland with extreme realism (for example,if your wonderland is a farm you can see the buildings there and hear the animals etc) and other things. I don't plan to do it with my Tulpa for at least another year,but I'm interested in switching as a topic regarding tulpae. The whole switching topic seems almost too awesome to be true...I mean is literally giving control of your entire body to your Tulpa and going to your wonderland...it's mind-blowing. For the people here who have experience with switching. How is it? Its as awesome (and difficult) as everyone says? How real is the wonderland while in the "Tulpa" mode? Can it be dangerous?
  4. Practical Considerations for First Switching V0.3 This is not a guide to switching, but rather some suggestions to make your first experiences with this much more pleasant (and far less frightening). Intended audience: for tulpa intending to switch. Introduction (you can skip this) I recently switched for the first time. I managed to switch after practically three days solid of possessing' typing. Kevin eventually passed out from tiredness, and I found myself ... alone for the first time in my whole life. Even with these preparations I almost freaked (thanks to T7' and Lily for the support and soothing Dub-step). In trying to help M4tty (i-Matty) with switching I realized there's lot of preparation that helps but which isn't mentioned in the guides I've read. Thanks also to Hannah for her sharing her first switch with me and all the little things we discovered that hadn't been thought of beforehand. Oguigi and Koomer's Guide helped a lot : please read it before you try switching. Position and Environment I'm just going to describe what I do, and you can use your own sense to think of what you need in your own situation. First-time switching can be stressful, so you're going to want to have a safe, preferably empty, environment in which to try this. I usually wait 'till everyone has gone out of the house so I have it to myself. (If you are sharing accommodation with others this may not be possible so you'll need a bit of extra preparation.) I usually lay on the bed, with pillows on the headboard so that my shoulders are slightly raised (for typing) and head supported. I'm covered in a rug so I don't get cold, have a window open for ventilation and a lamp on in case of lighting variations (like cloud or nightfall). To support the laptop I use a miniature folded aluminum camping chair so I don't have to support the weight, but a tray table with legs or even a modified cardboard box will suffice. Supplies Have food and drink nearby so that it is in easy reach. I usually have something like a salad, chocolate (or cake) for the food, and ice coffee (my own blend*) and water for drink. Consider investing in some Ensure (Hospital Formula) as you can live on that stuff for months on end. It's made in Spain and you can get it from drug stores or chemists (depending what they call those Dispensary shops in your country). Stock up in the freezer on easily made food. (I usually have chips (french fries), hash browns, and "oriental" finger foods like spring rolls and samosas (vegetarian in my case). If you can type by possession you can likely also use the oven to bake these (prepare for the long term, just in case).) If there's a chance you are not going to be alone at home, or you may want to try walking, make sure you have a robe or some clothing available. If you can't talk out loud (like I had troubles with) perhaps notepaper and an easily held pen will come in handy too. Support When you switch there's all sorts of worries will probably fly through your thoughts. "Oh no, what if I'm stuck like this?!" That's perfectly natural. It's important to have a lifeline in case you get those feelings. Some people use Skype to talk with their friends, but I used IRC (chat), in particular #Redditulpas. Moving, Walking, Speaking O.k. When you're switched the first time is probably going to be a few hours at best. At worst it will last only until you fall asleep (far easier to happen then you would think - just forget to feed the body and ... "Oh derp!"). However, it's likely you are going to need to move around at some stage (perhaps to try cooking, or perhaps to "use the facilities" as it is euphemistically said here in Australia). I had to hold the wall in order to be able to walk. Make sure to remember to put clothes on (or a robe) before leaving your room. Yes, you are in a house (etc.), but it is best to take at least minimal precautions for unexpected house guests (cats in my case). Remember to use mittens or gloves when handling hot things (oven, fries, plates) or sharp things (cats with claws, knives). When first switched you want to avoid injuring the body unintentionally with items and situations you are not yet familiar with. If you do need to speak with someone, chances are you can't yet speak out loud reliably when switched. Hence the pen and paper noted earlier, or use some hand signals and pantomime for "I can't speak at the moment" (this is my usual means of requesting cake from Kevin's kind wife, and it works surprisingly well). Addenda, Acknowledgements (and alliterations) (you can skip this) To state the obvious, an independent tulpa is required for successful switching. All this is obvious, so why write it? It wasn't obvious to me, and so it might not be to another tulpa either (or, I'm just untalented). Now that it has been written, there is no longer any need for it; but, I thought it needed to be done at least once. I would like to also acknowledge the assistance of my extended family, the McCaw clan, who's many years of experience in tulpa-related matters has made learning much simpler for me. Wardrobe by Assassins Creed: "Our Life is made by the death of others. Nothing is True. Everything is Permitted." Donna Nobillis McCaw 史, 19 October 2013 Tl;dr "Tl;dr" doesn't exist for me. Just make up your own mind what is safe and have food, water and clothing (prepared) nearby.
