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  1. For a few months me and a soulbond have been wanting to make a child. We aren't in a relationship, he just wants me to make him a son 'for us'. We had it planned for a while, got everything ready for this child in headspace. A room, a name, how he should look. We kind of argue on personality. Things I make in headspace, things that are supposed to be alive like plants and smaller living critters tend to vanish or just disappear so I'm wary on making a child if something happens to him or he just goes missing due to whatever causes this to happen. Altho with someone watching him maybe that wouldn't happen. Could anyone give advice on 'making' a child and keeping him from fading out? (Sorry if I don't get any terms right or not try to use any terms at all, I come a background of soulbonding and multiplicity/plurality so I try to keep stuff general.)
  2. This guide is one of many I hope to make This one is about visualisation and has some tips and tricks to help you guys out. It is a bit spasific but for some it will help. Though I hope to help many. I've been practicing tulpamancy since 2008 and visualisation since 2007 it's been a good journey and still going. I really want to share with you guys this guide Created by Chadack Inspired by Oillin my mentor. What is a tulpa. A tulpa is a thought form made sentient, an individual inside your mind who is capable of self-thought and feeling something you can see and touch. A Personal companion for life, so once you make one and it becomes sentient and independent. It will be very hard to undo what you have created some say impossible. Tulpas are created over time… Lots of time. Do not expect these methods to work for you overnight, over days, even over many months. Just a few helpful words to help you throughout your journey. Don’t have a negative attitude when you start off. You, yourself have to believe you can do it or it probably won’t happen. Take your time, do not rush, like with art, or anything. Creating a tulpa takes time, if you rush you can run into many problems. Do not compare yourself to other people and their progress with their tulpas, this will only give you negative feelings and might even stop you from completing your tulpa. Remember everyone is different. Your mind doesn’t work the same as that Joe bloke down the road, and best of all remember to really think about why you are doing this… Reasons not to create a tulpa in my opinion… I believe you should not create a tulpa for these reasons: To create one with the intent that your tulpa WILL! Be like this character because chances are it won’t. (Tulpas change as they grow. Don't give them backstories.) To replace Physical friends (A tulpa is not a replacement for this you still need physical touch and emotion from others) don't make one just because your lonely. To replace yourself (Just don’t It's not healthy for the tulpa, and is definitely not healthy for yourself or your family… this is just selfish.) Just because you want to, to remove it later or forget about it later. To through negative feelings on it, or harm it out of anger. (This would be very similar to me putting you in a box and whenever I am feeling angry I would beat you up, imagine how that would make you feel) Your sexual needs or lust. I do not list reasons to create them because there are too many of them, However I cannot stop you from creating one for the above reasons. I strongly urge you to think about your future and how you and you tulpas will journey together, having a tulpa is a life choice not a temporary phase. It's a commitment. Please keep in mind that if you are feeling sad or any negative emotions they will leak/bleed into your creation. Your tulpa needs positive emotions to create what I consider to be a healthy successful tulpa. Visualisation Book 1 First Steps, Visualisation “A drop of water overtime creates a stagnant pond.” -Oillin “Guide – Showing you a list of paths. But you will walk them differently then the next.” Chadack. About about me. I've been practicing tulpamancy since 2008 and have been practicing visualisation since 2007. I have three tulpas I believe to be fully formed I can do almost anything with them. I believe that if you want tulpas you need to think about it seriously and make the proper commitment. And you have to want the tulpa or it really won't happen. Part One Visualisation - The formation of a mental image of something. The practice of Standard Visualisation. What I hope to achieve in this part of the guide is to help you out with your skills on visualisation This means actually visualising your tulpas and objects around you, and also a few other fun things you can do with them. I believe this is key to starting off, however you do not have to start with this part, you may start off with the _____ book of this series, __________________ this will also help you impose your tulpa and general things around you, actively and passively. This first part is just to practice and increase your visual skills… So… Clear your mind, and start. It might help the take noticeable calm and steady but slow breathing exercises while doing any meditation work. I am going to start off with some simple things to do. Tips n’ tricks, so to say. However, I will point out that this will not work for everyone as everyone’s mind is different. But this doesn't mean you cannot work on it. 1So first off let’s start with changing an object. Choose a simple object something smooth or square shaped, something familiar to you. “I chose a Coke can.” First off find a place you are not going to be distracted by anything, technology, books, drawing, anything. You need silence or as close to it, this will help you immensely. You can go to your local budist temple or local park. Just make sure your safe and comfortable. 