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Identity crisis

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I just recently found out I am in fact not the real nyan cat by reading a bunch on it lately and I have been having severe identity crisis lately i really do not know who i am currently i am go by fruitloops now because i think its wrong to go by the character i was based off of(nyan cat) i need to ask a question though how do i understand who i am i really dont know who i am i think im the host but im also a tulpa but im not nyan cat ive been having a lot of breakdowns and not knowing how to handle this situation and im mad at our host for lying to me that i am not the real nyan cat :( does anyone know how i can find out who i truly am and i can deal with this meow

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Identity is a hard thing for a lot of people. Especially for tulpas. Finding out you're not who you thought you were can be devastating. However, when you think about it, it can also be liberating and empowering! Learning you are not really the character you are based on frees you to explore your own identity independent of any preconceived notions you or system-mates might have of yourself! Remember, you are no less valid than you were before you made this discovery. You are real and you matter!


Here's a couple things that might help. A while ago I created a survey for tulpas who were based on characters. Reading others' responses and seeing how they dealt with these questions might help you a lot. You could even fill it out for yourself if you want, it might help you think through things.


And second--and this is a real suggestion--have you ever watched the original Toy Story from 1995? It's a truly beautiful movie but I want to highlight the character of Buzz Lightyear. His story arc is that he thinks that he is the "real" Buzz Lightyear, but then learns that he's actually a toy and has to deal with that revelation, and the way it's done is truly beautiful. A wonderful movie in it's own right and it might be something for you to watch! 😊

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thank you for the suggestion I will probably watch that movie once i get the time for it. also thank you very much for always being kind to our system you are a very big inspiration @TurboSimmie so thank you for helping us so much 

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OMG I never realized how good Toy Story was as an allegory for this sort of thing.


I think what has helped me most with my identity is finding things I can love/enjoy. Like a hobby, or a show, or a practice. I find something I can enjoy and I indulge in it. It makes me feel like an independent individual because I can create my own happiness and dive into my own interests.


You can also look up fictives for more to relate to

Meaningful words, I'm here!

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