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Found 223 results

  1. I feel process visualization and visualizing the results have different effects on me. Should I devide those two while visualizing??
  2. So I've seen a lot of people complaining that when they enter into their wonderland things don't look or feel clear. I have decided to share what I do when visualizing things in my wonderland, when I'm not being fantastically lazy. This method involves cycling through all 5 of your senses while in wonderland, one at a time, slowly building up until you have all 5 going at once. Before you start, make sure that you are in a comfortable position, be it sitting or laying down. don't worry about falling asleep, as dozing a little can be helpful here. Close your eyes, and imagine yourself to be in your wonderland body. Your eyes, both in the physical world and in your wonderland, should be closed, so at first you will not see anything. Be patient with me, I'm getting to that point. Just keep your wonderland eyes closed until the end. For the sake of example, let's pretend you're sitting in a field next to a burbling stream and a forest. Overhead, the sky is clear, and the sun has reached its highest point before it once more begins its journey towards the horizon. First, reach down and feel the dirt underneath you. Pick up a handfull, and feel how it crumbles between your fingers. Feel the temperature, be it hot or cold. Keep the dirt in one hand, and reach out with the other, and feel the tall, dry blades of grass that surround you. Feel the sun over your head. Feel its heat reflecting off of the ground and the grass around you. Feel the breeze as it ruffles your hair and brushes your skin. Now, hear the breeze as it rustles the leaves on the tress and the grass around you. There are birds chriping, singing sweetly among the trees of the forest. There is a cricket somewhere in the field. Turn your head (remember, keep your eyes shut!) and try to figure out which direction the cricket is in relation to you. is it behind you? Off to the side? In front of you? Next, take the handfull of dirt, lift it to your face, and smell it. Smell the crumbled moutnains, the richness that gives the grass and plants around you life. Smell the breeze, wafting past and bringing you the smell of pine trees from the forest. Reach out, keeping your eyes closed, and pick off a blade of the rich grass. Put the end of it in your mouth, and taste the sharpness of the sap that carries nutrients to the plant. Take a little bit of the dirt in your hand, toucch it to the tip of your tongue. Taste its grittiness, taste the nutrients. NOW, tilt your head down in wonderland so that you are looking at your lap, and open your eyes. Look at the spot you are sitting. Notice the texture of the grass that is flattened where you are sitting, the soil it grows from. Look up a little further, and see the long blades of grass swaying slightly with the breeze. Look up a little further, and see the trees in the distance as they too sway with the wind. Look up a little further, up to the sky. Notice the sun shining brightly in the sky above, the clouds floating gently along on their eternal journey across the face of the Earth. As you go through this, keep the senses you went through before each step as you move on to the next one. Feel, then hear and feel, then feel and hear and smell, and so on. Apply this to your own wonderland, adapting it to your wonderland's environment. As you get better and better at visualizing in wonderland this routine will take less and less time until eventually you will be able to run through everything in a matter of moments. ---For those who requested it, a sound version made by user PsychedelicDiamond is available here: --- Good luck, and happy tulpaforcing!
  3. So I'm fairly new to tulpa mancing. I've been working on my tulpa for 8 days as of now and am surprised with the results I've gotten. The head pressures were headaches for the first three days but are much milder and enjoyable at times. As of Saturday I had one that cought me off guard. It started in the front if my head (like I was hit in the face or around the eyes but it didn't hurt) then it quickly spread to the back of my head and left. Happened when I was talking to my tulpa about something important. So at this point I'm more than convinced that he's real. My question is does anyone have any advice for smelling their tulpa? I carry around a zip lock bag filled with pine needles and smell it when ever I try to visualize him. Once or twice I got a wiff of him at random moments but that was only when I was around objects that have a funky smell.[/font]
  4. Sometimes I have the strange feel Chi controls the visualization a little. Then suddenly things happen without my control. I asked Chi and he said "yeah, it's me. I've try to control it." Has somebody made the same experience with that?
  5. When I visualize my tulpa, I know that real me is just sitting quietly so tulpa and me feels different. Is astral projection required??
