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You Ask, Ianto Answers

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Hello, everyone! I've seen a few of these "talk to my tulpa" threads and wanted to join in. 


So I can't hear much from my tulpa Ianto, despite working with him for over 4 years. I'm hopeful that the opportunity to interact with others will help develop the ability to communicate. I'm sure it would be a nice break for him to talk to someone other than me for a change as well.


Things about Ianto:


- He has the appearance of a human adult male.

- He's been around for years now, I just can't hear him well. He doesn't shy away from serious topics.

- Currently, most of what I hear is only a few words in length, or in the form of mental imagery.


Does anyone want to ask him questions?


(I heard "Thank you" while creating this post, so I think he is interested.)

Ianto is the tulpa. Nora is the host.

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