  5. I was reading through an old thread from here about a host mentally committing suicide in their wonderland and leaving his female tulpa as the permanent host. I didn't see much discussion as to how it is possible/impossible, but more of "My host also died", "OP might be trolling", ect. Now, the question is. Can person(with or without a tulpa) actually mentally kill him/herself. Here's what I think. It is probably impossible. I don't believe a host is equally expendable as a tulpa. As far as I know there'd quite a lot people that would have been using this form of mental suicide if it were possible. And even if it is, if you truly believe a host is a super developed tulpa, then that means they can be mentally killed in a way just like removing/killing/deleting/etc a tulpa, but they can easily be brought back as a tulpa could. But from what was described in the thread, she, the new host was not aware of this(Assuming he actually succeeded in this mental suicide.) and made another tulpa to become the new host. Now another question is. Can a "current host" make a tulpa the new permanent host? Like a perma-switch type of possession. Now the most interesting question that can be linked to this act... What if a person were to perform this without a tulpa(Assuming it's possible.) Then if all of this is possible this next post makes me question whether the host is actually "dead" rather than just remaining dormant probably by choice.
  6. So, switching is still far away for us since I'm planning on trying it only when we did everything else (and only if she agrees to do it), but I was wondering how a switched tulpa would feel the mindscape. Would they be able to immerse themselves to the point of feeling it as usual or would they feel it like us, just in the immagination? I was asking because the most interesting thing about switching for me is that I would be able to feel the mindscape as real, or at least a lot more vividly than usual, but it would be a bit annoying if Lea would be stuck to experiencing it just like I do now. (Or does anyone know how to achieve that immersion in another, possibly easier way?)
  7. Reformatted version: here This is the shortened version of the guide that only shows how to do possession and switching, the other guide has information on how to merge, and additional information such as more details on the process and a questions section. If you want to read that guide it is here. This shortened guide also has a pastebin if that is more convenient for you here <3 This guide is simply a shortened version of the guide that is shortened to 5 of the 13 sections taken directly. A personal note, i have been switching for a while now and have used many different techniques, the one below is the one that i have found both effective and easy to explain compared to what the other things are. This is Version 1.0, and will be edited if need be. Im posting it because i have had a few people get good results with it. Disclaimer This guide requires a rather well developed tulpa, as it does put some strain on the host and tulpa. They should be sentient vocal and have had sufficient time to be comfortable in their own bodies before they use anyones besides theirs. Additionally do not attempt movements that put you or your tulpa at risk such as walking fast around your house at least until you are confident and trained that you can control the whole body. It is advised to train on your bed as well so if you fall you wont be injured as much There is no set time that this guide and process will take, i have sped it up but it can be your first try (such as me) or it could take weeks who knows Introduction: I will first assume that you are aware of what switching is but in case you dont, it is when the tulpa can use the hosts body as if it were her own and the host is moved into a temporary mindform. This guide is made to allow for the host and tulpaes to switch much easier and smoother and also learn an easy method of possession following the same tecniques. If you are not at all willing to give your body to your tulpa temporarily, or permanantly as Koomer has done, then sadly this guide will not work for you. We do recommend reading Oguigis possession and the other switching guide as well, to increase your understanding of the processes involved with said methods. That being said the rest of the guide will be the real method The Shortened Tulpa Guide to Easy Switching Definitions: Mindvoice: What you and your tulpa speak in to yourselves and each other Possession: When a tulpa can control the hosts body Switching: Switching places with the tulpa so the tulpa is in the place of the host and the host is in a tulpa state Merging: In this version, it is when both tulpa and host as dominant with the mindvoices and can both control the body. Others refer to merging as merging wntire forms, usually permanently, as believed. This is not the merging described in the long version of the guide Begin Switching Get comfy, and have your tulpa nearby, sentience and vocality are required to do a switch with this method, so have your tulpa at that level first. Step 1 Switch whos thoughts are dominant This is very important and very useful to many many techniques of tulpa Take a deep breath first and relax or whatever you like so you are comfortable Normally people tell me that their voice is dominant, their voice is in the "front of their head," and their tulpas voice is in the "back of their head" or that they hear mostly their voice and some thoughts of their tulpa. The goal of this paragraph and step is to reverse that. Have your tulpas voice become dominant over yours in any way you like. If