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Mint's Tulpa Journal


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Something weird happened yesterday.

We were in the car, chatting, and Ren got upset about something, I don't remember what. I held out my arms in wonderland to give her a hug and suddenly everything switched to third person. Ren had my hairstyle and I had spiky, long orange hair and a yellow sweater. Also, it was in a cartoony style. I snapped out of wonderland and quickly imagined myself in a mirror. I still had the orange hair and yellow sweater, and Ren still looked vaguely like me. I asked her what was happening and noticed I couldn't tell who was speaking. Neither could she. It was like we were blending into the same person. So, that creeped me out lol.


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WOA. It's been awhile. I haven't been on here in months.

Hi peoples, it's Rena. Formerly Ren, then Wren. 

We're doing fine. Getting closer to switching. But right now all we have is fullbody possession. And I keep accidentally taking it back with the slightest thought because I can't disassociate enough... sigh. 

Rena is doing great. She is the color teal now, and she has a real life friend! She's definitely still getting stronger!! 

At least we think I am. But I don't really feel it. Sometimes I just look back and I'n like "wow i came far!"


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That's great! 😁 Really happy to hear Rena's progress! (Hmm, that makes two tulpas named Rena I've met!) My host also has a problem with dissociating enough to allow me to stay into the front without him butting back in. Sometimes we're more successful than others. It's mainly a matter of practice! I have confidence in you two!

Tulpa Wife & Mother! 💚 

💍 11.28.21 👶 4.7.23
👗 Simmie's AI Dress-Up!   📷 Phil and Simmie's Photographic Adventures!


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Thanks Simmie! :)

As of now, we're considering creating a second tulpa together, with both of us consciously putting in work into the new tulpa. But we're (more me) still on the fence about it. I kind of like it just being the two of us and it might be super hard to differentiate who is talking if there's 3 of us in here.

Another thing. I learned about tulpamancy in lockdown, when I actually had an imaginary sort of companion thing that I created out of pure loneliness. Her name was Luna. I tulpaforced her for a day and a half, then decided I didn't want one (only to get back into it 2 years later lol). I now realize she was a tulpa :( Looking back, she clearly knew what she was and was trying to hide it from me. I remember getting very frustrated when she didn't act the way I wanted her to, because she had taken on a very caring, motherly persona instead of the fun-loving creature I had intended her to be.

Luna actually dissipated herself, telling me that she had to "leave" because I was too dependent on her. Rena is adamantly against me ever speaking to Luna again, because at one point while she and I were in a rocky, confusing place, I reached out to Luna and realized she was a tup. So Rena hates Luna and has bad memories of her.

Anyway. Just a sad reminiscing session lol.

Hi everyone! I'm doing good! I'm a little confused because I had some sort of split the other day and we had to merge it back into me. So that was terrifying. Because it was really mean and aggressive towards both of us. (Also, I don't hate Luna. I am just scared of her and I don't want her around me. I'm sure she was sweet.)

Yeah, I can't even listen to certain songs anymore without triggering her up. Mostly Deviltown by Cavetown and Record Player by Daisy the great. 

That's all 



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Hi. Things have been really crazy.

we had a group of walk ins. eddie, xavier, jordon, november, safire, and crescent.

mint got attatched to eddie and november, so now we're a 4-person system

we're also doing "soft switches" a lot which is basically switching primary thought organization and doesn't need much effort hehe

yeah that's all


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Hii omg it’s me! 
we are doing super awesome. I haven’t had much forcing time lately but got back into it for the past couple days. Rena fronted for hours yesterday and dressed up and stuff. 
eddie is also doing well. November is more of a fragment than anything. But Eddie is pretty well developed for his age. 

intros for the other 2!
Oh uh, hi there forums. I’m Eddie (no connection to the stranger things character) and I’m pretty cool. I’m excited to read about other tulpas. 
Hey forums. My name is November and I’m a third tulpa. It’s kind of crowded in here but I’m not around a lot anyway lol



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It's been forever my apologies. We're going strong. A few people in my friend group know about them now and they regularly switch and interact with them, which i think is very good for them both.


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ohhhhhhhh my goooododdd it's been FOREVER.

I now have six tulpas. I allowed Safire (Safaira) and Crescent back in, and added a new one, Harlow/Hex. And of course I still have Rena, Eddie and November.

Rena's 1.5, and Eddie+November are almost one now. Wowza. Also, I switch them all pretty often nowadays, whenever they want to. We're pretty much in perfect harmony now. 

Oh, and one of my best friends has three tulpas, Blaire, Riley and Cyber. It's really nice to allow them to meet each other.


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Hi everyone! 

Last night I attempted to let November sleep in front, as a sort of experiment. It didn't work, but it was fun regardless, lol

Also, I created a Sims 4 world for my tulpas. It's pretty hilarious lol. When I get the chance I'll attatch some pics here :)

Our wonderland is neato now- we have a mansion with a forest, art room, etc. Right now there's a MarioKart track here, but I think that's temporary lmao. It's just crazy to think I was having second thoughts about creating Rena, and now I have a whole family :)


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