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Art of my Tulpa (A Thread.)


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Hopefully, I will draw him more. I just started forcing him today, but I have been planning on making a Tulpa since I was just a girl.  He is free to change his form as he wishes, this was just to help me visualize him. 


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I wanted to try out a new realistic art style.


I was very sad while making this, as my mother has been very unkind to me. Around 11 PM she called asking for money, clearly intoxicated. I am physically disabled and most of my money goes to affording housing and my medication. As politely as I could, I told her I was unable to spare any money at the moment due to the lack of a job, and that I knew she would spend it on alcohol rather than her debt. She got very angry, calling me all sorts of insults and bringing up how she cared for me my entire life. I myself don’t feel guilty about that. Until this point, she cared for me when I was a minor, but I have been completely independent of her since I was an adult last year. She says she is going to drive to my city to destroy my place, and I threatened to call authorities. At that she hung up, and I haven’t been able to fall asleep since. 

I don’t like forcing while upset, which happens quite often, mainly due to the fact I find it uncomfortable and like I would be making my Tulpa upset. 

So sorry for the rant, I originally was just going to post this drawing, but I just started typing and couldn’t stop. I thought it would be cute to draw me and Link cuddling a bit, much more lighthearted than our current situation. 

(And yes, I do have piercings, I unfortunately did them myself as a 16 year old girl 😂.) 



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I mentioned he changed his form in our progress report. Here it is! He’s not an angry guy, but he always gives me such a funky look when I say something silly. He actually decided this form on his own. I asked him, “why so many scars?” And he said he wanted me to know he was tough 😂 


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