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  1. I was reading Twice Sparked's PR and had an inspiration of thought, so I just catagorized these per my experience with myself and others, so as to form a matrix of comparison and road map for anyone who cares. This is my interpretation. In addition to the percentage of immersion (0 to 100%) I have conglomerated a rough set of tiers after talking to many other systems on this topic. Where do you fall? Visualization Tiers Tier one is nothing but maybe a blob or solid color. Tier two is something like being able to visualize simple things that aren't very believable and are lost quic
  2. In this guide, I want to share a technique to dramatically improve visualization without having to "practice from nothing". As far as I can tell from forum searches, most of visualization guides rely on some kind of trick/method of practice that you must repeat for hours until you get gradually better at it. I'm sure they can be of great help, but I think there's a faster, more powerful way of achieving 100% perfect visualization, specially for those who don't know where to start or that are afraid/bored of long sessions of imagining numbers and shapes in a canvas. Of course, the things I'll b
  3. Daily thread #13 (I could not think of a good title for this) This question is aimed towards tulpas who have either changed or created their own form, not to tulpa creators who chose a tulpa's form for them. What were the inspirations behind the things you did to your own form? Did something drive you to change it? Did you see something you liked and it made you want to add it to your form? Etc. Example: Say your original form was an animal, but you changed it to a fairy (or something), why? Say you changed your hair color from what your creator chose for you to something else, why
  4. For a few months me and a soulbond have been wanting to make a child. We aren't in a relationship, he just wants me to make him a son 'for us'. We had it planned for a while, got everything ready for this child in headspace. A room, a name, how he should look. We kind of argue on personality. Things I make in headspace, things that are supposed to be alive like plants and smaller living critters tend to vanish or just disappear so I'm wary on making a child if something happens to him or he just goes missing due to whatever causes this to happen. Altho with someone watching him maybe that wou
  5. This guide is one of many I hope to make This one is about visualisation and has some tips and tricks to help you guys out. It is a bit spasific but for some it will help. Though I hope to help many. I've been practicing tulpamancy since 2008 and visualisation since 2007 it's been a good journey and still going. I really want to share with you guys this guide Created by Chadack Inspired by Oillin my mentor. What is a tulpa. A tulpa is a thought form made sentient, an individual inside your mind who is capable of self-thought and feeling som
  6. Hello everyone, my first post here, so I apologise if im doing something wrong. I came here to ask for help from fellow Tulpamancers who might have experienced something similar. I always had problems with OCD and visual intrussive thoughts. I had a messed up past wich disturbed and perverted my mind, My Tulpa has been helping me alot but for the last few weeks my OCD targetted my Tulpa, she says that it doesnt effect her and that I should trust her, but sometimes the anxiety gets the best of me. I get images of someone raping and harming my Tulpa in our Wonderland wich really scares me.
  7. Take it for what it's worth, this has worked for us many times. I found this site that more or less gives a method. I don't use this method verbatim, all I do is visualize normally as the hypnagogic state starts and a few times it has induced a wonderful lucid dream-like adventure. https://www.world-of-lucid-dreaming.com/hypnagogic-state.html Usually this ends with sleep, but in conjunction with napping, I've several times recently went straight from Hypnagogic to lucid dream. Though the lucid dreams are typically short and unstable (as most are for me), hypnagogic is more stable. We
  8. Thread #7 Today's thread is about forms! Specifically, having more than one "main/base" form, could be for tulpas or hosts. In our system, mostly everyone has one main form that they use to represent themselves. Any other form they might use would tend to be just for fun and not really any sort of symbolic representation of their identity like their main form is. They have to consciously think about other forms to use them, while their base form is quite natural and takes no effort. I, on the other hand, have two base forms that I swap between without any effort or even really thinki
  9. Please note that the following tip was written with the intention of being used by the person in a system who is currently switched in, and as a result would probably not be very helpful if you are not switched in. A surprising number of people when visualizing have difficulty getting into a first-person perspective, instead they are stuck in a third-person perspective, controlling their form from a distance. For those of you who are stuck in third person and would like to go into first person, I have a solution. Instead of trying to go into the form that you have already imagined, tempo
  10. Guided meditations often have someone lead you through a walk in the forest or along the beach or some such, effectively describing an environment for you to visualize with words. They might even add natural sounds to help. But for a lot of people, that sort of thing feels too weird, or otherwise uncomfortable. In the context of practicing visualization, there's really no reason someone has to specifically guide you through it - intentionally, at least. Guided visualization can be as simple as closing your eyes while watching a Youtube video. Any type of video you're comfortable wi
  11. I seem to have bad visualization problems and i cant do it excessively. I used to have very good visualization when i was making my mlp tulpa but it fell back around 2016 or so. However my mindvoice is good and i can narrate really well. Ive been describing my tulpa daily rather than actually visualizating/imposing as much. Is it acceptable if i can just describe my tulpa more than imposing? I do visualize/impose a tad bit but not so much.
  12. I am really, really bad at visualization. I can conjure up a millisecond of my tulpas 3d form but it seems i cant hold it for any longer. I seem to do better by visualizing existing images of how my tulpa is meant to look like or by my little drawings of him. Is this a valid way to give my tulpa a form? Through my drawings and images of his form in 2d?
