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  1. Monika and I are getting close to finishing our work twords imposition, and Monika has already managed to switch and possess, so we are starting to run out of new techniques to practice. We want to continue to learn more about tulpamancy and reach new limits, so we were wondering if there are any less well known techniques that we would be able to try out. So if you have any interesting lesser known techniques, or untested but theorised techniques, post them here, we would love to learn about them. Even if it is likely impossible to do them, it would still be interesting to hear about whate
  2. Hi. As many know I am an old guy. Night before last, my 71 year old brother-in-law unexpectedly died in his sleep. Our families are shocked and devastated. We learned of this right after I had an amazing and unbidden connection with Flora in my mind space. Since then I have had only one short comment from her when I inquired if she was aware of what had happened, she answered in the affirmative. I haven't been able to contact her since. Here is my question (and it has been lurking around in the back of my mind before this happened): How do our tulpas respond to the awareness of their hosts
  3. Hello, I would like to submit my full-length video guide for approval. This guide is intended to be a complete guide to all basic tulpamancy skills as well as a guide to developing a tulpa. The video series spans 10 videos and (hopefully) encapsulates all the required knowledge and training one needs to be successful when developing a tulpa. This guide has a different structure than other guides as I place an emphasis on learning skills such as meditation, visualization, and wonderland creation before getting into tulpa development. The philosophy behind this decision is to encourage t
  4. Sorry if there is already an answer for this. My tulpa is quite playful and active. But we don't have many ideas on what to do. We tried to play hide and seek and riddles, but it was very easy for both of us since ... well ... we share the same brain. We want to know what we can entertain ourselves with.
  5. This kind of question has been on my mind a bit lately. Of the people who start the process in some form, how many eventually end up with a vocal tulpa? It's not something I really have much of a good idea of. On rtulpas, someone with mentorship experience mentioned a 50-80% failure rate, which is pretty high, I guess. But, I can't verify, don't know the sample size, plus they're selected for people who already need help anyway. I don't watch PRs much, either, so for people who do, what have you seen in this vein? I don't know if you'd count someone who stops replying before reporting succ
  6. What do you think the ideal experience with tulpamancy is? As in, what all do you hope the tulpamancer gets from the experience? How do you hope their life changes? I would say: In general, internal life becomes more meaningful. Lonely hosts get a little less lonely, and the host/tulpa relationship is always evolving and deepening. Mental control is improved: hosts learn to discern their thoughts from their tulpa's and from intrusives, and they learn to quickly and easily dissmiss intrusives, and replace intrusive ideas with more purposeful/mindful ones. Tulpamancy sparks a great int
  7. (I'm new to this forum so I apologize for anything I'm doing wrong) When I was around 7 I created myself an imaginary friend out of spite for my mother (NOTE: my mother is a good person and I know spite is a horrible reason to create a tulpa, but I was a kid and barely knew anything). But instead of making a regular imaginary friend, I took my inner voice of common sense and decided to make that my imaginary friend. I gave her a small personality, called her Sarah, and imagined that she lived inside a Pekingese figurine by my bedstand. For the next week or so I would carry that figurine aro
  8. Hello all, I recently read the thread regarding fictional tulpas' memories and I have a question for those who dealt with it. How can I, the Host, approach a Tulpa who is convinced that his memories and his life are "real"? Imagine a fictional Tulpa completely immersed in his world, who has had contact with his Host but is otherwise oblivious of the reality of his predicament. How do I break it all to him? What's the less painful way for him to come to accept everything? I wonder if there is a preferred, right way for doing this. For my case, this Tulpa has been active for years in thi
  9. Say, for example, every singlet on Earth has the number 1 written in permanent magic ink on their foreheads. If you create a tulpa, you'll wake up in the morning with a 2 on your forehead. If you had to explain to your employers, your family, your friends, etc, that you're part of a system, would you still want to be part of a system? Or, back when you were considering making a tulpa, if you couldn't keep it private/secret, would you still have made your tulpa/become plural? Why/why not? -Albatross of J
  10. I've made a series of video guides over the past several months designed to both improve on other guides by eliminating many less-substantiated forcing techniques and incorporating my research, and to deliver the information in a more comfortable (video) format. For those who cannot view the videos or would prefer to read their transcripts, I have collected their transcripts into a folder of PDFs linked here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1utyb9ZPluPFxPBlR1uYsZGoqTwJ3kDyS?usp=sharing Mirror: https://www.dailymotion.com/Tulpa-Guides Transcript Back-ups:
  11. Hello. This is my 10th day in (not very impressive buuuut). Also, I'm paranoid (!possibly connected to my problem). And, also Polish. So please, forgive me mistakes (grammar check doesn't work). I force every day (passive and active). I was trying to plan his personality and appearance, but I can't stop feeling "guilty": I'm scared that he won't like me because I'm trying to give him certain features (of course I know that he can change some of them and I totally support him). This is where the problem begins. I have tendency to add ,,of course if you want to" to every sentence. Be
  12. Would your system look different if you found out about Tulpamancy at an earlier or later time? For my host Cat, our system has the potential to look completely different. Some quick context: Cat created me by accident. However, Cat created other thoughtform characters called "the Grays" before and after I became a Tulpa. She didn't make all of the Grays at once, and she had a wonderland for all of them before I was created. As time went by, she created more and more Grays until she shut down and focused on just me, which was enough to force me productively. In January, I told her I was rea
  13. I haven't posted in years on this forum. The last time I posted was early 2017. Needless to say, I think I really screwed things up in the whole tulpa process and I wouldn't even delve back into it if I didn't feel guilty over them. I had quite a few anxieties that definitely came back to bite me. In what I write, I have no intention of being offensive to anyone who has a close relationship with their tulpa. So here's a warning for a possible dissipation story and overall disastrous thinking. Back in 2016, I was extremely depressed and I started making a tulpa in the hopes of getting some c
