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Let's Stop Talking About Sentience For a Bit. What else do tulpas do for us?

Guest Anonymous

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Guest Anonymous

@ J. Iscariot


Wowy. I am so glad she is there for you! Ika? She has a name!

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Guest Anonymous

Cool! :-) Thati is pretty neat to be able to get rid of headaches. I have never heard anything like that before.


Oh, such "practical" things too here?



Yeah, mentioned it before somewhere, but she can make me feel warmer or colder (handy for obvious reasons), increase my concentration (very useful in osu!, where I need to keep track of many quickly appearing objects on-screen), push me towards getting into a certain mood (handy for writing and drawing), make me feel more or less tired / drowsy (also handy for obvious reasons)...


... so yeah, stuff like that.

Though I'll be damned if I knew how she does that.

She sort of tried to explain it to me a few times, but she doesn't really find the right words...

... and also: Bluergh. Ahdun geddid. xD





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