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Tulpamancy and Psychedelics


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So, Ive been socializing outside my mind space (in the real world) a lot lately and have not been conjuring my tulpa as much. During some of that socializing, the concept of psychedelics has come up. After watching some YouTube videos on the subject, I'm curious if anyone here practicing tulpamancy has thoughts or experiences on the effect of psychedelics on tulpa creation, visualization, sentience, and other tulpa concepts.


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Char's Harem:
Host- Max 37 yo Male
Tulpa - Char (Charlette), 22 yo (4 days realized) Female/Futanari 
Servitor (active)- Precious, Female baby girl/ sister-sub

Servitor (inactive)- Joc Male Bull


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Interesting Ask.


I don't recommend using drugs anyway, maximum - light cannabis.
It's cool, you are relaxed and can concentrate much more efficiently

With stronger drugs - you'll be in trouble.
In my country, in the tulpa-community, there is a concept that denotes these consequences.


They will be like this: You will not be able to develop without drugs, because the effect will not be the same.
It's like learning how to ride a bike and jumped
on a plane that you can fly. Naturally, the plane is cooler, but on a bicycle you will already be bored learning to ride.
And this feeling will grow

That is the problem


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