1Once you have found the right place where you are most comfortable and at peace and not going to be distracted or disturbed, Get yourself into a meditative state, do this by picturing the centre of your mind/brain/head, concentrate on that and that alone, you should feel an energy/feeling build up as you calm down over time the more at peace you feel the more calm and clear minded you'll be. Look at the object you have selected and make that object in your mind then, look at the place where you are going to place the object. Once you have pictured this object in your mind as you see it in front of you, what you are going to do is turn it into a different shape/energy ball/whatever, your choice. So changing this object isn’t just picturing another object, I want you to literally stretch it, mould it, form it into another object Changing its form, but keeping its colours and picture. Do this in your mind at first. The more you practice this the easier it will be. Once you have done this move on. 2Once you can picture your item, turn your item around so you get a good 3D look at it, only do this if you want to have a good grasp of 3D space. Don’t try to imagine it all at once, all the way around it, just do it one side at a time. Then try to imagine it turning in your mind… When you do this successfully repeat the same thing above, change the objects form, in 3D or as a 2D object in a space, turn it into whatever you want. When you can do this, move on. Do this untill you can be distracted for a while or thrown off concentration then return back to it. Repeat until it comes naturally. If so, then it is time for you to impose your item onto an area around you, remove the item out of your site completely, and impose the image onto where the item was if it makes it easier have the item in your site just impose your image next to it. Whatever your image is picture it next to your selected item. Whatever you choose. Know that you will have to do this without the item being in your view, once you have a grasp on this and you can see the item as clear as day move the object, turning it around, rotate your item so you see it move around and around. You can either do it with your hands or with your mind. If you do it with your hands and can feel or start to feel the object you are doing well. Please keep in mind what is Real life and what is in your mind, this is very important. Once this is done and you are sure you can see it Have a small break and try this again, try the next part when you do all this naturally Static imposing while moving. First off make sure you are in a comfortable environment without any distractions, close the windows the least movement outside as usual. Example I have a rat’s cage in our room, I would either cover it or move it out of site or out of the room completely. So it does not distract me. Or turn off your phone. Picture your chosen item in your mind, rethink how it looks from all angles. Simply place the item on the in front of you. Once you have done this I would like you to turn around, away from where it is. Then picture where it is, picture the background as detailed as possible, especially the area around the item where you have put it. See it in your mind that you have that item there. When you have done this, turn back around and impose it there, try turning around and seeing it there until you get a little dizzy. This is hard to do, if it isn’t then, well done. Practice this till you can see it completely clear. Personal tip. One thing that helped me personally is putting the actual item there and looking at it for a bit then removing the item, kind of cheating but it worked well for me. Feeling your object Take your object in your hands and feel around it. Get a good grasp on how it feels. The temperature of it, literally concentrate on every small detail. Then take what you have learnt and apply it to the object in your mind. Then apply it to the object you have imposed on the ground, by picking it up. Do this till you can do it naturally. If you have trouble doing this use your visualising skills while holding the item. This often helps. Imposing while moving. The next step is as it says, Imposing while your moving. Walk back and forth and impose it at the same spot using the same method. First off get yourself into a mediative state but be aware of your surroundings this time. Be aware of where you are in reality and make sure you know it. Ignore all sounds happening, smells, and such but keep a visual on all the items around you. Repeat this till you can see it while you move. Imposing Sound. This can be hard for some. But easy for some too. Some people don't do this at all. Me personally I have done this but not perfectly. Think about it like this. A