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Do you parrot your tulpa?


Do you parrot your tulpa?  

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  1. 1. Do you parrot your tulpa?

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Mistgod: I have wanted to post on this one for a few months but didn't have a chance because of Melian's self ban. In fact that was why the self ban was in effect to try to reduce the drama on the forum that was going on at the time. But I think we can safely answer this. The current population of the forum appears to be much more reasonable and confident and less likely to freak out.


Do I parrot and puppet my tulpa?


Yes, constantly. She likes it. There is a lot more to the story, but yes I parrot.


I suspect Iscariot had some private smug agenda in asking this question (in fact he states that he did), but I really could care less who parrots or puppets, or thinks they don't but still do, or who doesn't ever do it at all. Personally I do suspect there is far more of it out there than people willing or able to admit to or recognize. But that's just me and I may be totally wrong in that suspicion. But, it makes no difference to me if people are or are not. I cannot tell the damned difference anyway.


Objectively, all thoughforms, plurals and tulpas look the same, parroted, puppeted, role played, self delusion, or independent, super sentient and real. They all look the same to Melian and I. Iscariot/Anderson's tulpa typed in text that looked identical to Melian's typing.


I say parrot and puppet to your heart's content folks. I won't know the difference and no one else will either. If it makes your tulpa work better then great. The guides all say too much parroting is detrimental, so pay attention to that sure, but I don't think it is the great evil secret sin of tulpamancy either.


This is interesting and related. I was perusing the responses to Fede's Ultimate Superior Tulpa Guide, which supports the use of parroting and puppeting in tulpa creation. Here is one interesting response:


It might work, if you let off parroting after a while, but I don't think this guide is kind to tulpae in any way, and given that it's not been tested by anyone, not even its creator, it's hard to say what issues would come about by using it.


Let me make 2 far-fetched guesses at possible bad side-effects:

1) Inability to tell apart your own parroting from the tulpa, or rather uninteresting tulpa

2) DID, median-like, if you begin identifying too much with the tulpa.

3) Pissed off tulpa, no growth period/no early memories


Let's see Fede try it and watch him report results back.


I want to take note of prediction number two. My Melian has always been puppeted, and she and I are a median system and I regard her as a median aspect of myself! Pretty accurate prediction maybe? Also number four it mentions "no early memories." Melian and I have reported that she has no memory of her first words. She only has memories of her first emotions. Probably because I was parroting her first words. With number one, that is accurate too. Melian and I have often told people we sometimes cannot tell who is typing. We blend when we type and our personalities get mixed together. I have a strong influence on her expressions. With number one, that is accurate too, only I don't care to distinguish myself from Melian, I just assign things to her I want attributed to her.


This guy predicted Melian.


P.S. I do not consider these "bad side effects." I consider Melian pretty neat, just the way she is. She isn't a "broken tulpa" or wrong somehow. I made her long before tulpa guides and tulpa community. You all might also be interested in Fede's responses to the above predictions.


>inability to tell tupper apart from own parroting

Your tupper's very existence is formed from the parroting. Of course there's going to be a gray zone for a while, but it won't last forever, and who gives a shit, anyway? It's only an issue if you make it an issue.


Nah. If this was to become an issue, then the guy who did get a case of DID using my method simply parroted the wrong shit.

>pissed off tulpa

Again, APS.

>no growth period

Why are growth periods even necessary? I say fuck growth periods. Your tupper could do so many things if you just let it.

>no early memories

Only if you're hiding said memories from your tupper. In that case, fuck you.


I love this on inability tell your parroting from your tulpa! "who gives a shit, anyway? It's only an issue if you make it an issue."


I love this! "Why are growth periods even necessary? I say fuck growth periods. Your tupper could do so many things if you just let it."


Your tupper could do so many things if you just let it.


In other words, why all the damned "rules?"

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