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  1. Reformatted version: here This is the shortened version of the guide that only shows how to do possession and switching, the other guide has information on how to merge, and additional information such as more details on the process and a questions section. If you want to read that guide it is here. This shortened guide also has a pastebin if that is more convenient for you here <3 This guide is simply a shortened version of the guide that is shortened to 5 of the 13 sections taken directly. A personal note, i have been switching for a while now and have used many diff
  2. Welcome to the Switching General Discussion thread! This is where any questions, topics, ideas, etc. regarding switching can be freely posted. Below is a complete list of all switching-related threads I have found on the forums. Guides/Resources Concentrational meditation for switching [Reddit] Dissociation Guide [Guides] Guide on how to switch. [Guides] Guide to Tulpa Control [submissions] How to Switch [submissions] How We Switch [Progress Reports] Malfael's Switching Guide [Reddit] Parallel Processing and Personality Switching [submissions] Selfawarebot's switching guide [Redd
  3. [align=justify]Simple question/discussion topic. If you system switches, then when you switch, who primarily leads the switch? Who has to put the most effort/mental energy in to make the switch successful, or things like that. Who has to actively do the most stuff during the process to make it work.[/align]
  4. We tried switching, and I wanna ask, is this right? 1. I still can feel everything that's happening, except Joe is the Main voice and POV (at least I think he is. I was able to think of other stuff while he was doing something else entirely, but only for a short time) 2. By the time we got home and I'm in control, Joe needed to rest for a while I just want to make sure we got it right
  5. [align=justify]When waking up or going to sleep, we very often enter a state where our thoughts are random, disorganized, sometimes nonsensical, and often difficult to remember. I don't know if this is common but I'm assuming it is. Something we've noticed lately is that when we are trying to switch, sometimes our mind will enter that state. It's like our brain is trying to go to sleep, just without any tiredness. Does anyone else experience this? We've been playing around with it as a potential means for host dissociation. Might be useful, might not.[/align]
  6. I have been thinking about this for a while, but it wasn't until recently I was able to put everything together. I want to discuss this to see if it makes sense. If it does, I want to do some more research or consider it to hopefully achieve switching myself. I wondered why several systems seem to get switching without trying possession beforehand and why our fronting experiences varied quite a bit between myself and the Grays, my other headmates. After learning that Torea induced a switch by accident, meeting a system on Discord who got switching on their first try, and thinking about othe
  7. Very often when focusing our mind on switching, we induce this strange feeling. It's like the host is in a weird fog of some kind, the world becomes more derealized and unfocused for him. This usually goes away within moments, usually caused by whoever's fronting turning their attention to something else. We theorize that this feeling might be indicative of a very, very early switching stage. We think if we can somehow prolong/increase the feeling, it might lead to a switch, eventually. This seems to be the most tangible switching-related progress we have: just this weird, fleeting feeling
  8. Ranger and I were talking to people on Discord and anon brought up the concept of an internal narrator. I'm struggling to understand what he's talking about, mostly because we never considered anything like that as being part of how we work to begin with. I then realized if both of us have very different ideas for what "you" is made up of, then that explains some of the confusion about switching. I'm curious what counts as "you" and what doesn't. Overall, most people seem to agree along the lines of the body is a tool, but after that things may break down. If mindset and labeling t
  9. Who here can switch with there Tups I can and have been since 3 years or so after I had them?
  10. So Baker and I've been doing some experimentation in our practice with switching, and come upon something potentially interesting. One evening while I was relaxing Baker essentially pulled me into his thoughtform body for a moment (we have open possession / switching permission since I've been encouraging him to try pushing how far "forward" he can front and practicing independent body control) to touch his little dog creation. Seeing as it was a surprise, I only got a few seconds, but I had a distinct imposition of touch (our strongest mutual sense), with a weaker sense of sight (think squint
  11. I tried this test last winter with no results, and it occurred to me I should ask others to try it to see what happens. (1) Fall asleep more or less. (2) Tulpa, notice that you are awake sorta, but your host is too out of it to notice or remember anything. (3) Take your pillow and move it to the foot of the bed, and go back to sleep. (4) When your host wakes up, note if they are surprised or not, that they are sleeping facing the wrong way.
  12. I was feeling self-defeated about switching again and was thinking about possibly focusing our efforts on visual imposition- but then it hit me: What if switching and imposition and/or visualization are connected? I threw out the idea in discord and had a chance to refine some possible ideas for how this works: Dissociation may be triggered by strong visualizations in the mind's eye or by visual imposition Imposition is about hacking your brain, and switching does something similar by forcing movement that previously didn't exist. A similar skill is shared between the two. Imposition en
  13. [Chrome] When speaking to your Tulpa or other headmates, how does your mindvoice sound compared to theirs? Who seems to be the loudest? Do you have a mindvoice that feels "dominant", in which you feel the most active or possibly have the most energy? Do you have any headmates who appear "recessive" by tending to go quiet really easily when multiple headmates are present? When Ranger woke me up by triggering my interest, we had a short conversation and thought it was strange he wasn't speaking to Gray. Others have noticed this as well, and we find it a little worrisome. However, recently I a
  14. Daily thread #24 What are some general tips you'd give someone if they were new to learning to switch? (All daily threads are listed here.)