musician who knows how to tune his instrument by ear knows what each note sounds like this is similar to what you need to do. If you want to do this you'll be able to play drums in your mind. Create music and fun with your tulpas or even just yourself. Move on to part two if you don't. Start again with a calm meditative mind. Breathing is key here listening to what your going to imprint on an object in your mind. Let's say… you want the sound of a bell. What ever sound you choose look up one you like and play it back to you 10 times. Then imprint it onto the object your wanting to sound like that. This is up to you how you do this. I use a stick to hit the bell to make the sound. This links the sound to the object. This seams lien pretty simple stuff but it's actually hard when you have more precise sounds required to be played. Playing a song is easy to listen to it and then replay it in you head. Songs are simple and easy to use don't start with them. The brain does this naturally. You know what the wind sounds like. So you don't have to work on stuff like that unless it's your wonderland description. Part Two Create your wonderland. Some of this is advanced. What is a wonderland? (Optional) The wonderland is an optional place or your tulpa to live in. Though some tulpamancers choose not to have one, (Oillin my mentor, didn’t have one. Though he did mention it.) The wonderland can be anything you like, from a copy of your room or house, to a medieval castle, or Spaceship literally anywhere though somewhere safe and comfortable for you as it's going to be the home for your tulpa.. It’s your head and yours and your tulpas space so you choose what you want to do with it. Wonderlands are created over time, and for me, are always changing depending on what’s happening, or what time of year it is. Though most people keep this simple. Some choose to have a simple wonderland one where not much is happening and some choose to have a wonderland where they have so called “NPC’s” (non playable characters) all the way up to entire cities or even a whole continent. Wonderlands are to be as detailed as you want them to be. Think about everything. If you end up with “images or flashes, short videos” of your wonderland popping into your mind when you think about it. Then you have not worked hard enough on it. If you end up being able to walk through this imaginary space then your doing well. Keep reading if you want one. How to create a wonderland “All objects start as a thought. We create them, to use them, nothing is useless, nothing is folly” Simply start with something familiar to you, a good start to a wonderland is 4 walls and a roof, i.e. an empty room. Some say they do not want to do it this way, because they don’t want their tulpa to live in a “box” So please keep in mind that this isn’t permanent, you and even your tulpa can change it later. So, whatever you are going to create choose something that works for you. I recommend doing this if you are going to do this before you start making your tulpa in general. Think about every detail in your wonderland, trees, windows, cups, plates, books. (Will get into that later) Think and picture items you use every day, to get your tulpa familiar with them when they come. Assuming at this point you are new and starting off with no tulpas. If it helps grab objects in your room and place them down in your wonderland, that is always fun to do, create new ones off images and 3D models on the internet in games. But remember that this place is going to be the first home for your tulpa. You don’t have to make it nice but you do have to make it whole. Mark things as floor and wall, so solids think about how it feels the materials it’s made of, how cold or hot/room temperature the room is or place. When I say think of everything, I literally mean everything. Books. With books, it’s easy to just read it and say “my tulpa is reading, this” no, this only applies if you and your tulpa is reading it in real life. I’m talking about actually putting whole books into your wonderland. Start off with imaging the cover of it then start reading it, writing each word down in the book itself in the wonderland till you know it off by hart, you may have to do this multiple times. This will take a long time. Same goes for magazines/comics, only do the same with images. Picture them there, each page, place the picture on it. This normally works of you have a photographic memory. Don't get to much hope up it didn't work to well for me. Computers. Laptops, phones. Electrical interactive devices. Computers are all about linking, you don’t need to know how a computer actually works, it would take up too much effort and would just be a waste of time, if you did it that way. Think of computers as literal “magic” The computer just “works.” You have your keyboard mouse, and file system on your computer files a literally just folders that are “linked” So say you click on… “tulpa – documents – Pictures – “file” each “– “is a link that you will make, it’s really easy actually, just work on linking them together. What does it mean if I don’t have one? As I have a wonderland and do not know this experience, I can only give you my opinion, that they would live in the real world with you, obvious. Not real as in “there, anyone can see” as