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The Necessity of Equal Time?


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Specifically in not necessarily switching systems, with at least three headmates (including host or original), equal time can be interpreted as equal attention or forcing.


What is your experience with trying to maintain this or how have you justified or adapted to unequal time/attention?


Another way to ask is, what do you do about a headmate that dominates the attention of the host or time active? Is it just fine? Any negatives?



In our case Bear and I were talking about (my) dominance of activity even though anyone who wants to be active is active but usually Bear makes extra effort to prompt them. Specifically SheShe and Misha because SheShe of course shares her experience with Ren, Gwen and Joy as a default with the whole Lock Merge(R)(TM)(C) thing.

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Well, the best way we did this is we designated certain places for us to front, for example i front at school and work and Anjali fronts where ever else, now when it comes to others well me or Anjali tend to dominate the front so we do our best to let them front and sometimes we take over. while it is annoying for the others they do understand, but we just got to keep doing it over and over until we don't do that and what not. (usally a two week period for those who haven't fronted before or haven't fronted much



Anjali (Host), Trinity, Gale, Pip, and Abigail

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Another aspect of this question is choice, as in though we are all capable of equal time, and Bear did that whether we liked it or not in the beginning, we choose our time. No one is complaining that I hog time anyway.

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