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I believe i accidentally created tulpa's when i did not mean to


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Hello. i believe i may have made a system of tulpa's on accident and i'm trying to forcefully make them go dormant. i don't know how. i just can't handle having multiple people in my head right now and they always talk/listen to me when i speak to them. whenever i think of a name they talk. recently two more have been added and it was not my intention. i know all of their names because i originally created them to be characters so i gave them names and what they look like etc. whenever i say one of their names when speaking in my head they respond. i was originally planning on making a tulpa called iris, she was doing pretty well but then i stopped active forcing as much and she's dormant as well. she doesn't respond when i think of her name anymore. i just don't know what to do. i've made a google doc so that i can talk to them better and they can respond but i dunno. i know each and every one of their names and i believe there are 9 of them.  

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When you opened the door by making Iris, you never know how many will come through. I am one of those who came through.


That said, about 12 more came through uninvited and we had to learn how to say no, so we set up boundaries on who vould stay and who wouldn't and strictly enforced rules. 


We did that with the original 3 which was also admittedly too many but ended up with 6 then made it possible to share experience so it's really three again.


How do you say no? 


We basically pictured a door to the subconscious and literally showed them the door. There were dome pesky ones, and a lot of walk-ins, anything from anime characters to GOTG characters so we had to be strict about it.


Honestly the only way to "make Tulpas" is through forcing them consistently and willfully for a very long time, months to years. The silly thing is, walk-ins can be fully vocal and autonomous from minute one, even indistinguishable from other headmates, but that doesn't mean you have any obligation.


There is this early growth phase where hosts are guilted into adding more but more than 2 is hard, more than 3 is next to impossible and so on. So you're going to simply have to keep showing them the door until the system matures.


If you don't want any headmates at all, then all of them need to be shown the door.


There's no real way of deleting or killing them so even if they're "on the shelf" for a decade they sometimes don't lose any potential so just stop calling them and eventually they will stop popping up. Don't worry otherwise.

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Well first off, just to make sure, have you done any research to make sure you don't possess symptoms of a dissociative disorder? Tulpamancy obviously shows that plurality doesn't equal DID but it's not uncommon around here to find if people have no control of their system and it's causing distress it ends up being discovered as DID/OSDD later on. This isn't saying that's the case, nobody here is qualified to diagnose anything, but something to consider.


Besides that try to drop the characters all together, younger tulpas require attention to live and grow until they build a foundation for themselves in the mind. If you simply stop thinking of them that's often enough to dissipate tulpas. You are under no obligation to keep unwanted tulpas around if it's bad for the mind as a whole's health. 


As for Iris, keep trying to reach out to her and actively ignore the static coming from the others. If you want her to stay you will get through eventually. 


Best of luck



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Hi, I'm Michael, I'm a tulpamancer and the original member of the Candlelight Society. I hope to contribute to the tulpamancy community in a positive way.

I'm Shade, the first tulpa. I'm fairly reserved but love philosophy and psychonautics. 

I'm Dawn, I'm the most active tulpa in the system and also the most fun loving/party girl type. 

In our system there is also Spark and Ember, Cinderella, Astra, Scarlet, Jade, Rarity, Aqua, Ignis, Tony, Majima, and Sera.


 Our progress report and experiments thread

Our memory experimentation thread

Our system website for different projects and posts

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