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Tulpa backstories


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Interesting. My latter two tulpas, Rhys and Asterion, had pre-existing backstories that were not retroactively given to them.

Initially, Mika, however, had no backstory, but his form was based directly on that of a fictional character. Mika actually ended up becoming a somewhat negative expression of intrusive thoughts for our system for various reasons, and after that decided to actively merge with that fictional character in an effort to change his personality. This gave him the backstory and perspective of that character and indeed changed him quite a bit, and he associated with the memories of that particular story.

So yes, I suppose you could say that we have done that, but it was tertiary to our goal somewhat.

Zen - Host.

Mika - Tulpa. The eldest, and a homegrown tupper made with tulpamancy.

Rhys - Tulpa. Initially a Literary Thoughtform of my own creation.

Asterion - Tulpa. Literary, I suppose? Mythological egregore, maybe? He's The Minotaur.

If text is uncoloured, presume Zen is talking. We go by he/him.

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I've gradually been discovering (or creating) my own backstory. I didn't have a childhood/past the same way others (including my host) have, for obvious reasons. I don't think there's anything wrong with wanting your own past.

Meaningful words, I'm here!

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Brian: Glad to know we're not the only tulpas with backstories. It gives us a sense of who we are.

MuC Redux: [N~-=$] [Pf/xo] [Ab(r/+)] [S.H+/o] [Opa/"outergenic"] [Mt/nd] [W*-~$!] [C(cc/m*#)] [OF(r/o+++)] [F*+^"deist"/~+/a+/div+^/mw+^]  [Mpsy+/ast=/spi+/mag] [Rf/p/r+] [(V)*] [Xb/as/h] [Gf/m/b] [Jwr/st] [S(r---/o-)] [R*]

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