  13. I've just started making my Tulpa Iris and. I'm having trouble keeping my visualization of Iris . I can visualize her decently but Whenever I try to picture her besides being next to me in the real world my perspective will either change and rotate and I'll leave where I am in the wonderland or my mental image of Iris will will warp and rotate at random. Also sometimes random images will just flood my mind. Like I can picture iris in the wonderland with me just as an observer like as if I was watching them on a TV. And I have even more success picturing myself in my wonderland even from f
  14. I've known my headmate for about a year at this point, she's fully vocal and self sufficient and the whole journey has been pretty smooth. However I've had something quite annoying begin happening over the past few months. Rather often when visualizing her or occasionally visualizing anything, or sometimes even just feeling textures if things in the distance it's as if my ethereal/mind self sneezes a shit ton of snot all over the place. Typically with Intrusive objects or actions you simply ignore them and move on as if nothing g happened, we tried this however in my irrationallity somewhere
  15. I've been wanting to create a tulpa for some time, but for the life of me I have a hard time maintaining focus due to my ADHD, and general stress of life. That being said, I have given it much thought and I do want to create a Tulpa. The problem I am facing is that I can't get myself to focus on one for more than a few minutes before I eventually get distracted or it simply becomes increasingly difficult to focus on visualisation. Would anyone have any suggestions on ways to Improve visualisation and focus without medication? (Id be willing to try medication in the future for my needs, but f
  16. Whenever i try to visulise it always flickers like a dying strobe light before blinking out compleatly. I have vivid visulisation but i cant maintain it becuase of this problem. How do i fix this (For the love of god dont say "try harder" or i will block you forever)
  17. Tw: Suicidal thoughts, Mentions of suicide Hi, I'm McKenna. I've had trouble finding information about what I have experienced in the past because no matter what I've looked up my experience hasn't fit any specific labels so I thought I might discuss it here. I've read the faq on here so I understand that what I experienced may be considered a 'badly created' Tulpa. However, I'm not sure if what I created was a Tulpa at all so I thought this forum's experienced users might be able to help me figure that out. I understand creating a Tulpa is an entirely subjective experience and not the same
  18. I was just wondering how many peeps have tulpas of unusual size. I mean, like some may be huge biggie tulpas like an elephant and others teensy tiny like a mouse and stuff. So, how big is yer tulpa? Oh, those with multiple tulpas can vote more than once. Also, if you visualize yer tulpa in the room or impose it in the room, how does the size of yer tulpa matter inside a room? Did I say room too many times? You can comment bout the tulpa in the room thingy it's not on my poll options.
  19. So me and my tulpa, Pixie, decided on an outfit design together, and I drew it yesterday. But since we never decided on a colour scheme, it kinda flashed between two different colours while visualising her wearing it. So we decided I should draw eight different colour schemes, have a poll on which one people like most, and show the top three to Pixie and see which one from the short-list she likes. https://i.imgur.com/8HNR999.jpg[/img] You can also suggest your own colour scheme below if you have any better ideas. We decided to do this because we thought it would be a fun way to pick
  20. If you're like me, you're the sort of person who reads this sort of thing and thinks "Well, I could do that if I wanted to, but I don't want to." Please actually do this. It only takes a few minutes, and I bet you'll be impressed. This is a simple test that I suspect will show you that your "bad visualization" is better than you think. The first spoiler tag hides a list of words. Give yourself 30 seconds to memorize them, then cover the words again, open up a text document, and write out as many as you can remember in order. When you've done that, open a new text document and write out a
  21. I've recently started visualization practice to create our wonderland as soon as possible but faced the following problem. The point is when I am starting to visualize smth more than just a single object my imagination goes wild. One view rolls into another while I can hold it only for 1-2 sec. Background is shifting and twisting by itself. The room I am trying to imagine myself in is spining around me. Etc. I won't call my mind's eye blind, I could make myself to see pretty good detailed stuff. And as I presume there shouldn't be a problem with forcing tulpa's look but, I mean, she nee
  22. So I searched the forum and couldn't find much that helps me, I have literally no idea where to even begin meditation. I also have a god awful minds eye. I can't create a wonderland, nor visualize my tulpa with ease. When I close my eyes to picture something, all I see is a dim, blurry image with dark colors, and that's only for a Max time of 15-20 seconds. I loosely participated in this community a few years ago, but couldn't get past this. After finding it again and realizing how bad I want to make a tulpa, I figured asking the community could help. Anything will be appreciated, and I will
  23. Fairly simple, but I find this rather effective for helping to see things in your mind instead of projecting them onto your eyelids. Find some smallish object like a baseball or book or something and look at it from every angle. Try to remember the shape, color, and feel of the object and create a sort of mental model of it, e.g. "This is a blue plastic cup with butterflies on". Once you feel that you've studied it enough, imagine your thing floating behind your head. If your thing has moving bits, then move them. Practice with more complex things, legos, or even conjure up some silly putty
  24. I've been working through the visualization process with my tulpa for a while now (about 3 months in development). However, during my many forcing sessions and daily routines, I'm finding my image of her much more accurate while going about my day; but when I sit down and actively force, her image is often out of proportion and many of the details I'd easily established are fumbled or forgotten. Few are intrusive thoughts, but I dismiss them as such. Any amount of progress is good, but the idea of having a better developed image walking around/with me has driven me to become reluctant to at
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