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Dangerous and Mischeivous high school tulpa?

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A long time ago there was this weird girl I had a crush on in high school who I swere was either a demonically posessed tulpa later on or a weird psychotic one. This tulpa manifested as a person with a high hair line, pale skin, hazel eyes, jewish hair style, a soft alluring voice at first, and other weirdness. It seemed she made everyone in school fall for her,..... Then suddenly she changed forms and another form of her appeared with the same name with weirder features such as puffy skin, petruding lips, a gigantic ugly nose,  and similar. This person changed personality to be suddenly angry as hell by that point, and got a totally different voice speaking fighting with the voice that was there before.


This person was a love interest for over 20 years. Not until recently did I assume she was a tulpa. She acted just like one, changed forms, changed personalities, changed appearences sometimes looking asian as well with a totally different hair. She had a name similar to a living girl living in Dedham, MA at the time but sounded different...


I had a bad experience trying to speak to her spirit via channeling after it was revealed she died.   I ran into psychic backlash that got worse every time I thought of the girl romantically, due to the love interest simply not dying.   Eventually it got so bad, that my whole body was controlled for over 2 weeks by something evil. Praying to Jesus saved me. 

I am not religious anymore due to this experience, but always wondered if it's possible for a tulpa to be punished in the afterlife if created using satanic methods... Is it possible her name summons her into existance or summons demons.... I have had weird experiences thinking out her name, so much that I used black magic to block out every name in her name but the first name. I have been tormented by voices in my head, I have been scrached by unseen forces. I have been given mischievous sexual pleasure gifts that harm me, after I used them too much, I have been spiritually hurt by psychic entities with a real form, I have also had a spirit voice speak through my body that was mean at first but later on befriended me and claimed to protect me.

Could this be demonic posession or a mental illness?


What do you think of this?

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Im not good at this tulpa history stuff and terms yet but I dont think it's a tulpa because tulpas we talk about on this forum dont do that stuff and most of the time are not "evil".It's probably a demon if you believe in that stuff or maybe a mental illness.IDK (sorry its early in the morning where im at lol)Have you tried spiritual forums (im on one)Hope this helps : ) 

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Ask r/demons or a psychiatrist. I personally don't believe in that but the experience can be real enough. The voices are likely something psychiatrists have dealt with.

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