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ha... that was the best joke I could come up with.

I tried


This is the PR thread for RegularHaloPeeps and co.


Ace "Reggy" | Mancer | a date <3

Leto | Guardian Angel | 1/19/16

Elisabeth | My little soldier | 2/12/16

Skylar | The survivor | ??? ^_^"

Scarlet | The kink in the works | ??? ^_^"

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Considering today is leto's month old birthday, I should get off my lazy ass and actually write a post.


first off, I'm gonna apologize for the spelling, because its gonna be horrible throughout this.


Second off.... I did something bad. Skylar and Elisabeth, 'my girls', where once from a dream of mine. a wonderful dream. the best damn dream Ive ever had, and I based those two off of my children in that dream. I've always been torn, and I thought long and hard about if I wanted to make the girls Tulpas to begin with, but I ended up making them. The girls, they... having them made me so happy. "seeing' them again in wonderland was magical. reaching out, touching them, "feeling them".... I couldn't ask for more as a 'parent'. But seeing them every day... I couldn't help but feel like I was betraying their original image. I was force keeping them alive so I would never have to forget about them, and that felt wrong to me. ... so I sat the girls down, and I explained to them I was going to have to dissipate them.


It somehow broke my heart even more to have them tell me they understood.


Sky, she never achieved sentience to begin with, so she faded almost instantly.Elisabeth, the grasped some amount of it, and has been holding on for days now. I want to so badly reach out to her, and to bring her back, but I'm scared I'll just repeat what happened. I dont know what to do, so for now... I'm just keeping her holding on.


I'm a terrible parent.




Leto has been progressing in leaps and bounds. she's achieved sentience, by current accounts, and has taken to 'slicing me in half' whenever I start to doubt myself and that Ive made her sentient, something that I struggle with greatly.


I had a breakdown earlier this week, and traped myself inside a muted bubble in wonderland. Leto pounded against it, pleeing for me to listen and shouting encuraging things to me. she really is an angel, this one.


Leto has been doing quite well with posessing my left arm, and I think the end game is to eventualy give her full control of it. I've also been practicing feeling in wonderland, feeling, seeing, smelling, and tasting. Leto's hair smells like mangos.

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So much for making these a monthly report.


A lot has happened, so I’ll try and recount it all here, but I don’t know how accurate it’ll be.


Here’s a recount of the tales as accurately as I remember them.




You might have noticed a few additions to the list of tulpa. Including the re-addition of Skylar.


I was in chemistry class when it happened. A loud BANG in the mindspace, and suddenly I felt very woozy. After Skylar’s dissipation, Elisabeth gradually retreated out into the wonderland. Making trips out of the house more frequently, longer, until one day she just didn't come back. I worried, and searched for her, but I could find nothing. I also noted her limp she developed had grown worse. I hadn’t seen her for several days when this happened. In wonderland, I was bleeding from the back of my head, and Leto was abruptly pushed to the front as my consciousness blacked out.


It was Elisabeth. After having resented me for the death of her sister, she wanted to ‘get me back’ somehow, and shot me. Leto posted guards out our doors, and sent out a search party to find her. With her limp, she didn't get away fast enough, and was soon captured and put in the basement. Harmless enough, and with me having recovered enough to even stand in wonderland, we went down together to talk to her.


When it was brought up she could make her own tulpa of her sister, her eyes lit up, and she’s been docile ever since.


I remember her face as she cried tears of joy, thanking me again and again and saying how sorry she was, so sorry, that she had hurt me.


She was released from her chains and allowed to live in the house once more, and Skylar has been happily living with us again ever since.




The other addition, was that of Scarlet.


The time had come where I had decided to expand our wonderland. I formed a town, out of the forest where our homes was, in the plains about two miles off from our house. Outside the town resided farmlands, and about five miles from the far side of the town, lay a large cliff and a sea. On the farms surrounding the town, there was a very distinct windmill, and the ones who owned it was the sisters of Scarlet and her older sister Elizabeth. This one with a z. While Elizabeth insisted to stay on the farm and keep working, Scarlet was invited back to the house for some tea because I’m an american brit like that.


At the time, I was talking to my SO, another mancer named Kaide. Elisabeth and Skylar sat with us, making moments back to Kaide (they call Kaide “mom”), but it seemed like Scarlet couldn't hear him. Eventually it was decided to show Scarlet the outside world.


We showed her, and she was completely unphased.


From them on, she started visiting the house more often, and eventually moved in (much to the dismay of her sister)




An unlisted addition, is that of a partner system.


I don't know the opinion of partner systems here, but among our tulpa, the reception was….. Mixed.


Leto, my own tulpa, was quite happy with the anouncement from Kaide and I. Gumi, my partner’s main tulpa, was however frustrated. She felt limited by this desison. She wanted to branch out and experiance things. Though eventualy this frustration died down, I feel it noteworthy.




Another noteworthy occurrence would be the fight between IA and Leto.


Gumi and Leto are partners,similar to how Kaide and I are. IA, another of Kaide’s tulpa, was joking with us about how she was going to ‘steal’ Gumi away from her.


Leto was normal at first, joking back and forth with us, when suddenly, she started getting angry. She pulled out a knife, and unable to hurt IA herself, stabbed herself in the hand. I could feel the spike of pain she got. Quickly she pulled it out, and I healed it, she sobbed into me, saying “why did I do that, I didn’t want to do that.”






There’s more to tell, but thats all I have time for, for now.

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