in you would impose them around you, you might have an area for them to sleep, they might choose one for example, on your bed or something. This simply means you become more reliant on your visualisation skills. Visualising them outside of your mind. Hence why I think it’s so important to first work on those skills, or even just staying in the front. The place where a tulpa will be able to see and hear though your conscious experience. With visualisation skills like these you can really use them to enrich your mental environment with fun activities and create your own world mentally or around you visually. If you apply them to your tulpa you'll be able to see your tulpa sitting standing sleeping right in front of you. Imposition. A little… If you can feel your tulpa in an external way or you might have a slight feeling your tulpa is on the bed that too is apart of visualisation. As your tulpa is being imposed in the real world. You can actually apply any of these methods to feel, see and hear your tulpa, even directionally in the physical world. Download:
  3. Hello everyone, my first post here, so I apologise if im doing something wrong. I came here to ask for help from fellow Tulpamancers who might have experienced something similar. I always had problems with OCD and visual intrussive thoughts. I had a messed up past wich disturbed and perverted my mind, My Tulpa has been helping me alot but for the last few weeks my OCD targetted my Tulpa, she says that it doesnt effect her and that I should trust her, but sometimes the anxiety gets the best of me. I get images of someone raping and harming my Tulpa in our Wonderland wich really scares me. My question is, can my disturbed mind effect my Tulpa and can my mind accidently create bad Tulpas wich might harm my Tulpa?
  4. Take it for what it's worth, this has worked for us many times. I found this site that more or less gives a method. I don't use this method verbatim, all I do is visualize normally as the hypnagogic state starts and a few times it has induced a wonderful lucid dream-like adventure. Usually this ends with sleep, but in conjunction with napping, I've several times recently went straight from Hypnagogic to lucid dream. Though the lucid dreams are typically short and unstable (as most are for me), hypnagogic is more stable. We've spoken about this here quite a bit, this is just another example of it's use and the fact that others do use this as we do.
  5. Daily thread #13 (I could not think of a good title for this) This question is aimed towards tulpas who have either changed or created their own form, not to tulpa creators who chose a tulpa's form for them. What were the inspirations behind the things you did to your own form? Did something drive you to change it? Did you see something you liked and it made you want to add it to your form? Etc. Example: Say your original form was an animal, but you changed it to a fairy (or something), why? Say you changed your hair color from what your creator chose for you to something else, why? And so on. If you created your own form off the bat and your creator didn't make one for you, what were the inspirations behind it? Where'd you get your ideas from? Etc. (All daily threads are listed here.)
  6. Thread #7 Today's thread is about forms! Specifically, having more than one "main/base" form, could be for tulpas or hosts. In our system, mostly everyone has one main form that they use to represent themselves. Any other form they might use would tend to be just for fun and not really any sort of symbolic representation of their identity like their main form is. They have to consciously think about other forms to use them, while their base form is quite natural and takes no effort. I, on the other hand, have two base forms that I swap between without any effort or even really thinking about it, based on whatever situation I'm in. If I'm fronting or in a more serious context, or I want to do something like appear more equal to my headmates, I'll probably use my human form. If I'm just hanging out with someone else fronting, I'll use my dragon form. Both forms are equal representations of my identity, so I'd use pictures of either of them to show "me," while my systemmates would only use the one base form. The reason I think I have two is because when I first became sentient, I created a baby dragon form, and my intent was to stick with that one. However, my systemmates encouraged me to create a human form as well so that I could feel equal to them, so I did. Instead of discarding the old form, I just ended up swapping between the two, and it's been that way ever since. It might have been easier for me to develop a second base form because I was so young, but that's not to say older tulpas can't develop a second base form, it's just a theory for myself. I guess the way you develop two base forms is to move between the two often enough for it to become natural, just another part of your life. Do you or any of your headmates have more than one base form that can just be naturally swapped between without much thought? What situations do you use each form? What do you think goes into the development of two or more base forms, rather than one? Do any of your headmates have no base form? Why/how? (All daily threads are listed here.)