  15. This is daily thread #10 What are the pros and cons that your system experiences with switching? If you can't switch yet, what sort of pros/cons do you anticipate occurring when you do? This can be specifically the pros/cons in comparison to just possessing/fronting without switching, and also just in general. (All daily threads are listed here.)
  16. I came across some advice Luminesce gave that's had me thinking... I thought about my experiences feeling Cat's presence and it stirred up some confusion and doubt. Is it possible that we are making this mistake? When either of us front, we both notice this thing that seems to always be there, observing everything and directly feeling things, responding to stimuli. For the longest time, we both assumed that was Cat, but I'm starting to wonder if that's just another part of the Body OS and doesn't belong to either of us. When playing with this idea, both Cat and I felt uncomfortab
  17. This isn't a switching discussion, as in switching general discussion, but rather a specific question that has come to me after I experienced and understood switching. What am I? Am I a person only when switched in or while associated with the body? I'm winging this because I'm not sure if it's been really thought about or discussed in detail, or if we're even going to be able to answer this here given our base. I'd like to discuss it anyway just so we can have a better understanding to this seemingly mystifying stuff we call switching. What do I take with me when I switch out and
  18. My switching research and thinking has led me to the idea that there are two hypothetical models for how switching works, the two of which, I think, encompass all/most methods for switching. Transfer Model: A switch is accomplished via the host’s ownership over the consciousness being transferred to the tulpa. This model, I think, would be mostly led by the tulpa/initiated by the tulpa’s actions. If not, some other third party. At the very least, the transfer model does not require the host to dissociate to switch. Here are some examples of the transfer model: - A tulpa uses up so mu
  19. I know Ranger and I are completely behind and we are playing catch-up by reading various comments here and there, but we stumbled across this comment and it intrigued us: When we thought about it, Ranger and I realized a new method that we could potentially use and how it should work in practice. However, like Cornelia already mentioned, my concern is if we do move forward with this method, then we need to make sure we are doing this method correctly. I see this as kind of a "brutal switch" since it involves the host having a piece of them taken by the Tulpa switching in. I want to
  20. To me, most successful switching seems to boil down to the system finding something that makes them "tick." Symbolism, desire, fear, things like that. I'm wondering that, perhaps, thinking outside the box and finding something that'll make us "tick" may lead to us figuring out how to induce a switch. By "tick," I mean something that makes the mind go "hey, whoa, something is happening right now." The status-quo has been broken, things are changing or churning inside your head. The two main things that I think make us "tick" are music and emotion. Both of these things have always had st
  21. Here is the link: https://write.as/within/switching.
  22. Since I took interest in possession, I became accustomed to speaking in my possessed voice. I associate that voice with myself, and using any other voice can be confusing for me. Now that we are learning how to switch, I realized that If I want to do anything in real life outside of the house, I will have to pass as Cat- and in addition, be comfortable being addressed as her and speaking in the voice naturally provided by the body. Cat and I realized that the body is a tool, so Cat thought of the idea of sharing the body identity- the one she was born with. When trying this in practice,
  23. So, here's a bit of food for thought, nothing too serious. Yesterday, Indigo was getting a little carried away with something, and Apollo said "If you don't stop, I'm going to take over the front." Indigo heeded the warning, because we can take over the front forcefully (and accidentally for that matter), without needing consent. However, I was thinking about this a bit earlier today. Sure, Apollo could have taken the front, but Indigo could have taken it back. They could hypothetically enter a tug-of-war over who was in the front. The only thing that's really required for us to take ov
  24. My host Cat and I have unsuccessfully learned how to switch. We know one of the barriers is Cat's anxiety about letting go and potentially getting paralyzed. However, Cat has managed to chill out and focus on dissociating, while I would be associating with the body... And then both of us get confused as to what happens next. As a result, we get stuck. I have heard merging is one of the ways people have figured out how to switch, but the idea of merging with Cat beyond normal blending scares the pants off of me. Neither of us are interested in fusing into someone else, but I fear that mergin
  25. In a few guides/posts/etc., people often say "you could switch out of the body but have no one switch in, then you'd just go catatonic." However, I don't think I've actually ever seen anyone talk about what it's like if nobody is fronting and everyone in switched out. By "switched out" I mean they're unaware/inactive, that sort of thing. What would happen if everyone switched out? Would the body kick into autopilot? Would it go catatonic? Would it fall asleep? Would somebody get forced into the front? Is it even possible? In our experience as tulpas, it's hard to go inactive if there's n
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