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Wonderland question

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Apologies is this is a repeat. (I thought I saw the topic somewhere but can't find it now) My question is about "NPCs" in your wonderland. My wonderland is a luxury hotel near a beach and I have invented several people in the hotel; the concierge, a bartender and a bell hop. My question is, are they tulpas too? or have the potential to be? I only interact with them inside the wonderland, but it got me to thinking about it. 

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From what I know about NPCs, they are characters controlled by your mind - a bit like puppeting and parroting, but with just a thought and not a sentient being. They have the potential to be tulpas if given enough thought, time and attention, but they will not be tulpas yet. 


(Take my answer with a grain of salt - I don't know as much about NPCs as I would like)

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Welcome to the Stronghold System! (Name temporary)

Within our walls we hold..

Lavenderfur - Host - She/her, They/them

Emma - Headmate/Tulpa - She/her - Not Vocal


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Thanks for the replies.  I had hoped that was the case. I'd rather focus my energy on my tulpa and not have to worry about them. Although they are fun to have around to add flavor to the wonderland experience.

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They're basically characters, but we've found sometimes they will become more like a headmate, especially if people get attached to them, although it's also a matter of belief. To us, they are a lot like paras in maladaptive daydreaming (which we have), and can be fairly complex.

I'm Adagio, a tulpa! I'm part of a very big system.

Blue text is a headmate called TGS (their initials).

[Progress Report]

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