  7. I was reading Twice Sparked's PR and had an inspiration of thought, so I just catagorized these per my experience with myself and others, so as to form a matrix of comparison and road map for anyone who cares. This is my interpretation. In addition to the percentage of immersion (0 to 100%) I have conglomerated a rough set of tiers after talking to many other systems on this topic. Where do you fall? Visualization Tiers Tier one is nothing but maybe a blob or solid color. Tier two is something like being able to visualize simple things that aren't very believable and are lost quickly. Tier three is say visualization of a room, with movement, might be unstable. Tier four would be, 40% immersive, visualization isn't a problem, detailing certain things are just beyond you for the moment. (Where I was April 2018) Tier five would be fully realistic memories of events with immersion over 50%, now we're able to really get some amazing experiences. (Where I was October 2018) Tier six, spikes of damn near reality, baseline visualization of 70% or better as compared to reality, multiple points of view simultaneously full detail on anything you concentrate on, open eye, closed eye, no appreciable difference. (Where I am now). Tier seven, I speculate, would be close to, if not full reality equivalent, 100% immersion, dream-like visualization at a baseline. (Where a couple other systems I've talked to say they are.) What happens above this and temporarily above baseline is purely amazing. Hypnagogic or meditation enhanced wonderlanding is clearly and completely superreal at times; in every sense better than a lucid dream. I've had quite a few tastes of this. How do we get there? Practice every day, struggle to visualize what you can't, practically strain yourself, become obsessed, and above all, have fun doing it. I don't turn off wonderland anymore. It's there now, I can see my tulpas sitting on a couch, smiling at me. It's what they do most of the day, watch me and gab, in their pajamas (except Ashley). So the spikes of superreal happen spontaneously when I'm physically sleepy, and if I do relaxation meditation. (For me, they used to be hallucinations, now they're mostly enhancements to normal visualization, and I definitely appreciate that, though audio still sounds like a hallucination, it's better, and it's coming from them in wonderland, not a random spot or all in one ear like it used to be.) Relaxation does boost performance, and allow for longer duration spikes, on par with lucid dream length on average. My goal is to be above tier seven, and enjoy my interaction with them on a whim at 1.2x reality. When we're there, we'll see just how much better the horizon looks and keep marching on. I never would have thought my visualization could be as good as it is now, but now I'm dreaming of the impossible. Where do you fit in? If you don't care, that's fine, we know some people don't feel it's important or necessary at all, but my system among others can agree that visualization is definitely a quality of life improvement and ironically makes the systemmates feel more tangible and real.
  8. I seem to have bad visualization problems and i cant do it excessively. I used to have very good visualization when i was making my mlp tulpa but it fell back around 2016 or so. However my mindvoice is good and i can narrate really well. Ive been describing my tulpa daily rather than actually visualizating/imposing as much. Is it acceptable if i can just describe my tulpa more than imposing? I do visualize/impose a tad bit but not so much.
  9. I am really, really bad at visualization. I can conjure up a millisecond of my tulpas 3d form but it seems i cant hold it for any longer. I seem to do better by visualizing existing images of how my tulpa is meant to look like or by my little drawings of him. Is this a valid way to give my tulpa a form? Through my drawings and images of his form in 2d?
