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hello! our names are Mir and Kai, and this is our artwork!


Mir is the host, and the one who primarily draws. they use they/them pronouns.

Kai is a tulpa who will help out sometimes. he uses he/him pronouns.


here is a drawing we did of Kai recently, because all the other ones weren't accurate anymore. at some point in the near future, we want to try to draw our wonderland!



MIRA/MIR (they/them) & KAI (he/his)


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Nice drawing! Kai looks really cool. :3


You should post all your art here so it doesn't get burried.


*ahem* says the one who buries all the art in 'ITT: We Draw Our Tulpas'.


When my art is 'good enough' i will also probably make an art thread.


thank you both! <3!

Kai's honestly a huge loser, but I may be biased, haha


@Angry Bear: 

I would say go for it anyways! There's no time like the present, and I'd love to see your artwork! I'm sure it's lovely :>

MIRA/MIR (they/them) & KAI (he/his)


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