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Sex—what is the question?



A generic research on the sexuality and tulpae (for "Articles"). If it would help; I might spend some time and anonymise the data so it would qualify for "Research"; but I don't see a great benefint for it personally.


It was a while since I raised the topic of tulpa and sex. The last post on the matter—Considerations of Intercourse for Tulpae was the most popular post on my blog ever for almost a year. People are curious about tulpae and sexuality.


I made a further research on this topic, and today I’m going to present my new findings.


It’s interesting to note, that every single tulpa community I’ve seen has an active NSFW channel or room where people participate in erotic role-play with each other or tulpae, or share erotic or pornographic art. Notably, for the Russian tulpa community, hentai images constitute the majority of discussion, tulpa server on Discord has a few rooms for NSFW and explicit lewd with a busy traffic of art and debates, and tulpa.info IRC has an active #nsfw room.


The kind of erotic and porn shared is different by the region. In Russia, most of the shared imagery in tulpa rooms is female hentai. For the servers with preliminary US-based population, the typical art is furry porn (of all genders, often including shemales).


Not too surprising, given the average tulpamancer's age of 17 to 21 years with the majority identifying as heterosexual males. It’s the time of puberty, the time when people think about sex a lot.


How is that all related to tulpae, though?


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Note from GAT: While the page linked is clean/SFW, other pages/articles on Shinyuu's blog are not. Tread carefully if you are at work/school or are a minor.

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