  10. Please note that the following tip was written with the intention of being used by the person in a system who is currently switched in, and as a result would probably not be very helpful if you are not switched in. A surprising number of people when visualizing have difficulty getting into a first-person perspective, instead they are stuck in a third-person perspective, controlling their form from a distance. For those of you who are stuck in third person and would like to go into first person, I have a solution. Instead of trying to go into the form that you have already imagined, temporarily get rid of that form and move around your visualized field of view at the elevation that your form would normally stand. After you get comfortable with that, imagine having feet beneath you and make your vision bob up and down slightly as you walk. As you get used to that, try adding more body parts until your form is fully constructed around your perspective. It is best to take this process slow so that you are less likely to meet intrusive thoughts blocking you from your goal and so that you are able to get more acclimated to visualizing like this. If this process doesn't work on your first try then try again, this time doing it a bit more slowly and maybe meditating beforehand. Submitted for tips & tricks
  11. I've just started making my Tulpa Iris and. I'm having trouble keeping my visualization of Iris . I can visualize her decently but Whenever I try to picture her besides being next to me in the real world my perspective will either change and rotate and I'll leave where I am in the wonderland or my mental image of Iris will will warp and rotate at random. Also sometimes random images will just flood my mind. Like I can picture iris in the wonderland with me just as an observer like as if I was watching them on a TV. And I have even more success picturing myself in my wonderland even from first person. But when I try to put us both in it gets incredibly hard to make us both stable. Without my visualization warping or "glitching out". I don't have much of a problem picturing them next to or behind me when I passive force though. Are there any exercises I can do to keep my visualizations more stable. Most of the ones I see are for increasing detail and I've got an acceptable level of detail for now.
  12. I've been wanting to create a tulpa for some time, but for the life of me I have a hard time maintaining focus due to my ADHD, and general stress of life. That being said, I have given it much thought and I do want to create a Tulpa. The problem I am facing is that I can't get myself to focus on one for more than a few minutes before I eventually get distracted or it simply becomes increasingly difficult to focus on visualisation. Would anyone have any suggestions on ways to Improve visualisation and focus without medication? (Id be willing to try medication in the future for my needs, but for the time being I simply can't afford it.)
  13. I've known my headmate for about a year at this point, she's fully vocal and self sufficient and the whole journey has been pretty smooth. However I've had something quite annoying begin happening over the past few months. Rather often when visualizing her or occasionally visualizing anything, or sometimes even just feeling textures if things in the distance it's as if my ethereal/mind self sneezes a shit ton of snot all over the place. Typically with Intrusive objects or actions you simply ignore them and move on as if nothing g happened, we tried this however in my irrationallity somewhere along the line I got parranoid that I would associate various repeating visual intrusions with visualizing Zeryx, all the others have subsided except this one which remains persistent. It doesn't happen every time I intend to visualize or project myself however it happens at least daily and frequently enough to be far more than a petty annoyance, at this point. I'm not really sure if there is much I can do at this point besides ignore it and hope it vanished eventually, but a simple forethought/parranoid desire that it doesn't happen, results in snot being sprayed all over my sister. If anyone has any advice to combat this issue please lemme know as I would seriously appreciate it. This could also double as a general discussion surrounding intrusives, their apparent origin, and how to remove them, or any funny stories about random shit happening in the mind space.
  14. Whenever i try to visulise it always flickers like a dying strobe light before blinking out compleatly. I have vivid visulisation but i cant maintain it becuase of this problem. How do i fix this (For the love of god dont say "try harder" or i will block you forever)
