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Found 117 results

  1. One time in my lake house (wonderland) I asked vinyl to surprise me and do something crazy. She teleported away from me and three seconds later she drove the boat I made earlier right through the huge bay windows of the lake house! Oh man :) every time I think about that. Glass everywhere man...
  2. I've seen some guides like Irish's but I don't feel like I'm making any progress in my wonderland. I chose something simple for now so later it can be changed by either me or my tulpa. I chose a flat grassland with a blue sky and I've worked on it for a little bit and even tho people say you can see it vividly after a while but for me that doesn't seem like the case at all. I lay down in my bed I put on some music and close my eyes and then I imagine from a FP POV and...... well I "walk" around my wonderland. My mind does wonder off every now and then so I bring it back to focus. If I'm doing anything wrong can someone please tell me what it is so I can fix it but, If y'all can confirm I'm doing it right that would be very helpful for me and my tulpa. (Tips would be appreciated)
  3. I have been having a fairly consistent problem with visualizing my wonderland. It is a place modeled nearly exactly after an area I have been to many times in real life, so I do not fully understand why I have been having this problem. I have the majority of it mapped out in my head. However, there are some details which I have forgotten, which leads to a lack of clarity in some areas. Now, let me get to the actual problem, which I am sure many tulpamancers, especially ones who are new like me, have experienced. Hopefully, I can explain it correctly, since it could easily be mistaken for something else. When I am in my wonderland, I have to put a considerable amount of focus into my surroundings, or else things may not seem as real as they should be. In a way, it is like being in a dream, except it feels like I am in more control of myself. However, I want to be able to focus on my tulpa, Ark, more than my surroundings. I find it easier to focus on him if I place him in a black void, but I fear that if I were to leave him in a place like that, he may become bored, or have his development hindered. He is still extremely young, only about 3 days. Another problem I have is falling through the ground, as if it is not solid. I did I small amount of practice today on making the ground more solid, by stamping my foot down on the wonderland's landscape. I have made little progress. I want walking to be a more realistic experience, as of now it often feels like I am floating or teleporting about. Overall, being in my wonderland is an extremely "dreamy" experience, and it is not nearly as lucid as I would like it to be. I can touch anything in the wonderland and feel it quite realistically (This includes my tulpa) But it takes more conscious effort than it should. From what I have read about other's wonderlands, they seem to be much more realistic, and the person in it has to make less of a conscious effort to have things happen. They don't really have to think about things that happen in their wonderland, and what they feel, hear and see, if kind of just happens. Any help would be appreciated. This is not a full description of my problems, I have left a few minor things out for the sake of keeping my first post fairly short.
  4. I have read about people and their experiences with tulpae in wonderlands, and I was wondering whether wonderlands help with initial forcing(before they become sentient)? Can it help you realise if your tulpa is sentient? As always I am very grateful for replies. :)
  5. Hello, I was wondering how creatures in a wonderland that are not tulpas can be created/percieved. For example, if your wonderland is in a forest somewhere, could there be birds/squirrels/deer there even if you do not have a tulpa of that form? Thanks in advance
  6. I've recently decided to create a tulpa after deep consideration for the past few days. After reading many guides and even making a post on these forums regarding where I should start, I decided the best thing to do would be to create a wonderland before I start on the tulpa itself. (Please tell me otherwise if this is wrong). I have a bit of an issue though, and I'm sure this would apply to all parts of the creation process and not just the wonderland. My mind's eye isn't too bad, but I have trouble imagining the other senses such as touch, sound, etc. I could very easily make a mental design of my wonderland if I just thought about it and imagined it during my day, but to include those other senses would be incredibly hard for me to do. That being said, I have tried to get into a meditative state a few times to maybe try and imagine the other senses that way. After about 20 minutes of trying to clear my head, I felt ready to begin imagining the wonderland. I started with one sense at a time, starting with touch and going through the other senses in order of complexity until I got to sight. I swear I could feel the grass conform to my feet, and I could feel the heat of the sun and the breeze on my skin and