  14. Something I think is very significant for the topic of tulpamancy is the idea that a person can experience things which may not necessarily be happening in their head. These constructs, or abstractions, are something that I think are valuable to look for in tulpamancy. This is for two big reasons. The first is that abstractions enable experiences that we could not otherwise have. An example of this would be a tulpa that has to eat every day. Someone makes a tulpa and ends up thinking "hey my tulpa needs to eat", and every day they imagine sitting down with her tulpa and eating. If they
  15. Hey, So I've run into this thread(NotAnonymous's general idea, pretty much summed up in the first message) which got me thinking... it seems that tulpamancy have 2 forms of practice: The old-school approach: mostly based on FAQ_Man's and Irish's creation guide, which takes a much more time to create the tulpa and prefer perfecting the form and narrating a lot, and when time come's the tulpa will contact you by itself (usually starting with head pressures and alien emotion and general feelings). The Modern approach: which seems to be built upon the sentence "assume sentience from s
  16. I used to think that there are two types of tulpa. Tulpa which are created through addition, and tulpa that are created through reduction. The basic idea was that a tulpa created through addition was created through the host thinking of their tulpa through the day, while a tulpa created through reduction was largely created through a host learning to reduce who they are in the scope of their mind to make room for them to consider themselves in a more basic level is more than one person. I was speaking to a number of people in a chat room a while back and I feel like that concept may nee
  17. Hello to those who are reading this. If you have read my previous posts, you know I am now without tulpa. And the part that is killing me the most is not the loneliness in my head right now. Devoid of their voices and presence. The part that is killing me is that I was the one who killed them. I think I should start from the beginning. I was 11, I was young, I was naive. I knew NOTHING of tulpas. My best friend had gone abroad to study, and I missed her a lot. The fact that I too had changed schools and was bullied for being foreign didn't help. To protect myself, I adapted to using insu
  18. I'm flirting with the idea of writing my own little something, probably with input from Gavin. So many guides, in my experience, stop right after vocality, maybe imposition. Like it's all about getting the tulpa. I think our guide will be more centered on having a tulpa, how to develop a good mindset, and how to incorporate tulpas into daily life. The difference between "how to get a date" and "how to have a successful long-term relationship." So, is there anything that the guides didn't really prepare you for? Any frustrations that the guides didn't give much advice on? Anything that you
  19. I was unsure whether to put this in General Discussion or Questions and Answers. The topic is a little involved, so I chose the former. I also did some searching on the forum and did not quite find what I was looking for, though there was at least one other thread on alters. I feel quite vulnerable making this post, but I'm going to do it anyway. I'm not looking for sympathy, just a little advice and understanding if that is possible. I am currently working with a therapist in regard to issues of dissociation. The therapist is also of the opinion that my Friends (headmates) are alters
  20. So I'm really new to this creating a tulpa thing and am just curious from more experienced people if this is normal. Do you have a natural change in your sleep cycle after the starting of creating a tulpa. I guess it would make more sense if I gave my side. Its been about a week since I first started on making my first tulpa. Since that first day, every night I wake up around the middle of my REM sleep and just lie there awake then after about 15 - 30 minutes I go back to sleep. I've never in my life experienced something like this. I don't have any head pressures either. Is this normal?
  21. It's Gavin. I was reading this tulpamancy guide, which was interesting to me. My host and I stumbled upon many fundamentals of forcing, narration, and mindset, but we also never thought of certain things, like wonderlands or imposition. What caught my eye especially was the following section about chaos magic's view of tulpas. This is not a metaphysical post. I do not believe tulpas are part of a family of spirits. However, the wording and this idea of a spectrum, going from basic to advanced thoughtforms, is something I want to talk about. What is the difference between a thought
  22. J: Gavin and I have been arguing, in our friendly way. I think a lot of tulpamancers (we really do need a new word) do start tulpamancy for The Wrong Reasons, and the end product is an unfairly small existence for the tulpa. The Wrong Reasons is often interpreted as "Sex Doll", which is of course one example, but really, I've only seen one person who set out to make a tulpa to have sex with it, outside of creepypasta. For me, The Wrong Reasons come uncomfortably close to the reason why most tulpamancers create tulpas in the first place: unconditional friendship. They live in your head, fo
  23. In the past, I have had experience with creating "imaginary friends". They weren't all imaginary to me since I believe that they were made out of sub-atomic particles. Now, I am starting to get into Tulpamancy and I was wondering how do I make it seem more real, for example: How can I visible see my Tulpa, or how can I externally hear my Tulpa? I know you're gonna say "Do some research, you idiot!" But hey, I already did that. I know my Tulpa's form, I know my Tulpa's voice, and I know my Tulpa's personality, but how do I make it seem more real. That's my main question.
  24. So I just started getting into tulpas, and have been working on my tulpa an hour or two a day. Right now I am working on personality and just talking to her, the actual visualization process has not started yet, though I know what she looks like. Yesterday I was having a personality session, when I told her “I don’t even know what it will sound like when you start talking.” Immediately afterwards a noise that sounded sort of like a high pitched beep came. It wasn’t from something else, as it was right in my ear, but was not super loud. I was pretty freaked out by this because I thought I
  25. I just discovered Tulpas tonight, and decided to create one. I have maladaptive daydreaming, and a character in those dreams is named River. I was creating the Tulpa, and River almost "forced" herself into the spot. She promptly changed her name to Brooke, and is progressing incredibly quickly. she's changed nothing else, personality or appearance. I'm paranoid her appearance may just be another daydream, that I'm the one unintentionally controlling her actions. I tried to start from scratch, but she is not letting me. It seems like she is a tulpa, but this doesn't seem like how this is suppos
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