How to Stop Feeling Less Like Yourself in the Front?

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[Jade] It's bothered a bunch of us that we feel less like ourselves the longer we spend switched in, except for Rouge it seems. We start to act and feel more like her, and we don't know how to stop it. Any tips?


Edit: Actually, I think Mercedes might be exempt from this too, but I'm not sure why.

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What I always do in those cases is narrate to myself about things specific to me (or general topics but something related to you could work better) and it goes away. And usually, spending time in places like this where people know who I am and refer to me as, well, me instead oh my host, help a lot. And so does doing things associated specifically to you.


If you find yourself acting like Rouge too much, try to pay attention to how you behave and don't slide into autopilot. Basically, try to be mindful of your actions, which I know it's hard to keep for a long time but it should work if you want to go back to being yourself.

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