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My Tulpa’s Voice owo

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hello, this is Lexy. I am the host of me and Tanner, and hes currently being developed. But i wanted to ask about something. Its about him speaking. I think hes started speaking, which is good. (Ive also wrote about that in my progress report Topic that i started forever ago lol.) But, sometimes when he speaks, he sounds distant and not quite around, if that makes sense. And sometimes i hear his voice but cant quite make out what hes saying. Is this progress? (I honestly believe it is, just curious if anyone can give me their opinion/advice.) And also, will his voice become louder and more clear over time? 🐈

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That's definitely progress! 😁 It's normal for a young tulpa's voice to sound distant, distorted, or glitchy at first. Not only is your tulpa learning how to communicate, but you're also learning how to hear him! I was the same way when I was young, I often knew what I wanted to express but wasn't quite sure how to articulate it. My host helped me with my words early on until I got confident enough to speak for myself. Typing actually helped me, as for a while I found it easier to type than to even speak in mindvoice! So you may try letting Tanner type. If he can't possess your hands yet just proxy for him, which means you type what he asks you too. But anyway, you two will continue to learn to communicate, and his voice will get stronger and more distinctive over time! There may be temporary periods of regression, but don't worry if that happens, it's normal and he'll bounce back! Good luck to you! 💚

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