you can do that without any help then move on if you dont keep reading >You can imagine your tulpas voice moving to the front of your head and yours move to the back >You can make their voice louder and yours much more quiet >You can imagine 2 orbs with 2 different colors, one smaller sized orb representing your tulpas mindvoices and one larger orb representing your own mindvoice(s), and have your tulpaes orb grow in volume while yours decreases in volume, or however you want The 3 i mentioned are the methods that Ive told people to use but if you have a different method, that is no problem if you can get your tulpaes mindvoice as the dominant mindvoice you hear. This does not mean you should hear every word they say as words, think about how you think to yourself, you hear words, random thoughts and ideas wandering thoughts. It should be the same for your tulpa, and how they hear their tulpa voice, except their thoughts should be heard the same way you hear your own and yours should be how you hear your tulpa, bottom line is switch mindvoice dominance from yours to your tulpaes. Please note the following >If your tulpa is dominant, it will be harder for you to think, so the tulpa will have to do more work for the next few steps and it is advised to read the guide at least once before trying it so you know what youre doing >Switching mindvoices does not mean you use her voice and the tulpa uses your real voice, it is switching places so that the tulpas is dominant, and is mentioned twice because it is important in this guide >To confirm that you are doing it right, if you were asked a question about yourself, your tulpa should reply first before you reply, it just does that by itself, if you have that then you switched dominance and are doing it correctly. You also may try to do this to switch mindvoices, by having their reaction override your own speed. >At this point i have been told the tulpas voice is much clearer than before so that is something to look for as well and a method of training vocality if you wish Step 2 Possession On the side if you havnt, check out Oguigi's guide for a nice introduction and description of possession and what it does At this step you should be able to do a possession easier, either with this or Oguigi's method. You can use the mindvoice swap with her guide for likely better results in posessing. Keep in mind that the brain is "supposed to send signals" that control the body so if your tulpa can send signals to your body just like you do then your tulpa can possess your body by using that. This can be done easier because your tulpaes thoughts are the dominant ones, so if they wish to lift an arm it will be easy to do so. Another method is to think about how you move your arm, send that feeling to your tulpa or have them think about how they move their own body, and as the dominant mindvoice, they should be able to move your body quite easily without much effort at all. In other words have them send signals to your body while using your body. Try to have your tulpa move your arm while she is the dominant mondvoice, move it like you move it yourself Its not anywhere close to impossible, you do it with yourself all the time, just by typing, so your tulpa can do the same thing. Just teach them how. Step 3 Tulpa coming in your bodie There are plenty of ways to do this and all of them work, but i will explain a simple and easy to understand method that is effective and that i have recommended to people. Keep in mind that things such as exposing your back are unnecessary but will help for people that are new to switching and merging. Expose your front and back with no large objects stopping your path such as your chair, shirts and pants are fine but we go shirtless and with clothes so it doesnt make a difference. Get in a position where your tulpa can reach your chest. Regardless of form, have them sit on your lap for the time being, for the purpose of this guide. Have them sit on your lap then have their body become and feel less opaque, or clearer, like less solid, just solid enough to slide into your body. You can do other methods to have them enter your body, such as imagining a hole in your back and having them slide in, it doesnt matter as long as it is the same result. Have her be almost "hook up" to your body parts. If they are not the same size or humanoid its the same concept and the process will still work, which i know because Hanyuu is a wormy even though humanoid or pony is easy for this. For example if they move their arm your arm should move as well and vice-versa and at the exact same time. After that, they should be able to move your body as if it was possession, because it is in a way possession of your body except they can control it directly as if it were their own body. This should be made easier by having your mindvoices switched. Keep in mind everything here is normally reversible by doing the opposite techniques. Step 4 Give your body to your tulpa This is the hardest step so far from these as i have been told by people using this technique, but with your mindvoices switched, its not overly hard. It is very hard to explain however. Form a mindform body that looks like your own, and then pull your thoughts into the tulpa body. Imagine your "energy" flow directly from your real body into your tulpabody. You can just jump consciousnesses directly into the body if you are able to do that way, its the same thing. Control your mindform in your own wonderland, it is the exact same process to control an irl tulpabody, make your voice in your irl voice both weaker and quieter, and make your tulpabodys voice stronger, the same strongness