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  1. So, this idea just came to me on a whim and I thought I'd see if anyone else had considered anything like it. So, when you're imagining yourself in your wonderland with your tulpae, do you picture everything in first person, as if you're just there like normal, or do you imagine a third person view, as if you're a floating camera, and you interact with things by picturing an avatar of yourself to do so, sort of like a video game or something? Or, perhaps, do you use one perspective sometimes and the other other times? That could be interesting as well. I suspect I already know what the results are gonna look like, but I've been wrong before, and it would be fascinating to discover if it had any effect on, well, anything at all. When you answer this poll, regardless of what perspective you use, please give an overview of how it may or may not affect things that you do, or otherwise just give a brief synopsis of how your tulpa creation process, or whatever you built the wonderland for, went/is going, if you don't mind. Now that this idea's in my head, I can't help but pursue it further. Maybe this could be a breakthrough of some kind, maybe it's just a random thought and nothing more, but I'll never know unless I try. As for me, I do both sometimes. It's kinda random which one I do. When I imagined things while daydreaming and such, at least before I found out about the tulpa phenomenon, I pretty much always did it in third person. Now, I still daydream in third person, and I went into the wonderland in third person a lot as well at first, but lately I've been trying to do it in first person more. It used to require a bit more focus to do so, but now it's pretty much natural. I'm not quite sure how it affects things, but things have been going smoothly thus far, and it didn't seem to change when I switched perspectives. Though I do sometimes get kicked back to third person a bit when something unexpected happens, and I intentionally go back to third person for certain specific things, like when I once let Lily change my wonderland body however she wanted so I could test her sentience (I tried both some during that occasion but eventually stuck with third person)
  2. [Exabier] We have a wonderland problem. Gray is afraid of controlling us when he's not actually talking to us. Talking gets pretty boring after awhile compared to all of the actual cool stuff like having sword fights, shooting bad guys, whatever. He gets the fear from watching us do stuff and thinks it's sometimes like parroting his story characters, whatever those are. [Fernardo] Gray has reported watching us and it feeling "fake" for whatever reason. Perhaps it was because we were acting "too silly" or "too predictable" or whatever the excuse. I don't know if this has anything to do with "coming to life" feelings he reported in the past or if this is another form of Gray's parrotnoia. Like Exabier said, Gray hasn't felt comfortable to go on a wonderland adventure with us in a long time, and most of everyone would like for that to change. [Blue] Is there something we can do to help him calm down or reassure him that it's still us? Are there certain things we need to avoid like busy amusement parks or intense action scenes?
  3. We're talking about a part of a median system here, not a tulpa, but I figured, there is still a lot to talk about. Our wonderland was intentionally designed, there wasn't really any "inner world" stuff going on, if that makes a difference. Just a few days ago, though there have been signs of this part for years and years, I finally got to see one part of Jamie's median system-self clearly: a toddler, somewhere around 12-18 months old, who we nicknamed Sunshine. I've talked with 7-year-old down to 4-year-old parts, but this is the first really little part I've ever interacted with. One of the very interesting things, being co-conscious and being privy to his mental processing/thoughts, is just how vastly different it is compared to the older children, let alone the not-littles. There's very little verbal processing, it's a lot more like tulpish, or raw experience, just an unfiltered experience of the world, though he does say a few words, and understands enough to respond to some basic questions. It's just been really fasinating to be able to experience it secondhand and see how incredibly different that state or frame of mind is. I saw a few signs early, but only this morning did I really home in on it: Sunshine experiences wonderland quite differently, as well. I'm really not sure he even understands it's not reality. (Even though, you know, I'm a green smoke person, and he's never commented on that) One of the first signs was when he fell over (ruh-roh) and, pretty much everyone else would not simulate this, but I felt him experience pain, and pressure, and everything that goes along with smacking your head on the floor. And when I would hold him, pretty much everyone does, consciously, try to experience as much warmth and comfort as they can, but he wasn't trying at all, and was experiencing much more realistic detail and depth to the wonderland experience. This morning I had Cassidy, Sunshine, and another (4-year old) little, and we were all eating yogurt in wonderland, and I realized, oh, wow. Sunshine's experience was indistinguishable from an IRL sensory experience. It felt basically the same as if the body was eating yogurt, and I was co-con with whoever was controlling the body. But just for him- not me, not