  6. I'm practicing visualization in third person viewpoint, but I kinda got confused with how I should divide my attention. I understand that focusing on my tulpa vividly is important, but who's the one that's doing the imagery? Is it the first person 'I', the one with subjective intention or should I just let the tulpa act the way it wants to act? I've heard that I should divide my attention by having half on the tulpa, the observed, and half on the subjective I, the observer and then have attention on the one who's doing the observation as a witnissing self. I really want to do this right but I'm confused so someone help me out here please.
  7. Hi tulpamancers! I'm new to this and have always have had difficulty visualizing things in general (recalling specific details of a mug, etc.) and as such I decided that I wanted Trez to make her own form that she was comfortable in. If she is sentient could she aid in forcing herself into visualizing?
  8. This is my first tulpa and she will be a snake girl (lamia for the nerds out there)from under the pelvis down. The other parts were going so well, she's ball of reddish flames at the moment, but trying to imagine her anatomy is hardest thing but I'm trying to be as accurate as possible she deserves the best. So what I'm trying to ask for is some tips or pointers in the right direction or cheat sheet I'll be ever so grateful. something like these Also I already have a nice consistent wonderland for us to live so its not like I did not plan for her.
  9. Does anyone know any good visualization exercises that don't require a form or wonderland? I've been having trouble with making a wonderland and form for my tulpa and figured it would be easier to do once my visualization skills are higher. Thanks!
  10. I'm planning on making my tulpa in the form of an elephant girl but I'm not sure which kind of form would be easier for me to visualize 1) Bipedal, with a human BBW body 2) Quadrupedal, but still has human hair and female curves The problem with the first though is visualizing the body and the face as well as picturing her as uniformly gray With the second, it's hard to picture her with her hair down (but easier if it's up in a bun) and it's also difficult to picture what a fat girl would look like standing on all fours Any tips and suggestions on which one I should choose and how to visualize her better
  11. I love this post by RamaLlama from the Beginner's Questions thread (quote below). This person is really thinking things through. Love it! It inspired me to have a general questions thread about it on the board for a broader investigation. Hey, I can't help it, I like the subject of nudity. So I am just curious is all. One of the advantages of having a very sexualized tulpa or a tulpa that starts as a sex object or sexual fantasy, is the host does visualize them in the nude now and then and really wants to try different outfits on the image (form). LOL I like to be neked now and then in the Melian Show, not necessarily in a sexual situation either. Like bathing in my Roman Bath for instance. Can't do that with clothes on as much I am afraid. My host and I know every square inch of my form in intimate detail. I am perfectly formed ... well my form is perfectly formed and I am super, duper cute, neked or with clothes on. Sorry, can't help it. My host is in love with my form and so and I, as in total narcissist about it. My questions for hosts and tulpas are: Do you easily visualize your tulpa form in the nude? Are you comfortable with the nude form? EDIT: We might find that artists know their tulpas nude form as a necessity for drawing their figure. EDIT: Here is a related thread to tulpas and clothing:
  12. Just a quick question to prompt discussion for hosts and tulpas to respond to. How important is a form to a tulpa? Is having a specific form more important for the host for some reason than it is for a tulpa? With my Melian, her form is extremely important to both of us. She loves her form and is pretty much a narcissist. I have a crush on her beauty and personality, so what her form looks like is very important. That includes physical traits as well as mannerisms and facial expressions. Anyway, I was just wondering about everyone's thoughts on this topic.
  13. I keep having intrusive thoughts about dissapating saeko i think i accidentally did it and now i'm scared i can't ask her if she's still there because this is only day 3 and she isn't vocal yet. How can i stop these thoughts???