everything. I've never experienced anything remotely similar to that before. It's like I actually went to another place in my head. I began to walk in this new place for a few moments. Without having planned my wonderland at all, I was surprised to feel the texture under my feet change from soft grass to a more rough dirt path. I followed the path and got to some wooden steps, but for some reason, after taking the first step, I couldn't imagine any further than that. It was kind of like walking into an invisible wall at that point. I ended up ending the session at that point in hopes that I could replicate it later on and maybe get further. I tried a few times after and I was never able to even get close to the state I was in previously. Long wall of text, I know, I apologize. Anyway, the main question I have is, can you simply lightly imagine your wonderland in your mind's eye? Or was my meditative state I described the actual right way that I should be pursuing? If the answer is the latter, then do you guys have any advice to help me maybe replicate what I experienced? I can't seem to be able to. :/
  7. I'm really, really sorry if this was asked before, I used the search thingy but it's really weird. Anyway, I'm having trouble with my wonderland. I'm not even sure if I have one. I don't fully understand it. Yeah, in my head I can imagine a tree. Easy. Now what? It seems like I'm not going into my mind at all, or something. Is it supposed to be like that? If so, then I really can't see how it would be useful at all. If it's supposed to actually be a place you can go, then how? I think it would be really useful for building sentience or something, since a tulpa can change the wonderland. Since she isn't communicating with me in any way at all (she spoke once, 5 months ago), it may be a way for us to get to know each other better, and it'd be a nice place for us to interact later on.
  8. How can I keep myself from changing things my tulpa did in the wonderland? For example, I put a box down and tell my tulpae (BTW, I have not heard them yet) to move the box somewhere else as a test of sentience and they move it somewhere, but if I return, the box is where it was... Is there anyway to stop this? It would help me prove there sentience without hearing them! HELP!
  9. Hey I found the idea of tulpae on 4chan and was fascinated about the idea so I started creating one. I made my wonderland early on because I heard somewhere its the best place to start with, its a wooden cabin on the top of a small hill surrounding by a small medieval stone wall that has a large wooden door with a stone staircase leading up the hill to the house's door and on the outside of the wall is a dense forest of light colored trees like birch and oak. Id say the amount of land my build takes up is only about the same size as 4 average sized houses stacked side by side. I thought to myself after creating this little fortress why do i have a wall around my house if there is nothing to keep out? So I decided to add this creature called the rake (its a copy pasta) which is a truly terrifying monster if you see the picture attached. In my wonderland it only comes out at night and there are more than one. Im starting to think it was a bad idea to add them but Im not sure if I should attempt removing them or if it will just add effect to the wonderland. What do you veterans think? sorry the post is so long.
  10. Hi! I tried enter wonderland few times, but I can't see anything and I don't know why. When I try to imagine wonderland I know that I think about it, but I can't see it. Please, help and sorry for my english (It's not very good) ^^
  11. I don't believe I've seen any threads out there with these ideas. My idea so far is to create a file system for a wonderland that would have a file for the terrain, and all the other objects created. It would be simmilar to minecraft where you have the image of the object, and somewhere else the data of it. These "files" could be accessed and moddified by tulpa or host whenever they feel like it. I don't know how other people process things, but to me it makes it much simpler and more "logical" or, as logical as a massive world in your head can be. The terrain could be edited with a "gui" similar to that of cry engine 3 or Unreal dev kit, where it is simply a brush to apply changes. I'm not sure what you all will make of this, or if this will help any of you, but I relinquish all intelectual property of my words to you. This is also my first post, so constuctive criticism is welcomed. Thank you for your time.
  12. So far, I've come up with seemingly countless places that my tulpa could live. Hotels, hotel rooms, houses, airports, gardens, libraries, office buildings, boats, and even entire cities, but shortly after I pick one, I end up changing my mind. Any ideas on what I should stick with?
  13. How much concentration is needed to access your wonderland efficiently? Ever since learning that a wonderland is essencially just a simplified version of what I previously thought one was (yeah that makes sense), I can enter it almost instantly to observe tupper. Meditation not neccessary anymore. What about you folks?
