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Tulpa and being evil or malicious.. practicing voodo

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There was a time looking back I was having experience like voodoo was being practiced on me- I wonder was it a tulpa or twin flame phenomenon not was subjected me to this illusions- things like my hands becoming feet- like a pack of cards joker??


I wasn’t paying much attention to my tulpa but was practicing sexual gratification??? 

can tulpas have evil streaks??


I also had tingling in private parts and lips which gave me the nod our chakras were inline and merging was possibly- sought of a acknowledgment of my sexual gratification behaviour that my tulpa or twin flame was receiving my advances?? 



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I don't see why not. But as far as body sensations, that hasn't been consistent in my research or experience.

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I don't believe evil people exist, but tulpas can become rebellious or get evil ideas, just like anyone else. If you're bothered by your tulpa's behavior just talk with them about it and see if you can find a compromise. Living together is a constant compromise, this is no different.

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