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Ramble on being in a larger system (rant)

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So hello Im Jazi and Im part of a larger system which kinda pisses me off being in a larger system for us is actually hard due to the fact our host mental health is really bad and most of us dont get enough gosh darn attention from anyone we just found out lewis and our host are going to merge I mean I guess thats good?? but it still makes me angry that we keep creating or having new members out of nowhere and ive discussed with everyone that we need to stop forcing new members since its spiraling us into to much exhaustion and having to focus on everyone is really hard and its becoming really annoying dealing with everyone pretty much no one gets along and its chaos but we dont want to yknow like get rid of any of us because it makes us feel bad so i cant really do this its making me mad at our host right now i understand you want to make everyone happy salem but were not happy and we cant fix it i dont know what to do

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When our system expanded from 4 to 7+ it became very difficult to keep everyone happy and after a year of that my headmates Darlene, Joy, Ren and Gwen hatched a plan to *become SheShe*. 


SheShe is her own person so you think, you just made yet another headmate. Well yes, but actually no. SheShe is a reimagining of Darlene at her will and though SheShe isn't really like Darlene much, consider her Darlene "the white" like Gandolf in LOTR. So SheShe (Darlene) acted like a hub of sorts for everyone in her "lock-merge" which isn't a subsystem, isn't a true merge, keeps everyone unique and has proven to work just as advertised since January 2020.


So it's as simple as this. Anyone who opts into that lock-merge will associate to any experience gained by anyone else expressed from that group. If Joy is expressed, SheShe, Gwen, and Ren all feel like they're expressing simultaneously but as Joy. As if Joy is one of their own aspects.


It works similarly to how an actor gets into character if that character was another valid person, Jack Sparrow isn't Johnny Depp, but as Jack Sparrow, Johnny Depp is Jack Sparrow and Jack Sparrow benefits from other experiences Johnny has as Johnny.


They haven't blended, they're still potent and unique and they all feel like they get a lot of attention and time.


This really changed everything.


Misha and Ashley of they so chose could also join the lock-merge and effectively so could I.


We even had a temporary conventional merge named Aleshe who was *everyone* except me, but like a conventional merge she doesn't exist outside the complete merge.


Anything is possible really.


Good luck.

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May I ask how exactly large your system is? 

Hi, I'm Michael, I'm a tulpamancer interested in diving as deep as I can into this realm of thoughtforms.

I'm Shade, Michael's first tulpa and girlfriend. I'm fairly reserved but love philosophy and psychonautics. 

I'm Dawn, I'm the most active tulpa in the system and also the most fun loving/party girl type. 

In our system there is also Ember and Spark, Cinderella, Astra, Scarlet, Jade, Rarity, AquaIgnis, Tony, Majima, and Sarah.

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11 hours ago, Michael Blackwater said:

May I ask how exactly large your system is? 

there were about 9 of us

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