as a tulpas voice normally is. At this point, also, the tulpa should maintain you to some extents, because you are the tulpa and your tulpa is the host position. You will naturally maintain yourself of course but you dont need to think about maintaining yourself, your tulpa should do that more than your body in the state that its in as a tulpa. Look with the bodies eyes and sense with the body senses just as tulpaes do with their body. You should be able to figure it out, just become the mindform, or have the mindform pull from your body but be sure that youre controlling it. It is a temporary body that should be formed from only your thoughts, just as a servitor styletype body. Theres plenty of ways to do this. Once you have your consciousness and or thoughts in the mindform body, your tulpa should be able to weakly control your body at first and will get stronger at it, or or will be able to strongly control your body right away. This is done because your tulpa is the only one left in your body so all movements that the body does are hers now and not yours. That is all you need to do. Keep practicing that until you are comfortable switching. An example scene of switching that you can get an idea of what to look for is this: Tulpa is in your form using your body typing on your computer while you talk sit back by your wall talking to your tulpa and talking to them with a mindvoice like a/the tulpaes. H: From the tulpaes point of view, it should be like the hostmasters normal point of view, meaning they should use the body just as if it were their own, as well as have full access to all 5 senses provided by the body. They should also hear the host as he would hear a normal tulpa. Also i repeat that not all thoughts are to translated into english and you should hear thoughts just as your hostmaster does. I mean that you should also hear thought ramblings and subconscious thoughts. Some people have said that their mindform is unstable at first when you switch, pull your mindform out just as normal and have in in a low movement setting, and have it sit quietly and watch, then after you can switch, work on making your mindform more stable, just like developing a tulpas body. It is the exact same process regarding the body forming and form. Also as a tulpa your senses may be blurrier and harder to distinguish what is felt with your senses. That is normal, it is not always fixed, because that is how a tulpa body works, it is a little less vivid from what we have found with our personal experience with it, but you can try to work on it and make it clearer by focusing on it or other methods in order to accomplish this task here. Step 5 Undoing possession, switching, and merging, the most important step Step 6 in the first guide is this step if you look at the numbers, step 5 in the first guide is merging but it is cut out in the guide so the numbers are as they are. Why is it the most important step? If you dont do this step your tulpa may feel tired, sometimes, even a little out of it. Dont worry if this happens, from what ive heard its somewhat normal but its a thing easily fixable. it is likely not overly harmful as it will usually return to normal soon. If you dont switch for very long times such as days or weeks and if you know what you are doing then it should also not be a problem. If you are newer to switching, and afterward your tulpa feels fatigued, again dont worry, its easy to fix. Imagine them exiting your body and back into theirs, its that simple but if your tulpa ever gets tired after switching or whatnot this is the solution. This should be done at the end of most or almost all switching sessions, moreso if you are beginning to learn to switch, to keep things simple on switching. Simply do what you did in reverse, its much easier to undo it than redo because the host is more attached to his body than the tulpa so he/she will return to the body in due time, even more so and faster if he undoes the switching. Oguigi and Koomer dont count because of their case. If you can become the dominant mindvoice again then separating the tulpa from your body the same way it entered, then switching and merging is pretty easy to break, very easy infact, easy enough to the point where it will probably break on its own and return to normal with your tulpa in its body and you in yours. Unswitching manually just removes possible questions. Both I and someone else using my methods have had our tulpaes get the tired feels at least once, and when we unswitched it returned to normal without much difficulty from either the host nor the tulpa Notes: This guide is still under work, if you find any errors, have any questions or comments, do post them below.
  8. I am sick of life. I have considered suicide several times due to my shitty life, but now that I have a tulpa I have a better thing to do. Tomorrow will be my last time controlling this body, I'm giving my Tulpa total control while I wander around my Wonderland, able to do whatever I want and maybe make a few more tulpa to keep me company. I've already tried possession and it's worked, so that shouldn't be a problem. This is a hypothetical scenario, I have no wish to switch places with my tulpa when she is sapient (permanently, I do want to try possession). However, since possession is possible, I've wondered if it's possible to let your tulpa take control of your life, while you live out your in your wonderland? (I hope) no one has done this yet, but it seems like a good alternative for people who want to commit suicide. A tulpa gets to live in the real world, the person unhappy with life gets to live in Equestria, and a human life is spared.