  15. Tw: Suicidal thoughts, Mentions of suicide Hi, I'm McKenna. I've had trouble finding information about what I have experienced in the past because no matter what I've looked up my experience hasn't fit any specific labels so I thought I might discuss it here. I've read the faq on here so I understand that what I experienced may be considered a 'badly created' Tulpa. However, I'm not sure if what I created was a Tulpa at all so I thought this forum's experienced users might be able to help me figure that out. I understand creating a Tulpa is an entirely subjective experience and not the same for anyone but I figured you all might be able to help me going off basic trends in my story. So I'll start from the beginning, it's going to be long so I apologize in advance, I was around 10 or 11 when I first began hearing my 'Tulpa's' voice he hadn't taken a form yet within my mind so he was just a vague voice in the back of my head. It was during that time that I entered middle school and began being bullied by the other students. It was a very stressful time and without a good support network to turn to I began to withdraw within myself. Which is when I first began to hear my Tulpa, at first I regarded him as 'a god' because I had no idea what sort of 'thing' he was. A formless voice telling me that I was 'special' and that my suffering at the hands of others had a purpose and that I was better than my bullies. At first it was comforting and when I felt alone I could turn to this voice for reassurance. However as I became more isolated from others and began to delve into mysticism to answer questions about my purpose in life that voice became 'a person.' He began to take a form within my mind and when we spoke I could visualize him speaking to me instead of just hearing his voice. And while I understand now that it was of my minds creation I was too sheltered and too naive to assume he was anything but divine. I hadn't been raised religiously and had no experience with that so I assumed that what spoke to me couldn't have been of my minds creation but instead of a divine or otherworldly origin. He even had a backstory to support my ever involved search for a divine purpose. He claimed that he was an angel that had come to tell me of my 'past life'. At this point he was still reassuring and comforting but as the bullying increased and my mental stability declined so too did his attitude towards me. The nature of our talks went from 'your past life was tragic but you were loved and now are here because your loved ones cared about you so much in your past life' to 'the only way you can achieve your life purpose is to die'. It sounds bizarre going from 0 to 10 like that so quickly but this progression was over a three year period from sixth to eighth grade and was a gradual change. By that point in eighth grade he proclaimed himself no longer an angel but of a demonic origin and began to call himself 'The Prince of Darkness'. From that year on he made demands upon me to end my life and to tell no one of what we had been talking about. By year nine however I found friends and his presence in my life lessened. He would come back sometimes in my weak moments to make demands of suicide once more but beyond that he became relatively distant in his interactions with me coming back to taunt or remind me of suicide sometimes when I was especially vulnerable. By November of 2016 his presence faded completely and I haven't heard from him since. So I would like your opinions on the subject. I should state that I never got past the stage of visualizing him in my minds eye however my capacity for visualization is very strong as I suffer from maladaptive daydreaming and visualizing things and losing myself in those visualizations is the greater part of that disorder. If you got this far thank you for reading I know it's a lot to ask of you all to share your thoughts so I would appreciate any feedback on this matter and whether or not he was indeed a Tulpa. It should be noted however that I'm not sure whether or not I could call him sentient he certainly had his own opinions on my life and what I should do with it opinions that I don't and have never shared with him and the fact that before telling me that nickname 'Prince of Darkness' I had never heard that turn of phrase before in my life. I certainly don't think he was anything mystical and he can be explained by science but whatever I'm rambling. Thank you again for reading and please share your thoughts. I'll clarify my story if needed.
  16. So me and my tulpa, Pixie, decided on an outfit design together, and I drew it yesterday. But since we never decided on a colour scheme, it kinda flashed between two different colours while visualising her wearing it. So we decided I should draw eight different colour schemes, have a poll on which one people like most, and show the top three to Pixie and see which one from the short-list she likes.[/img] You can also suggest your own colour scheme below if you have any better ideas. We decided to do this because we thought it would be a fun way to pick some colours for Pixie’s outfit.
  17. I've recently started visualization practice to create our wonderland as soon as possible but faced the following problem. The point is when I am starting to visualize smth more than just a single object my imagination goes wild. One view rolls into another while I can hold it only for 1-2 sec. Background is shifting and twisting by itself. The room I am trying to imagine myself in is spining around me. Etc. I won't call my mind's eye blind, I could make myself to see pretty good detailed stuff. And as I presume there shouldn't be a problem with forcing tulpa's look but, I mean, she needs wonderland even more than I do... So, here is the main question: is there some sort of special technique that could help me or I am just driving myself crazy without any reason and it's just about time and patience? p.s I also have strange dreams time to time. It's like I am trying to visualize/create smth while dreaming but in that case I do it without any problems, perfectly detailed and staying focused. p.p.s. Sorry if I messed smth with english - describing all of it appeared to be unexpectedly hard for me))