Cassidy, not the other little. I really suspect it has to do with his frame of mind. I feel like a lot of immersion is about "turning off" mental filters that go, "This isn't real, it's not vivid as reality, etc, etc," and when you turn those off, it becomes vivid and real. I'd say it's almost like wonderland is a dream, and only Sunshine is lucid. It's only really real to him. ...How can I use this to my advantage? Do you think there's a way to "flip the switch" for other headmates? Effortless, complete wonderland immersion? That sounds like fun. I mean, on the downside, he hasn't demonstrated any ability to alter the wonderland in any fashion- to him, it works 100% by reality's rules, he can't summon anything up, teleport, etc. Jamie experienced something like this once, using an hour-long hypnosis video meant to simulate an acid trip, of all things. It took wonderland from 40% immersion to 80%, but only for a short time, and that felt a lot more dream/trancelike- Sunshine is not in a trance to achieve this immersion, while it's still entirely effortless. - Gavin
  4. Hello, this has been on our mind a bit. It's fairly common for hosts to claim that their tulpas can stay active in the wonderland even when they're not being paid attention to, and some even say that when they switch out, they go to the wonderland as well. However, I'm not sure if this is actually possible or just a delusion created through wishful thinking and fabricated memories. I know that our system always had to take extra effort to remember what we did in the wonderland during the day, usually only saying "oh we talked to each other" rather than trying to recall some elaborate story. Some wonderland memories are fairly vivid, but we just can't tell if they're fabricated or not. Other systems talk about how their tulpas play games with each other and go on adventures, all while the host isn't paying attention to them at all. Many systems used wonderlands as an excuse to not pay attention to some of their tulpas, saying "Oh, they're active in wonderland, so it's fine." Some systems even claim that their tulpas can stay awake in the wonderland while their body is asleep, performing fully conscious actions. I do not think the human brain is actually capable of maintaining multiple conscious streams of thoughts in a fully-detailed human reality while the main fronter is doing something else entirely. So, what do you think? Can your tulpas actually stay active in the wonderland, and how do you know? Do you get the feeling memories might be fabricated? Have you ever switched out and become active in there yourself? Do you use wonderlands as an excuse to not pay attention to your tulpas, or have more than you can manage? Do your tulpas have any sort of doubt in their own claims? Or is this all just confabulation caused by wishful thinking and the desire to fit in with other tulpamancers who claim the same thing, as well as a misguided perception of the nature of tulpas and the human brain itself? Our own system recently stopped trying to "go to the wonderland while not being paid attention to" and have found it's not all that different from actually going there. Personally we think people put way too much weight into the importance of wonderlands. They're just a background to use when forcing your tulpa, not an end-all be-all that have to be perfectly maintained and designed. We used to argue that we could, in fact, stay active in the wonderland while our host did other things. Now we're not so sure; that could have just been us reassuring our host that he didn't have to worry too much about us, and us trying to fit in with our friends (friends we no longer associate with anyway). So. What do you all think and why? (Please keep this as a civil discussion and don't get too heated. I just want to know what people think and why, not start an argument)
  5. I'm fairly new to the tulpa thing and the beginner's guide said that it's not necessary to have a wonderland. I'm not 100% sure I've got a wonderland as I never go there, but there's a separate world they can go to if they don't fancy sticking around the real world. They go there sometimes for months. I can still get in touch with them while they're there but it's more like having a phone call with them--they don't have any physical presence, and they can ignore my invitation to chat. Is that a wonderland? If they decide to come in to the real world they always seem to have stories of what they've been up to in this place. But it's not a place I share with them, as such. If we share time together, it's almost always in my actual bedroom. I'm not saying they gain a physical body but it's like I project them into my room and visualise them beside me and I can feel certain sensations like touches, etc. (although I really have to pay attention and focus on it). Does a wonderland need to be a separate space that I see when I close my eyes, or is what I have enough? I like to give them space and give them the option to enter the real world (ack, I'm saying enter the real world and it sounds silly saying it but you know what I mean) by their own choosing, so do I need an in-between wonderland? Do I already have it? Help a woman out! I'm tripping over my own thoughts
  6. Y'know how people say lucid dreaming feels as real as the real world? Is it the same for a wonderland/mindscape? I've had lucid dreams in the past and the way people describe their wonderland reminds me of lucid dreams sometimes. So basically, does wonderland feel as real as the real world?