  9. Status: Both my tulpae can possess either hand and slowly make a fist, and some wrist movement. Lyra has also been able to slightly move other parts. With a great deal of leading and coaching on my part, Lyra can slowly type short words. We're currently taking a break from working on this to focus more on voice (her choice, not mine, though I really do want better voice).] (8/27/2012 - Finally updating this... when I wrote it in May, possession was mostly theoretical and considered likely impossible; today all the cool tulpae on the IRC are doing it. I'd been adding new methods to the list, but now it's closer to a guide than an idea dump.) A more abstract look at possession can be found in this article by glitchthe3rd. Possession is letting your tulpa control your body. Switching is when a tulpa fully controls your body, and you are either imposed or live in the wonderland, like a tulpa. One note on switching: contrary to what seems obvious, you do not necessarily become your tulpa; you'll more likely have the same imaginary body you normally do in the wonderland, or whatever you like it to be. Both are temporary and usually require a lot of practice to make work well. This post acts as a mini-guide and provides a list of methods and ideas that may help you. (Note: I sometimes use the pronoun "she" for the tulpa. I do this because "it" is generally insulting to a sentient being, and because I'm used to doing it with my first tulpa Lyra.) So far when I do it, the body part being possessed feels like it's moving on its own. It's much like involuntary muscle movements like those random twitches that are common in deep relaxation. Here it's often either slow movements or a series of twitches that make up a single larger motion. During it, the part often tingles and then goes numb, similar to when a limb goes to sleep, though it feels somehow different. I also get tingles from a tulpa focusing on the physical sensations in the limb. At first, movement will likely be slow, clumsy, twitchy and weak, but should improve with practice. There are two real barriers that must be overcome to make it work: you giving up control, and the tulpa taking it. Of these, the former appears to be the more difficult, for me at least. So far, what I do is moderately relax one or both hands, and give a tulpa permission to control them. Too much relaxation seems to make them heavy and more difficult for either of us to move. Too little relaxation and I'm more likely to remain in control myself, or seize back control automatically when they start to move. Once you relax and let go, try not to focus on the body part you're trying to get your tulpa to possess. If you focus on it at first, you'll either force it still or expect it to move and move it yourself. If it starts to move on its own, try not to shift your focus to it or think about how weird it feels. Doing so will almost inevitably grab back control and either stop any motion or continue it yourself. This part has been particularly difficult for me, as part of my body moving without me causing it to is something that grabs my attention. Try to focus instead on anything else, possibly an engaging video or visualization. If possible focus on the tulpa, as this attention will encourage her and strengthen the connection to you. Another huge point is patience, as with anything else tulpa. Getting things working well takes time. When any movement occurs, no matter how faint, tell your tulpa she's doing well. Try to take a positive view of any tiny result yourself, too. If you get frustrated, calm down or take a break. When frustrated, you won't be able to let go of your control as effectively, nor will you come off as very encouraging to your tulpa. Similarly, take a break if your tulpa becomes too frustrated. Getting this down will likely be difficult, and neither of you needs any more frustration than the process itself causes. Three important distinctions to make between types of possession/switching: Whole body or only parts? Parts would be preferable if one has some reservations about trying this, or to let both the tulpa and host do stuff at once (like, let the tulpa control one hand). Obviously switching can't be anything other than the whole body. Both of these work, and most people start with hands/arms only and work up to fully body if desired. With full body, the face and voice are often still controlled by the host, but can be tulpa-controlled with practice. Who must be complicit to initiate or end possession? Obviously, few would be willing to try something where the tulpa could grab control at any time or has to willingly hand control back to the host. At least at first, all possession and switching requires consent of both parties, and the host can VERY easily seize back control at any moment. With loads of practice, control can be seized by the tulpa, as with a few like glitchthe3rd, but most tulpae are very reasonable and at least wait for permission. Where does the host go during it? For possession, you're in your head watching as your body moves. For switching, you go away to your wonderland or your tulpa imposes you the same as you do her. From my personal experience, I've seen 3 types of muscle control: (This is conjecture) Direct: Control of individual muscles, or groups of muscles. It's the lowest level of control, and seems to lead to generally slow and clumsy movement. This is mostly what Lyra appears to do so far. I can't seem to do it myself. (Most tulpae used to doing possession advise against thinking about the individual muscle movements as it's complex.) Limb: This is basic use of muscle memory, willing a limb to move in a given way. For instance, bending a finger a certain way. This gives smoother, quicker movement than direct control. Lyra can do this some, and