Cas' progress - a japanese tupla

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i created Cas yesterday. Today i gave her a form. I took a painting as example. Yesterday she was just a yellow energy ball always following me through the day. I talked to her and told her what we're gonna do the next time and narrated about her traits. Today we gave her a form.

If you're interested here are her traits and her form:



  • cute
  • intelligent
  • sympathetic
  • good team member
  • curious
  • a little bit exordinary
  • always in a good mood
  • reversed
  • feminin
  • shy
  • polite
  • equable
  • interested
  • courteous
  • understands jokes
  • beautiful

Form image:

  • 165cm tall
  • white skin
  • long dark brown hair to her chest
  • not very musculous
  • thin
  • small nose
  • cute face
  • small nose
  • darkbrown eyes
  • oval face
  • dainty
  • Wears school uniform
  • etc.

Today i visualize her in reallife as good as possible and sometimes in wonderland. Mainly i talk to her about her form and traits. We'll see how it developes.

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