  7. I am part of a median system, not a tulpa system. But I still have a "wonderland" of a sort that I call the "dreamscape" or "the Melian Show." It's a day dreamy place, very dreamlike, and it is constantly changing. It's like a movie set. There are a few more static areas that don't change, like my dreamscape mansion, but the rest shifts and changes like the scenes in a movie or tv show. I have read accounts from tulpamancers who have created extremely detailed wonderlands for their tulpas that are very precise. They tend to not change a lot and are sometimes limited in scope, but have a lot of clarity. I was wondering about the wonderlands each of you have? Is your wonderland dynamic, as in ever changing, or more static and detailed and possibly limited in scope? I thought a poll would be nice on this one.
  8. Hi guys! I'm Russian. We have a small community where most of the information is translated from English. However, there is a question that I haven't found an answer to in my community. Have you ever had experience creating wonderland hypnotist? Or do you have information about this? In two or three months I go to the hypnotist for this and want to know more. Removed the formatting so that it's not obnoxious -Vos
  9. I have been researching on wonderlands recently, and it seems that the Tulpas inhabiting mindscapes derivative from books/movies/anime etc. are on the rarer side. So I ask: is there anybody here who has, say, Winterfell as their primary mindscape? Or maybe use the entire Star Wars universe? As for my Tulpa, he holds a connection with many existent fictional verses, especially because he has embodied various characters with traits similar to his (we both RPG as characters of our favorite books etc.) He knows what he is but he is most comfortable living at Hogwarts right now. He tends to gradually change the universe he inhabits based on the direction his personality takes. When he is feeling melancholic, he turns the wonderland into the Silver Kingdom of Sailor Moon. He has as much of control as myself regarding wonderlands, especially if I meet him through lucid dreaming or a trance state. This year however, he is focused on politics and he is creating a country based on the Russian Empire.
  10. Heyo friends. I recently started putting a lot of work into the Wonderland my tulpa (Her name is Winter) share. As I was visualising a forest area where we live she told she wanted to make a place where I can't go, and while she's sleeping I want to ask if this is recommended since I feel slighlty uncomfortable with her hiding things from me.
  11. I was wondering if their was combat in your wonderland for example. Being a samurai fighting bad guys or enemies in your wonderland. If you do have combat in your wonderland please share details about it.
  12. Have you ever used incense or scented oils to help you concentrate? I plan on using it to help clear my mind and be able to imagine my wonder land. I also talked to my psych therapist about being able to focus. She mentioned that there are even oils out there that you can put in a tiny jar and wear it on a necklace. . Side note; Sorry I have not been on in a while. College class work got crazy there for a while.
  13. i've been searching the internet far and wide, but i haven't found anything really concrete yet. are there any extensive guides? does it deal primarily with visualization, or disassociation? even some information beyond "it exists" would be nice, that's all i've been able to find out in my research. any tips would be appreciated.
  14. applies also on visualization When i try forcing combined with visualization or just do stuff in my (pretty basic) wonderland i find it inredibly hard to ignore position of my real body. For example, i lie on my side, i just can't make myself to "be" in wonderland. I always remain there for half a second, then i realise i should'n be standing in corridor like normal but slam to the wall and i slip out so i'm once again lying in bed. Same goes if i'm lying on my back. Gravity just pulls me away and makes it impossible. It is enough for me to have head upright and everything is fine. But when i'm sitting for more than 10 minutes unmoving my ass starts to feel height of my body and that distracts me also and being in pose somewhere between these two is also uncomfortable (yes i'm whining a lot). So i figured out the best solution would be to take care of the gravity-part of the issue as i'd be able to visual in most of situations, whitch are mostly wasted hours of insomnia. Any ideas or supersolving trick? please? ;) or just 'practice young padawan...'