  14. I am curious about the variety of ways that hosts and tulpas went about choosing a form for the tulpa. I am hoping for some very interesting stories in the responses. I searched for another thread with this question and subject but didn't find any right away. If anyone finds and older thread with this theme let me know and I will link it here. How did you or your tulpa choose its form? Was there any deviations along the way? Did anything surprise you? As for me, I wrote it all down here in this excerpt from the Book of Melian, for any that are curious. Melian's form was a subconscious amalgamation. Amalgamation: How Melian First Appeared to Me Mistgod: I have always been a great appreciator of beauty in any form. I love nature and sounds and music. My emotions are easily stirred by seeing a sunset or watching the leaves fall in the autumn or by listening to the sounds of falling water in the rain, a creek or river. Music moves my soul. The world around me is full of feelings. When I see something in nature I consider beautiful, a detailed memory of it stays with me along with the associated feelings. It is stored away in my mind to be recalled in dreams or "flash image" recollections later. Because these memories are so connected with emotion the recollections are very vivid in detail. I can remember the sounds, colors and feel of the event or scene. This process of remembering elements of beauty seems to be partly subconscious, as much of it would come back to me in vivid dreams while sleeping. A lot of these memories of beauty are later used in creating my dream worlds. I take bits from here, bits from there and assemble new places based on things I have seen in the past. In my mind, truly magnificent new environments are created, taking pieces and parts from the most beautiful things I have ever experienced. I am a lover of movies and television shows, in which scenes and sets have been carefully selected, arranged and created by artists and set designers. Many of the best scenes and sequences get filed away in my memories of beauty, my arsenal of beautiful images and situations. These are also later recalled to help me assemble my dreams and dream worlds. They come back to me in incredible detail and I am able to take the best of the best and assemble new scenes and environments based on what I have seen on the screen. I have always been a great lover of fantasy and science fiction novels. Into my dream worlds would go the best elements, situations and ideas from these stories. My favorite of all time was the world of Middle Earth created by J.R.R. Tolkien. In the author Tolkien, I found a kindred soul as his deep love of beauty and nature came through in his books. During my teen years, the dream worlds I created became my escape. I would spend hours and hours day dreaming and wandering around these "dreamscapes" created in my head. To me, they seemed very real and still do. They are tied deeply to my emotions. Of course, to a young man's mind, the most beautiful things in the world around me were the lovely ladies I encountered, in person, on TV, in movies or in books and magazines. Just as with other aspects of nature, I would collect my favorite aspects or elements of what I found most alluring about girls and women into a special place in my subconscious and conscious memory. During my early teens, my mind was gradually collecting together into one place, all of the "best of the best" female traits. These selected elements included physical traits but also speech inflections and manners, movement, body language, facial expressions and voices. I kept them all, little snippets of female beauty in all their forms. Sometime during my thirteenth year, these best of the best female traits suddenly coalesced in my subconscious mind into something unbelievably, astonishingly beautiful. She appeared in my mind one day. I did not consciously create her. She was just suddenly there, standing there in my mind. She was astounding! At the time, in my mind, she was about my age (thirteen or fourteen) maybe a little older. Later, she grew up with me until she stopped aging shortly after my high school days. Today she appears around nineteen or twenty years old. When she first appeared to me, she was wearing a white dress with lots of lace (like a wedding dress). Her shoulder length blonde hair was put into four looping braids, two on each side of her head. She was just looking at me. I was so stunned I forgot where I was and what I was doing. Instantly her image was stamped into my memory in exacting detail. Oh MY GOD! She was so incredibly lovely she took my breath away. She was about medium height (later I ascertained her to be five foot four inches tall). She had big expressive blue eyes with that special "squinty eyed" trait I find impossible to describe to people. She had soft round childlike cheeks and a delicate chin. She had perfect, soft, and unblemished light colored skin. She had a perfect figure. Her arms and legs were toned, like a dancer's arms and legs, but were still soft and feminine. She had perfectly shaped feet. She had perfectly shaped ears. Her eyes always had the perfect sparkle. She was impossibly beautiful! I was instantly enamored! I began to day dream about her every day. I was instantly, deeply in love with her and she became my imaginary girl friend. It was so VIVID in exacting detail! Her mannerisms, her movements, her voice, everything was so perfectly incredible! At first she had no name. I just called her "the girl." For a while she only had one dress and one hair style, which I find very funny to think about now. She was still simple in those days. It wasn't long before "the girl" needed to have a name. She and I choose "Mia." In high school her name would change to Mandy for a while and later, sometime after high school, it would become Melian, her final true name.