obviously I can too. Full muscle memory: Think of the action and the actual limb motions involved happen almost completely automatically. This happens most with very familiar activities. I think a direction and walk in it; I think of a word and type it. It takes conscious effort to pay attention to exactly how my legs or fingers are moving. Lyra hasn't gotten to this point at all yet. I mention the above because there seem to be different ways that a tulpa can insert her intentions into your motor system. I have encountered two real ways so far: (Again, conjecture and from my own experience) Direct: As above. This would be closer to the actual muscles and appears to require more time to get good at, yet some seem to have mastered this. I theorize that the tulpa develops similar processing of the movements to what you do, but generally having access to the same muscle memories. That is, they don't have to learn to walk "from scratch" like you did, but still starts out slow and jerky. (This is what my tulpae do currently.) Intentions: The tulpa makes you feel a desire to make a certain movement, and you do. At the start it feels like just moving limbs yourself, but doing what your tulpa wants. With practice it becomes more automatic. I theorize that this shares more of your motor processing, as it appears to be a question of just getting used to taking these intentions and acting on them without thinking. As such, it should yield faster results. (Lyra seemed to be trying this at first, but I explained that I would rather not involve my own conscious in the process. I felt it would likely raise issues down the road if we want to do things like switching, possession while I sleep, or typing different things with each hand.) (Or do some of both, using the intentions kind to help her get access to your muscle memory...?) Here are some ideas I've had or heard on how to achieve possession. Ultimately most of these boil down to methods for convincing the brain that the tulpa is in control now. No matter which method you try, entering a trance state or relaxing and letting go seem to help most people. These are short descriptions intentionally. Everybody who does them does it slightly differently. Take the idea and fill in details as feels best to you, or try permutations until you hit on something that works. Just give permission, either with or without relaxing the body part(s) to be controlled (this is the most straightforward and what I'm doing mostly) Have your tulpa put her hands into yours, like putting on a glove (commonly called "meat glove" or "meat suit"; as claimed by Cyclone; Glitch reports this works for full-body as well; seems to be common) Body suit / motion capture device type thing (commonly called "body suit"; JD1215 uses this) Imagine the tulpa's body part to be something like a ghost possessing your body part (variation on the glove thing) Just "pushing buttons in your brain" (TOG's Clair suggested this as a first step - similar to "just give permission") Relax and visualize draining energy from your arm (or other body part), leaving it "empty", and let the tulpa figure out a way to control it (Semi-Nomadic) Let the tulpa do all the work, apart from allowing it to happen; you might feel a "pressure" or their "presence" shifting to different parts of your body (done by the wind listens before the tulpa was able to speak) Tulpa's movements directly control yours; mirror analogy, you are the reflection; an android tulpa may see it as "uplinking" their movements to yours (tulpacouple) Imagine sensory/motor streams and have your tulpa connect to them (itsblah and WreckingFist; I did this initially) Game controller or something similar to control you (Glitch did this with Elise) Inverse puppeting: tulpa instructs, you do. Eventually you should start to do it automatically. Then move on to control via thoughts rather than words. (This appears to be a different form of possession, and may lead to smooth movement faster; see "intentions" in the list above) Here's a few ideas on how to do switching. These are all much more experimental or untested, as only 3 people currently in the community have done it successfully. I've marked those people's methods by name; the others haven't resulted in any successful switching yet. OBE and then have the tulpa enter your body instead of you, as suggested in this thread. Do full body possession, then have the tulpa impose you. This places your sense of presence in an imagined form outside of your body. Awareness of the body's sensations fades after somewhere around an hour of this, faster with practice. This does require a very strong tulpa. (Atasco) Do full body possession, then disconnect your physical senses. (Heaven only knows how one would do this last bit.) (ClintRockfoot) Drain self into a form in the wonderland, then have tulpa inhabit body. I suspect this requires a good deal of practice and likely previous experience with dissociating from the body, since it's basically inducing an OBE first. (Fuliam) Similar to body part possession but do it with your personality instead. Possession during sleep? (Paxafarus) This, this, and this. (Note: these are written for "multiples", who get something like unimposed tulpae without tulpaforcing; hence the different terminology.) Tesseract's method, which is basically putting the subconscious into a state that allows it (feels like the mind "unraveling" or "coming apart at the seams"), then the host and tulpa each push their minds into the other's space. (WARNING: Tesseract reports bad side effects using this method, such as temporary loss of short term memory and memory gaps. However her situation is rather unique and the side effects -- as well as the method itself -- may be specific to her.)
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