  15. Everyday I try so hard to make a new wonderland with my tulpa. But I have a very difficult time staying entertained in my my wonderland and I find myself being bored of the whole wonderland creation process. Any one have any ideas on what I should do?
  16. What's the number of the population of your wonderland?
  17. I have she friend who likes my tulpa, and since she can not see it he wants to be my tulpa and be able to go to the wonderland with him, but I do not know if that is possible ¿Any advice on what to do?
  18. Hello everyone, I am Quinn, 17 years old with a busy live studying and sports. I have been into lucid dreaming for quite some while now (without much succes) and stumbled a few days ago upon this whole 'Tulpa' subject. I have been reading all kinds of things now and started to make my own plans but as many say, it's a lifetime dedication and not something too take too lightly. That's why I chose to create this thread with a bit of my backstory and ideas to gain some input from the more advanced and experienced people on these forums. Thank you in advance for reading and taking your time! First I have a question regarding my own mental state, I am currently dealing with a sort of depression and lots of negative thoughts, I try to keep myself busy in my daily life to keep these thoughts away but it doesn't always help, for example at night when I fall asleep I feel horrible, tired and depressed while crying. I also have seen some horrible gross and gore things on the internet. This is also one of my reasons to bring a tulpa and lifelong friend into my life to support me and one of the traits is going to be that he or she always supports me. But now my question is, can these negative feelings and thoughts influence my tulpa? Or perhaps the things I have seen, I don't want my tulpa to be badly influenced or be a so called negative and bad tulpa who will only pull me further into depression and negative feelings. So far for the negative things, now onto my ideas and more positive things! Which is far nicer and better. As I am really doubtfull about appearance of my tulpa, I wonder what would happen if I created a so called 'spirit' a globe of energy and such and without appearances so that I can focus on personality. And later on 'give' my tulpa the ability of shapeshifting. So we can together make like a 'main' human form that the tulpa will be using most but if not liked it can also change as it wants, maybe even into animals and such. This idea will also be useful for later ideas. Second off I always love creating fantasy worlds in my mind and one of my plans would be to create my own huge fantasy world with magical forests, elves, dragons, magic and so on. I wonder if it would also be a good idea to make like a cute magical cottage in a big forest with river and so on (my perfect house in my fantasy world) and make this my wonderland for my tulpa. I also want to combine this with my lucid dreams (far future plans but it's good to set goals, right?) so that in my dreams I can come in the house, we can both have like breakfast in the wonderland house and then go on adventures (my tulpa can shapeshift then aswell for example a big wolf and run around) and so on. And would my tulpa remember the same dreams and be lucid together with me aswell? Basically I want to have a whole different world/life inside of my head I can be in while lucid dreaming (maybe also just visit my visualizing during waking hours) my tulpa would also live there but would also be able to talk to me and visit me ofcourse to support me in daily life and such. Also would the world like continue on completely in my mind without me interacting, for example a war starts between races without me knowing or other events in the world and my tulpa would tell me about it when I visit again. (This is quite deep and complicated but would be so amazing, the power of the mind and brain are huge so I hope it's possible!) This was the main and biggest thing I had wanted to share and talk about but there are still a few other things for example, my dedication for lucid dreams is not so good and would my tulpa be able to help me with getting these lucid dreams? And I was also wondering if it would be able to create a place for my tulpa or imagine like a connection between me and this world and tulpa. And when my tulpa is in this place or I visualize a block between the connection of me and the world they won't be able to access my mind and talk to me in waking life for so called privacy. I don't want to like ignore and block everything and my tulpa for longer periodes of time, but if I want a day full privacy I can use this method to 'mute' everything and everyone else. I'd like to incorporate this then from the beginning so both of us get used to it or would there be a better method for this? Because I also read something about visualizing your tulpa in a bubble and then it wouldn't be able to talk to you, but I personally prefer the idea of my tulpa going to a place or the connection just temporary blocking so my tulpa can still go on its usual thing in the world itself. Thank you for reading this whole story and all my questions, it was quite a thing to write and probably read aswell. If you have questions on the matter or my ideas or suggestions go ahead and ask me! I am open for anything, like suggestions, input or the pros and cons of my ideas. Maybe if it's too big a thing and it won't work? I don't know but this is my dream and I am willing to work for it! I will hear from you in the comments and I'll respond as quickly as possible. Sorry for any mistakes or if things are unclear, English isn't my native language. Kinds regards, Curios dreamer Quinn
  19. Hello i need help pleas. How to see the wonderland From the first perspective or the third person perspective? What is the best between them? ((Sorry if my english is bad, it's not my main language)) Thanks :) Edited the title to make it stand out more - Vos
  20. This is getting really fun :D So im thinking of making a place where my tulpa can sleep, play and do all of its own stuff. Will I be able to visit that place and walk around? Plus, I want my tulpa to be really happy so would it be possible to make video games for her.