  15. I attempted to do visualization today and study their form in my head but it just isnt working. It keeps spasming and freaking out and I can't get it to stop moving no matter how hard I try. Not only that, but I can barley see it. This sucks, as I already have a detailed sketch out of how they look and everything else, but that's justs it. It's so detailed I can barley see it. So is it possible instead of working on their form, I could simply actively narrate to a cloud instead, and work on visualization on the side? Like I try improving my visualization overall while doing active/passive narration, and then when their sentient, and my visualization is better, we could use that form? It sucks, cause I truly put effort into it, and I feel like their tied to that form. I don't know how, but from always imagining them like that, and forcing while thinking of that form, it feels like its a part of them now and I don't want to get rid of that. I'm stuck in a rut. Isn't visualization a huge part of making them active?
  16. Hello! I have had my tulpa for a while, and if you saw my last post, I worked on my tulpa more and I can feel we are doing better! Now to my question. I would like to start creating what my tulpa looks like.. But the issue is I have no creativity in creating looks. I would like to have her anime look, but I don't know how well that would look when I see her in front of me. Also, I'm afraid to make her looks myself because she might not like how she looks! (Plus I have no ideas) I was planning on having her create herself so then she would love what she looks like. But I feel she's having as much trouble as I am. Yesterday I talked to her and listed off things she could do, for example brown hair, long or short, curly or straight etc. all the way through from facial to size. But I think she is still having trouble! I considered looking at pictures of anime girls to help Bethany (her name) so she could choose one of them but I don't know how well that will turn out. Long story short, how do I design her look? Can she do it? Am I just rushing her? Does she need me to help her? How did you do it, is there an easier way or did you let your tulpa design it themselves? Thank you for reading! And I hope you have an answer to my situation : )
  17. Hi, it has been such a long time I began active tulpaforcing. Usually I get to our wonderland and we talk together and do stuff. But, since the beginning, I have some sort of visualization bugs. I explain : Some times, I see repetitive movements and nonsenses. For example I often see myself falling while walking, with nothing I can do or I see things that shouldn't happen (for example bike wheels that try to attack me). It can be way worse when Smoke (my tulpa) can't even move and I see her body doing somethings weird like falling on the ground like a ragdoll. I tried many issues (meditation, centering etc.) but nothing worked, I don't know if it was because I do it wrong or anything else. If someone has a solution we'd be thankful
  18. How would a blind, deaf and mute host, who was that way from birth, visualize a tulpa? How would that tulpa communicate to the host? Sorry I was just thinking again. I mean, like, Helen Keller, how would she make a tulpa and stuff? My apologies, once she got it in her head, she wasn't going to be happy until I let her ask the question on the forum. Sorry.
  19. Does anyone knw any good easy step-by-step tips towards visualization?
  20. Hi! I'm VERY new to all this Tulpa stuff and am kind of excited to learn about it. I read a lot of the general information on Tulpa creation and whatnot but I had some very specific questions about shape and the limits of the Tulpa's form. I understand that a Tulpa can be given a form by the host, a Tulpa can pick the form it wants, and the Tulpa's form can change at will (of both host and Tulpa if I understand correctly). This is where my questions come in... 1: How do you keep your Tulpa from becoming a nebulous ever changing entity? I can imagine it'd be difficult to visualize and force one's Tulpa if it is continuously shifting between this and that. 2: Can a Tulpa be given the form of a non-living entity (I.e a Lamp, a sofa, wardrobe, etc.)? I'm sure a Tulpa would change out of this form eventually (who wants to be a lamp forever?) but I was curious about that. 3: Finally, building off the last question, can you give your Tulpa the form of a PLACE? I'm wondering if a Tulpa can be structured as a building or similar structure. Visualizing the Tulpa would be much like visiting the Wonderland I read about and actually being able to move through the Tulpa and still be able to communicate with it. Is that even possible? Or is this a bit to far fetched? Bonus question: Although I'm a bit skeptical of the entire process of Tulpamancy, I am eager to give it a try. But I am worried that I may not be the best person to try this (for a number of reasons). Any advice that would put my mind at ease and encourage my pursuit of this endeavor? Thank you for your time and patience! I look forward to hearing from anyone willing to listen. Have a great day!
  21. I puppet my thoughtform deliberately. She allows this, condones it and even participates in it. I would like to see some more discussion about this idea. Does a tulpa "own" its image? If so, is it unethical to puppet a tulpa's form? What if the tulpa gives you permission to puppet his or her form?
