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Found 223 results

  1. So today I was asking Jack if he would like to have Fox Furry form instead of Pony form, and i felt positive feeling from him. So my question is. Is it okay to change his form from day to day? I was always imagining his pony form somewhere around me, but he seems to want Furry form.
  2. Well, right now we're attempting to construct and visualise her tail. Seems easy enough, right? Welp, that's what I thought. At first, things were going dandy. But, everytime it would appear as if I was making progress, her tail would reset into something completely different. I have no conscious control over it happening, and she says she doesn't either. In my mind, it just keeps reverting back to the same odd shape, no matter how long of a time we spend forcing. I know what the tail is supposed to look like, I just can't seem to will my mind to visualise it. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  3. Answer this question: does anyone else move their hands in front of themselves to help understand how where their arms in their wonderland? Like a kinect. I do this now, and I think it can really help. I don't see how someone could get the wrong impression of this. Most of the followers, who you say are philosophical types, probably don't know the reference. And besides, most are going to get the initial impression that we're a bunch of crazies.
  4. I have a question. How best to realize Tulpa? How to bring it to reality? Just when I stand, it disappears or it is as if all staff. Give some tips, advice, guidance, guide, please!
  5. So here's the deal. I've had my mind set on creating a medium sized pony tulpa, but then I remembered that I also like crows. Now the thing is that while the tulpae don't occupy physical space per se and they won't try to interact with it, I read that they act as if they occupy it when they're walking/sitting/laying. So, it would be kind of awkward for a semi-large pony to follow me around, and would instead be easier if I had a crow on my shoulder. So my question is, can I make a two form tulpa, and if yes, how?
  6. Hello Tulpaforums, this is Seix_Seix again, with another doubt this time :(. At this moment, I'm at the part of making the physical appearance of my Tulpa, and everything is going smoothly... Too smoothly ¬¬ The thing is, I could perfectly visualize my Tulpa in half of the time that the guide said, even though I focused on every single detail... Also, I've got the feeling that I've seen the face of my Tulpa before (with some modifications of course) but I just don't know where! I think that I am subconsciously basing my Tulpa on a character of some TV show or videogame, and I am worried if this will lead to the double-personality syndrome, because even if I don't remember it, my subconscious does, and since my Tulpa will share my memories... Well, anyway, what do you think people? Should I try some new looks for my Tulpa? Will it cause troubles? Post your own conclusions here.
  7. So, I fairly recently discovered the whole tulpa shindig and found the idea extremely appealing. I decided I want to make one but I'm having a problem. I can't visualise at all. The problem is, I'm not sure I'm even doing it right. I've read the guides and I feel like I'm trying to make things appear on the back of my eyelids. But I don't know how to focus my mind's eye (to use the words of chupi's guide). To use an example, I take an item I'm familiar with, in this case my Xbox control. I feel it, already quite familiar with it. I hold it out at eye level, close my eyes and literally just think about it as intently as I can, waiting for something to appear on the back of my eyelids. Can someone tell me if this is the right thing to do? If not, what am I doing wrong? Sorry if this has already been answered somewhere. TLDR. How does use mind's eye?
  8. Hey everyone, first off I'm new to the forums (just joined today!) and have been toying with the idea of creating a tulpa. I already have an image of him(?) in my head, a spectral ball of blue flame with glowing eyes and hands that look like a haunter (the pokemon) And got to thinking, has anyone made a Tulpa that's Spectral or supernatural in appearance? If you have, I was wondering if it requires any special processes, or if it would work in the same way that a normal tulpa does. Thanks for answering!
  9. Basically I can only see my tulpa though the 'mind's eye', I can't see him like I see other people, I can only see him how I would daydream something. How I can I make myself able to see him in 'real-life' rather than just imaginary, And How long will it take?
  10. Hi im new to this and i really just need other peoples out look. Iv hopefully got personality down for Samuel "Sam" but im worried it wont work i haven't spent that long and im usually really good with detail so it didn't take too long before i was almost done with his visualization but it kept getting switched i cant concentrate on him too long for some reason. I get bothered by ghosts mostly monsters lately but i feel if i finally actually see him ill get scared. iv already been thinking about what hes going to sound like and what he feels like. i know im probably going to fast its just hard to think on something like that for so long. im usually really good at concentrating on stuff for a long time but for some reason i cant with him. Im afraid its not going to work i just need some one ensurer that its ok. =s
  11. I'm some issues visualizing. When I try to visualize something it takes me a moment and I get a really clear, detailed mental image. Great, huh? Problem is it fades really fast. Then I have to start over. Rinse and repeat. This occurs about equally with very simple objects (spheres, lights, ect.) to detailed landscapes (although it may only be a portion that's detailed, I never have long enough to look at the whole thing). What kind of exercises might help me with this?
