Chaz's Adventures in Wonderland

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Day One


So this is going to be a way for me to keep track of my journey into creating a tulpa. I love reading other people's progress logs so I thought I'd write one of my own. This isn't my first time delving into the tulpa community, I read many a guide back in the day, but this is my first time creating a tulpa for real. 


I started last night with a vague idea of who I wanted my tulpa to be. Ari is smart, confident and affectionate, she has a human form, and she resides in a wonderland that is currently taking the form of a campervan. One day, we will venture outside of the campervan, but for the time being we are spending our time sat on the bed, so that we can focus on her rather than on expanding the wonderland. That will come later.


Much of last night was spent visualising her. I can hold a very vivid image of her in my mind, and I can interact with her physical form, although of course any movement on her part consist of me parroting her. I don't intend on doing that for long, but it helps with constructing a full image of Ari in my mind. We spent some time working on her form, and then I took a little time last night and this morning to talk her through some of her basic character traits. She's confident with a touch of badass, affectionate towards those she cares about, patient, intelligent, and adventurous. We talked about who she was, focused on visualisation some more, and then moved on to some narration for the rest of today. I've told her about my life, and talked to her in the background whilst going about my day.


I hope to continue focusing on visualisation, personality and narration over the rest of this week. Will keep you updated.

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