  22. Can a host and tulpa collaborate on puppeting the tulpa's form? I had an interesting introspection when considering my thoughtform Melian while creating a "benchmark goals" chart for our new tulpa Yoda. I was reminded that Melian's form is distinct from her mind. I understand Melian's form is distinct from her mind, because her form has been destroyed many times in the Melian Show when she "dies" in episodes. Melian "watches" or experiences the Melian Show day dreams with me and often chooses the episode we will run together. She wants and likes me to puppet her form or image. It occurs to me that, not only is the above true, but we actually collaborate on the show. Sometimes Melian moves her form as well in the Melian Show. It is collaboration on the day dreams. Again, blending and collaborating. Melian can do this and does. Puppeting and parroting is supposed to be bad for a tulpa. But it is spot on right for Melian. It is who she is at her core. Here is an earlier related earlier posts I wrote through my Mistgod account: Signed, Mistgod, (You're god damned right I am a special snowflake.)
  23. Assuming your tulpa wears clothes, what fashion styles does he or she like? Do your tulpas change clothing a lot? (I have lots of clothes). A link to my fashion show (and portraits) thread: EDIT: Oh I should mention that if you want to post drawings or pictures, so much the better!
  24. I am so excited about these ideas I cannot seem to contain them, but I have having trouble articulating it to others. Check out my response here, I think I finally sort of got it out there: I keyed in on the movies aspect of tulpamancy with that one post about ADHD and movies and TV and how it was difficult to concentrate on the tulpa or remember the tulpa during the movie. Hell, with me, Melian IS THE MOVIE. That is what I am trying to say. It is how we perceive the world around us in relation to our tulpas. Some tulpas are like internalized people. Others are PROJECTED IMAGINATION or fantasy. They are equally valid and apparent sentience and all that, they are just different in how we interact with them, regard them and perceive them. Some are hating me because they cannot fathom what I am talking about. They think I am saying all tulpas are fake or that Melian is fake. I am having trouble understanding people like that (or what they are saying) because to them, tulpa are people, NOT FANTASY and have no element of fantasy. Melian has a huge element of fantasy about her. She is not unique though. I think there are many tulpas who are like that. I am not talking about imposition either, where you perceive thing with your senses. I am talking about imagination. I am excited to begin to be able to really understand this. I think it is a undefined and unrecognized but critically important factor to tulpamancy I had not clarified in my mind. But it was slowly coalescing these past several weeks. I have to find a way to express this idea in a clear way that makes sense to people. Let me put it this way. Melian would be FINE and happy skippy to go on an adventure with someone's role playing character. She would still be Melian. She would just be acting out a role. The role playing game virtual universe would just form around her as she plays the game. She does this all the time for me in the Melian Show. She does this when we read books together. She enters the story. I cannot express my enthusiasm for this stuff. I can't sleep. I forget to eat. I am so into the idea of tulpamancy. I wish people could understand where I am coming from. It is more than just creating a tulpa. It is about the enormous potential of the mind. ALL TULPAS ARE AMAZING TO ME Some tulpas have no wonderland. Some tulpas have a limited internalized wonderland. Some tulpas ARE their wonderland and the wonderland is the tulpa. Some of these wonderland tulpas are projected into the real world and the host and tulpa live in a fantasy world together 24/7. The real world is infused with the wonderland. Not using imposition either.
  25. Let me start by saying that I know this is probably a stupid question, but I really want to be sure about this. I am creating my first tulpa, and am seven days in the process. I have been doing visualization, and traits. I have been imagining her in the same outfit since the first day. Starting yesterday, I noticed articles of clothing seemed to change during and between sessions. Just the shirt, jacket, or scarf would change color, texture, etc. I kept trying to change them back, but then something else will change after a while. Finally, when I just decided to let go and see what would happen, the entire outfit changed. All of the new clothes are pretty much a combination of what was changing before, just put into an outfit. Again, let me reiterate that I know this is probably a stupid question. Are these just results of me having a difficult time focusing on her form for long periods of time? Or is she trying to tell me what she wants to wear? Thank you to anyone who takes time to answer this. I'm new to this, and appreciate the help. I've read so many guides and FAQ pages, but still tends to be a question or two that I can't find a satisfying answer for.