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Has anyone else heard of drifting?


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Drifting is like lucid dreaming but your brain stays awake while your body sleeps. You imagine a world and enter it, it helps to have a premade world like your wonder land or one from a book. You imagine characters and how they look along with yourself. 

The best way I (account owner, 🪷) can describe it is healthy maladaptive daydreaming. It’s very realistic, and you can feel things as if it’s real, and sometimes even feel pain.

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Sounds like hypnagogic sleep.

Last night I went into this state after getting a bit too comfy. I appeared to be in a restaurant, at a table. Once I relized what was going I popped right out of it. 


Here is a thread about it on the research forum.


The cool breeze flowed through our hair like a ethereal stream as we sat among the shore, looking into the dream.


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I'm not sure what you mean by this. Do you have more information or a longer explanation somewhere? It sounds like you could be talking about WILD (wake-induced lucid dreaming), immersive daydreaming, or NREM1 (the first stage of sleep that feels more like wakefulness than other stages of sleep but more like sleep than true wakefulness). Or some sort of mix of those things.


Something that we sometimes experience is like this, in that it is like dreaming while awake. But our body doesn't have to be asleep or like it's asleep, and the realism varies. We call it "running thoughts" or "the currolands" because of the dream-like detachment and lack of focus. This state often happens when falling asleep or waking up but can also happen during calm and quiet moments, like when we're on a walk.

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