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From: Node 404 (Host)

Date: 2019-10-11 at 3:40 AM (GMT-5)

Subject: Introductory shenanigans

Report: Hello! I'm Node. I have been inactive since the spring of 2018 and I have decided to return to this wonderful community after my first tulpa, Isabella, decided to permanently leave my mindscape last month. It's been difficult without her, as she's been there for me since her creation in February of 2017, but I'm doing what I can to cope with her absence.


The silence that she would normally fill in my head has returned, and I've found that silence is the loudest thing one can experience if it was caused by the pain of loss. So to keep the loudness of silence out, I've decided to create a new tulpa. I haven't yet started the creation process, but I've decided his name will be William. I'll bring him into this world with all the love that Isabella gave me.


I think the mindscape could use a good remodeling project. It's old and the log cabin in the pine forest has endured a lot of energies good and bad that have worn it down ever so slowly. I won't do away with it entirely, but I will most likely make a new one and seal off access to the current one so that only I can enter it.


It's now 4:30 AM and I should probably head to bed. I have a lot to do today and I've already wasted time better spent resting. Hahaha, I'm an owl or something.


Node 404

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Misha, she left. I don't know where. She said not to come looking for her because she wasn't coming back. She said that she needed to do this, that she wouldn't be able to live her best life if she didn't. It felt almost like a breakup, except worse. I don't know where she went.

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From: Node 404 (Host)

Date: 2019-10-11 at 6:14 PM (GMT-5)

Subject: William and the new mindscape, Locke Megacity

Report: I am happy to announce that William has been created. He has a comedic and rebellious personality and he has a major interest in the paranormal. He's also very scientific, which gives him the drive to scientifically prove the paranormal. He has a British accent, short-ish blonde hair, a cybernetic eye (and of course a normal eye), a fully functional advanced robotic right arm and always wears clothing that is almost kinda cyberpunk but also fancy as fuck.


I put a door in Isabella's former room in the log cabin that serves as a sort of portal to the new mindscape. Her room hasn't been changed at all since well before she left. I didn't think it was right to change a single thing about it. The door locks from the outside (outside being the new mindscape) and is located on the 650th floor of the tallest building in the new mindscape.


The old mindscape, named Lockwood Village, is pretty big, about 150 yards across with pine trees covering most of it. However, the new mindscape makes the old one look hilariously small. The new mindscape is a futuristic megacity complex that is even bigger than New York City (That's the most important part, anyway). I've decided to name it Locke City after Lockwood Village. Long description of the city along with the world its in is below.


It's always night time in this city and it rains a good portion of the time. The skyscrapers there pierce through the clouds and there are bridges connecting them high up in the air. The windows on the skyscrapers serve as giant screens for various purposes. There are blimps that float around and there are holographic screens on them for similar purposes. There are flying vehicles going around the air. There are countless NPCs that are residents of Locke City. At the edges of the city there is a wall that's 1000 feet tall and is 350 feet thick.


On the other side of this wall is clouds that are dense enough to walk on but the further out you go the less dense they become. Underneath these clouds is a 3 mile drop and then you hit the surface of this world, a desert of black sand and rock. That desert is called the Badlands. The world itself is almost the size of Mars and is called Necroterra, or 'dead Earth'.


Since I'm letting my subconscious mind build most of it, there could be anomalies in the creation. For example, there could be ancient ruins in the desert somewhere on Necroterra, or there could even be other cities. I think exploration would be fun as hell in a world like this.


TL;DR: Locke City is a megacity floating in the sky. The world below it is dead as fuck which is why I'm calling it Necroterra. There might be other cool stuff outside of Locke City and I'm down to explore it.


I've talked to William a lot, and he responds here and there. He's definitely listening when I talk, but he's pretty quiet in general. I've made it abundantly clear that he is not allowed to go through the wooden door to the log cabin. There is intense emotional energy there, good and bad, that myself, Izzy, and the other tulpas that I've had have put there without realizing. It's also a very special place to me and I don't want anything tampering with the place. That is the only rule I have, and if there are NPCs that have written laws in Locke City, then he has to abide by them too.


William says hello, and that he wants you all to call him Will.


That's all for now.


Node 404

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