  21. As you've known, Celeste has told me that our wonderland is the universe inside my head; the characters, locations, creatures, demons, and etc, but I feel that she and my other tulpa, Vincent, have strayed away from those places since I haven't been using my imagination lately because of stress. The world in my head is starting to be hazy, a bit blurry and every time I try thinking of Putridus or Cruentus or even Atritas's empire, my head starts to slightly strain. I have been writing another one of my novels, but it doesn't have the same qualities it once had in late 2015 / early 2016 (due to the creation of Dortarians, which then lead to the creation of Umbrians and the Aicelea). Tonight I want to force normally and speak to Celeste the way I should, but I can only visualize with my eyes closed since with my eyes open it is difficult. I am told you shouldn't close your eyes during forcing or visualization. but it is the only way for me to focus. Should I try this tonight?
  22. As of now, I've done about seven wonderlanding sessions, and I've come to actually look forward to them. But, my question is this; Whenever I've wonderlanded for more than ten minutes or so(I'm not exactly sure of the time, seeing as I do close-eyed visualization) the darkness of my eyelids begins to turn a pure white, and I've even seen my tulpa's eyes blink for a moment. Is that normal/have any of you experienced this?
  23. So here's the idea. In a hotel or some other place, you'll always find a 'Do Not Disturb' sign on a few of the doors, meant to show others that the person inside the room is asleep, or may just want some space. Either way, the same principle can be applied to a wonderland environment. If your tulpas have a place or a room to call their own, consider giving them a 'Do Not Disturb' sign. That way, if they want to be on their own for a while or if they just want to sleep, they can place the sign on their door/room. To summarise, here are the individual steps: 1. Create a place for your tulpa to call their own, with an entrance/exit. You could make this place as detailed as you wish, or leave it up to your tulpa, as long as there is a symbolic 'door' or something equivalent. 2. Hang the 'Do Not Disturb' sign on the 'door', allowing your tulpa to remove and place it whenever they want. 3. When your tulpa is tired (or more likely, just wish to be alone), they can place the sign on the door. That way instead of waking them up, you can acknowledge the sign and let them get some rest.
  24. Hi everyone, I’ve been working on immersion lately, getting my 5 senses on the wonderland and that stuff, very well explained in some guide I can't remember. But I came with an idea in the shower. It consists on closing my eyes and imagining I’m taking a shower in my Wonderland, visualizing the water flow on my body and feeling it from the reality. The same thing when I was cleaning myself, feeling my skin while doing it. The idea with this is to improve the touch sense and also help with the visualization, because when you close your eyes, it’s easy to recreate what you have been seeing a second ago, and from that you can change the room. It helps hearing stuff too (you hear the water). This is applicable to other environments. I used it while I was floating in the beach or in the forest while I was resting. You get the place where you are in, and create a landscape from it that would fit in what you are hearing, smelling, feeling, and if you want can eat something to get the taste in it. So, that's it, I hope this helps someone, it worked on me. Have a nice day/night ;)
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