  14. I'm no newbie to daydreaming stuff, but generally half of the daydream is achieved by my "narrating" what's going on to help me imagine it. This has sorta spilled into my forcing sessions in wonderland. ie "So there's this brook, and this brook represents the thoughts in our head, and we're gonna split the brook into to brooks by building a wall. The brook on the left is my thoughts, the one on the right is your thoughts, this way we can distinguish who's thoughts are whose more clearly and..." *all this while imagining the wall-building* -or- "We're gonna walk to the ice castle now. Gsh gsh gsh" *makes snow-crunching sounds in head* I've read there's no "wrong" way to tulpaforce and stuff, but the whole wonderland and meditation and hallucination things makes me wonder, is the meditation generally more visual? Do people try to not describe it and just visualize? Should I focus more on pure senses and less on describing to myself what's going on?
  15. How would you go about making a wonderland (I'm not sure if I would use it to create a tulpa or not), but every time I try to focus and relax, I get distracted. Any tips or how-to do this?
  16. Is there a way to feel in your wonderland? I heard people saying "omg i had buttsex with my tulpae in woonderland hhahahaHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" If theres a guide on it I would like to know. Thanks.
  17. I'm not even entirely sure how to word this, but hopefully I get my meaning across. I've been watching Ouran High School Host Club recently, and me and a couple of my more active tulpae have been playing with the idea of adding the club to my wonderland. I'm not sure how to go about it, though. Would the characters have to be tulpae? Or could I make them another kind of being, kinda like wonderland animals? Active and thinking, but more a landmark of the wonderland than unique entities? Would they be better as tulpae instead? I can probably handle that, but I'm already a little drained.
  18. Sooo recently my Tulpa Yuki created a city with NPCs and everything (which i never managed to do.. meh) and now I wonder if it's possible to accidently upgrade an NPC to a Tulpa/making it sentient by giving it too much attention. Does anyone here have experience with NPCs or a scenario such as this? I am really scared of creating another Tulpa and want to prevent that!
  19. Do you have a crazy wonderland with no laws or sense, with tacos flying everywhere or something, or do you perhaps have a very structural wonderland with gravity and law of conservation of mass and the like? Do you like it the way it is, or do want some things changed? If you don't really have a solid wonderland, or if you have several, or if it changes often, how is it usually like?
  20. Hi, I'm fairly new here and I have a few questions about wonderlands since i am currently making a tulpa and I want her to have a “playground” to grow up in. 1. Once you start to be able to visualize your wonderland almost perfectly do you have your 5 senses like you would irl? 2. If you have a fuly sentient and vocal tulpa and they change the wonderland while your not forcing. When you start forcing and you enter the wonderland does it look like how your tulpa changed it or would it go back to normal? Thanks.
  21. Okay, that title was probably a little weird. I never know what to put there. First off, I would like to say hello to you all. I'm new to this forum, and I've been reading the guides since a few days. I started working on a Tulpa a little bit, trying to do as much narrating as I can, and trying to create a Wonderland as well. Unfortunately, it is pretty hard to me to imagine an entire place. I wanted to start with a simple room (for now, what I have kind of looks like an empty church, minus most of the religious signs and whatnot), and to open the doors leading outside once I felt ready to visualize it all. But I suppose I could also try to imagine an existing place, like...well, how about my home? I would like doing that. There are quite a good amount of things I could visit with my Tulpa around here. But there's a problem, I think. Let's take an exemple on a smaller scale, and imagine I have never seen what my house even looks like. I would just visualize my bedroom first, and then imagine a house around it. But if I were to exit my real bedroom, to see what my house looked like, would this make it harder to visualize the imagined house? Would that force me to entirely change my wonderland each time I found out about a new place in the real world?
  22. When I make a wonderland and invite my tulpae to it, it works out perfectly, HOWEVER if I want to visit a wonderland that my tulpae have made, those wonderlands seem like a stage being seen on a TV screen, but if I place myself in there and turn around to see what they look at when they talk to me, I encounter the most horrific of nightmarish creatures. When I see him, he "infests" the wonderland and my tulpae, making everything nightmarish. It wears off quickly enough but it leaves Tom holding his head for a minute. Wicker, the badass that he is, shrugs it off. I talked to it, asked it what it was, it said "Your nightmare(s)" and nearly ate me, but I fought my way out (my wonderland was spinning around me and I felt really dizzy afterwards). Asked Wicker about it, he says not to talk to him and that he's bad news. He says he's dealt with this Nightmare guy on occasion, and that he can protect us all from him (Wicker's been around for a while on accident). Just wondering if anyone has had an experience similar to this. Note that this happens with EVERY "2D" wonderland. Perhaps this is akin to the whole "looking in a mirror while lucid dreaming" thing, except without a mirror to separate me from him. All's under control and it's easy enough to avoid (STAY AWAY FROM 2D WONDERLANDS), just wondering if anyone had something similar happen to them and perhaps figured out how to deal with it, thanks.