  12. My tulpa who up until recently has been an anthropomorphic dragon with fur named T1, i was tulpaforcing him today and, almost immediately after getting an emotional response he started changing his form. It was in little ways at first, starting with a color change from silver to green, and then followed up with changing his fur into a carapace like cell from dragon ball z. I made a joke on how he looked like cell, and started to shipshape at random. he changed into a white wooky with a human woman's head and then into harpy with green feathers, and then into a giant asian dragon with green skin, its almost as if its trying on every physical trait, that I have stored in my head, like a toddler playing dress up. its now a woman with a green japanese kimono. she can barely speak, and the only thin that she said to me other than "let me try again"(in response to me trying to get her to talk more clearly) was "halo" from this i gathered that she probably likes the color green, and possibly wants to be called "halo" instead of T1. to be honest I was hoping she would at least stay a dragon of sorts, and i was totally expecting it to request a name change, but Halo? come one that's ridiculous. is there some way i could talk to it and, give it other ideas about a form, and name without being to pushy, or is this just a phase that it will grow out of after it has time to collect its thoughts on what it wants to be. Or maybe im completely wrong, I dont that's why I'm asking you guys
  13. First of all greeting to everyone, since this is my first post. Now my problem is this: In the past I used to use creative visualization to see if the law of attraction was real or not and later to learn the lucid dream technique WILD. I was pretty good at visualizing at the beginning. I fucking loved to do it and could do it for half a hour (for a beginner I think it's pretty good) But for some reason it seems that I developed some kind of "mental block". So everytime that I stay still for more than 5 minutes my left arm and leg start feeling as if my nerves or bones are tickling, I have a huge urge to scratch them, and ofc it's impossible so the only way it goes way is for me to stop "meditating". When it's not this tickling, it's tons of itches everywhere. Because of this I could never succeed with the WILD tecnique and I lost interest for creative visualization ( I got enough proof that loa is bullshit but concluded that visualization is a good help as a kind of VR training for real life and a good placebo for psychological issues). I think somehow my unconsciouss I blocked me from medatitive states, therefore I experience tickling, itches and anxiety. Can anyone help me with this ? I'm having a real hard time focusing on my tulpa when Im interrupted by this phenomena.
  14. So there's basically 2 things I mistook eachother with for some time. Visualization is when I "draw" or "see" a thing with my eyes, even thought there's nothing and it's treated as key element to tulpaforcing. Dreaming or daydreaming is when I "imagine things in my mind", I don't really see them, but I know what they look or feel like and so on. I also tended to do it a lot in early sessions, when I had only vague idea what visualization meant to be. I'm much more prone with dreaming, since I'm done it my whole life so I wonder if anyone successfully completed tulpa with dreaming instead of visualization and how does it feel.
  15. As I was on my cottage trip, I had an idea: collecting all the imagery, feelings and other things that come to you when you think about a trait, and focussing on all those things, and then giving it to your tulip?
  16. basicly i'm trying to visualize chloe in my wonderland. i talked to her about various stuff, no response. then realize that i could be me puppeting her NOT to move nor act. if that is the case, how do i actually left her free to her will? without actually puppeting her at all?
  17. I've been trying for a while now to settle on a form for my tulpa, but my conscious and unconscious mind are constantly fighting each other. By this I mean that I have consciously decided exactly how my tulpa will look, but my subconscious keeps trying to screw me over by changing traits around (like hair color) while I'm tulpaforcing. Obviously this is deviation, but it's a deviation that I consciously think is retarded. It feels like my subconscious is trying to make a shitty recolor. Should I just give in to the deviation and come out with something I might not like, or ignore deviation and go through with my initial conscious plan? Both options seem like they can turn out badly.
  18. I'm about 20-25 hours in progress with finished personality, somewhat progressing visualization and narration and I have an idea to change her initial form for a reason. Problem is I took form too complicated with lots of details which I constantly losing track when try to visualize and instantly forget when I start narrating. It feels more like I narrating somebody on the back of my head but incredibly rare associate her with planned form. So now I want to pick simpler form to ease amount of attention, I tried it on her and doesn't look too wrong but I'm not sure. Planned form is not that different from initial (species, traits etc) but still different and easier to recall. I feel like it may worth a try but not sure if its a good idea to change her form all of sudden.
  19. Well, I have been tulpaforcing for a bout 2 and a half hours now, have some of the personality setup and the like. However I am unsure if I want to keep the same visualization base I had in mind originally. I was originally going to have a pony tulpa, but I am considering a completely different form now? This is only the base, and I know she will probably deviate, but I guess my question is could changing this impede the process at all? I haven't seen anything in the guides about this, and maybe it isn't even something I should be worrying about. I am not actually to visualization yet, so maybe that means I am still (for now) in the green if it could be a problem?
  20. I plan to have my tulpa smell smoke. Would burning matches in my room prior to tulpaforcing his smell be an awful idea? I think it may help speed the process, but fear i may not be able to visualise him without it. While i'm here: when FAQman says "Okay, anyway go about your life. Talk to your tulpa while you're going about your business say anything really." in his 'Sentience, Narration and Voice' segment, does he mean to speak audibly, or mentally? And while on the subject of him, does anyone know what inspired him to leave? Thanks to all in advance.
  21. So I started working in a wonderland and the way I get into it is I wake up on a black towel on a beach, with my tulpa laying on a white towel a couple feet away. When I try to move my tulpa to stand up so I can work on visualization, she ragdolls and crumples to the ground. So far the only that works is to parrot to make her stand up and stay still, but I'm afraid this might be the parroting which was warned against by many. Is ragdolling like this common in wonderlands? What did you guys do to deal with it?
  22. I'm having trouble thinking of a shake for my tulpa to take, anyone who didn't do a human, please post what you did or maybe some ideas down here, it would be much apreciated!
  23. So when I go to my wonderland, I usually imagine myself waking up in a bed parallel to my tulpa's. Here's the part I wonder about: I go to her, and I take the individual strings that I associate with puppeting, and I cut them. Since she isn't sentient, I then carry her limp body to my forcing are in my wonderland. I then take out a blender, and I imagine putting the bits of personality into it, turning it on for each trait, pouring it into a cup. I lift up her loose head and pour it down her throat in a normal way, not 90 degrees or anything. Could the looseness, the cutting or whatever hinder the process?