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hypnotizing yourself

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i read somewhere hypnotizing yourself is a great way to develop a tulpa, but due to some anxiety regrading it i'd only trust me to hypnotize myself. Is hypno really a good way to force? And if so, where do I start?


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If you can manage it, yes. You can also have someone else hypnotize you to help.


You still need to put in the time though.

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I've found that it works pretty well, especially for just getting into the right headspace for something.


They usually take about half an hour, so make sure you've got time beforehand (the longest I've taken was something like 45 minutes).

I don't really have a ton to say about it asside from that, but if you feel like giving it a shot here's a great starting point, it's got pretty much everything you need to know:

Good luck!

(Also sorry if this is a bit of a short reply, I don't have much time at the moment.)

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