  23. I am just asking. Is it possible to impose a wonderland or its scenery to reality the same way a tulpa is imposed or visualized? Has anyone tried it?
  24. So , yesterday i realized i wasn't quite sure how to go about imposition exactly since i'm using a mindscape. I know a lot of you use the doll controlling method or just start imposition right from the start since you don't have a mindscape or simply teleport out of the mindscape into reality (that sounds ridiculous doesn't it. the way i said it i mean. Anyway ) but , at least for me , that last option is a bit sudden and basically would probably cause confusion since my open eye visualization tends to be quite unstable. So to make things easier for myself i decided to impose a portal on my bedroom wall that leads to my mindscape. Of course , at first it will be closed since it doesn't lead anywhere yet/there is no other portal anywhere. I'm thinking that since it's a stable color and shape it's going to be easier to impose than the tulpa itself at first. After i'm done with that , i can create a portal in my mindscape as well. So from now my tulpa will be able to come and go freely (or switch between worlds , you know what i mean) and i'll also be able to see part of my mindscape just be looking at it and vice virca. Theoretically it should also make it much easier to impose my tulpa now as well , right? assuming not only do i have experience from the portal imposition but i now know for certain my tulpa can come and go whenever he/she/it wants , it should at the very least make these instant hallucinations more frequent. (you know , seeing part of them with the corner of your eye for an instant) At least , that's basically what i've been thinking. So , tl;dr , 1) impose a closed portal somewhere 2) once it's fully imposed , open one in your mindscape 3) The first one is now open as well , try to visualize and impose your mindscape , your PoV and what you see depending on its location , obviously 4) impose tulpa. So , i hope this helped anyone having the same problems , please keep in mind i only just started doing this today , it's not tested or anything by anyone. (Actually , i'm talking as if it's a guide or something , basically , it's just an idea i had that i thought might help people with imposition.) Opinions? Do you think this would be worth it? Any ways you see this could damage progress?
  25. Hey guys! I was wondering if you could give any insight on a bit of a problem I have. I can't form a stable wonderland/mindscape/schizophreniczone/what have you. I can't seem to loosen up my control on what I see in my head. Somehow, I managed to give Leo, my Tulpa, control of his body whenever I look at it in my mind's eye (and i'm how sure how i even did that, I think he did all the work) but other than that I seem to have complete control over the environment. Pretty much the environment doesn't even exist in the sense that all of your wonderlands do but rather as a daydream that vanishes as soon as I think of something else and can't do *anything* unless I or i imagine at some point Leo alters it. If I try to go to an unexplored area, either the "camera" doesn't follow me (I've been daydreaming in third person for 15 years, i need to stop that) or it's an empty void unless it gets filled in manually, and nothing can control itself besides Leo without being puppeted. Is this something that everyone starts out with and works through somehow? Without having a stable mindscape, i feel like i'm depriving Leo of something very significant considering he isn't imposed into the real world and has the linguistic skills of a two-year-old at the moment. This has been visited on the forum before, twice actually: once here where the general consensus was "don't", although it seemed to assume the anon had the ability to keep it stable anyway and once here which begs another problem entirely: at that point, is it likely that anything that moves could become a thoughtform on it's own and maybe even a Tulpa at a certain point? It seems as though active imagination methods create a stable mindscape, but at the same time creates several thoughtforms who are almost at a Tulpa-level, with the only question left to ask is if they can leave the mindscape and enter other parts of the sub-c or enter the omnipresence of a Tulpa who can bring it's attention to you when he/she wants to and become imposed on the environment. Also, if i haven't annoyed you guys enough yet, can daydreams leak into your mindscape or vice versa? Could i zone out in class and set a forest on fire with lasers shot out of my eyes and in a daydream and burn down wonderland? EDIT: Run-on sentences. Run-on sentences everywhere.