Prosper, Lila and Fox

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Hi all,


I'm going by Fox for now.


I'm a long time lurker to the forum, both on this account and as a guest. I learned about thought forms in general many years ago, and was actually a part of the Daemon community long before I had even heard about tulpas. Lila was originally created as a daemon (as in the Philip Pullman His Dark Materials book trilogy), because at the young age of 11 I had no idea other kinds thought forms even existed. Lila mainly takes the form of a tiger, but she also frequently changes forms into other animals that take her fancy. Whether I'll be keeping the label of daemon remains to be seen, Lila seems to like it, but Lila is effectively a tulpa, fully sentient to my knowledge with her own personality. The only thing about her that may differ from the typical tulpa is that she has no interest in living independently, she doesn't spend time in the wonderland, and she's very advisory, that is, she's told me the main thing she lives for is to help me, and keep me company. 

Prosper is a tulpa I have been working on for years. Unfortunately his progress has been very slow, I haven't forced as often as I should, I don't narrate often, and I lose motivation quickly. I could make excuses, I've been extremely busy, I've been doing a degree, life changes etc etc.... but honestly I don't think that's fair to Prosper. I'v started this progress report as motivation, and as a reminder to keep Prosper in mind, but also because last night while active forcing I heard Prosper's voice for the first time. 


Last night I was active forcing before bed. Prosper at the moment is effectively just a form, he doesn't move or speak but I can tell he's listening. I've been puppeting him a little, just to get him moving, but I always ask if it's alright before I do. I don't want to force him to do anything he doesn't feel comfortable with. I was leading him outside the house in the wonderland and explaining that I was going to put in a garden for us to tend when he gets a little more sentient. I said 'I'm going to puppet you, I hope that's alright Prosper' and literally as the words 'I hope that's alright' left my mouth, I heard a distinct male voice say 'it's alright.' It's the first time I've ever heard his voice and I was so excited that I snapped out of my meditative state and I couldn't stop smiling. It felt amazing. 


The strange thing about creating Prosper is that I still have a lot of doubt, even though I know for a fact that it's all real and possible because I've already created Lila. I suppose it's because Lila came to be very naturally, I didn't 'force' her, she established herself with very little input from me. In fact, Lila was based on an imaginary friend that I had when I was much younger, and I think this basis helped in her development. Anyway, last night has really helped to quell that doubt. 


I'll try to update this as often as I can.

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