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Tulpa weakened after accidental merging


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Last night while talking to Rena I accidentally merged her and me. I don't remember but I think we were trying to (stupidly) co-con, and it resulted in this. I think i managed to separate us back out, but Rena seems set back really far. Is this permanent? Is she ruined permanently?


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She's definitely not ruined! Feeling blended at times is normal even for advanced tulpamancers! There are many times where my host and I feel a bit blended (we call them teal moments). The best thing to do when that happens is to try and talk to your tulpa and get a dialog going, helping to re-enforce the separation. If it happens more often, it could be a good idea to try some more forcing activities to strengthen Rena! 

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We are often something like blended. Thoughts come and we associate with whichever we want, sometimes two or more identify with the same one. Usually we have our own voice that sounds like us individually but often the thoughts don't have a "voice" in particular. So who said it? Does it matter? If I like what was said, then sure I'll take responsibility for it.


It happens a lot playing games. So thoughts are flying and no one knows who thought what. Bear takes responsibility for most of the ones none of us take. Sometimes there are thoughts that are just either really generic or obvious so no one needs to take ownership. They're not important enough to bother.


Anyway, we've experienced blending often since about December 2018 and it never bothered us. Once we understood the difference between intrusive thoughts and intentional thoughts we understood that thoughts are just thoughts, they don't have to be acknowledged or owned and we don't necessarily care who owns what. When one of us intentionally has something significant to say then it's clear.


So maybe try having Rena talk about something only she usually talks about?

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