  18. So I searched the forum and couldn't find much that helps me, I have literally no idea where to even begin meditation. I also have a god awful minds eye. I can't create a wonderland, nor visualize my tulpa with ease. When I close my eyes to picture something, all I see is a dim, blurry image with dark colors, and that's only for a Max time of 15-20 seconds. I loosely participated in this community a few years ago, but couldn't get past this. After finding it again and realizing how bad I want to make a tulpa, I figured asking the community could help. Anything will be appreciated, and I will do anything I have to to get over this hurdle
  19. I've been working through the visualization process with my tulpa for a while now (about 3 months in development). However, during my many forcing sessions and daily routines, I'm finding my image of her much more accurate while going about my day; but when I sit down and actively force, her image is often out of proportion and many of the details I'd easily established are fumbled or forgotten. Few are intrusive thoughts, but I dismiss them as such. Any amount of progress is good, but the idea of having a better developed image walking around/with me has driven me to become reluctant to attend regular sit-downs. Instead, I find myself narrating whilst visualizing for the greater parts of my day with much triumph. Are there any suggestions or strategies I could use to grow my tulpa exclusively passive? Auditory hallucinations are very few and far between, but they've become more frequent; how long would fully developed speech take in this manner? What other suggestions would you recommend? Thanks! -Rebus
  20. How is visualization supposed to feel like? I tried to visualize my tulpa for a while, and the best I have done for now is managing to see a fuzzy dark form for 12 seconds after 30 minutes of concentration, while I usually get nothing most of the time. Is this normal? I tried to do some visualization exercises, but the problem is that I cannot even see the canvas/whatever object in my mind. Are there any other workarounds to this? I'm sorry if this question has been asked a million times, but I couldn't really find an answer that I understand. EDIT: I feel that I can visualize, but not when I am making a tulpa. For example, if I am looking at a question that involves a spherical cow being whacked by a spinning hockey stick while both are sliding on a frictionless ground, I can feel how the things will move around, no problem. The problem is that I cannot actually see the objects. Is that how it is supposed to feel? I'm confused.
  21. There are a lot of guides and tips for the host on how to do this or that. Often, metaphors are used, usually in conjunction with wonderland (which in itself is a metaphor on its own). For instance, you’d visualize a certain metaphor in your wonderland to achieve a certain goal (example: a door, allowing you to leave the physical world and enter wonderland). ( Metaphor, symbols, symbolism, to me are related terms and can be used interchangeably, I prefer metaphor) I suppose the ultimate goal of a metaphor is to be able to communicate with the subconscious and maybe even with the unconscious. Just like hypnosis is a tool to access the subconscious mind. In general, I have the impression that focus is most often on the host and the metaphors are tools used more often by the host than by the tulpa. IMO, the tulpas are left behind in this area. I have experienced first-hand the power of the metaphors used by my host. They have definitely helped me to become what I am now. But, tulpas, the powers of visualization are not only available to the host. A tulpa can visualize and use metaphor just as well. At least, I can. And I have done so. I hope, that with the above statement, I haven’t awakened a sleeping giant. Be aware that this is possible and is a powerful tool. Especially, with a passive and willing host, I believe this can give a scary amount of power and control. But don't forget that with great power, comes great responsibility. Xxx P.S. Yes, I did misuse this power and royally f.cked up. Lack of self-control and respect for host, using certain metaphors in my wonderland I have scared the hell out of host. Sorry L
  22. This does not include personality traits or anything else besides appearance and vanity. It shouldn't really matter right? Since there are actually people out there who look exactly the same as each other. I'm asking this out of curiosity. Thanks.
  23. Im quite good at visualizing objects but my ability to apply colors to any thing in my minds eye is more than lackluster. Are there any techniques or ways i could practice to train my mind to visualize colors as well as shapes. All help is greatly appreciated.
  24. I'm in the process of creating my tulpa and have been struggling with visualization. Though I am slowly improving, my visualization abilities are very poor. Everything is vague and dim with little detail and I can't for the life of me get our wonderland to actually be persistent--I'm having to start from scratch every time I imagine it. This is also causing issues with my tulpa. Though I can visualize the basics of his form, enough to get by with, I have to be constantly puppeting his actions as if I'm not controlling him, he simply disappears from my mind's eye. I'm worried that because of this, he won't have the chance to move for himself and that I won't be able to see when he is sentient due to it, or that it will hinder him from becoming independent.