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The Seekers — Adventures of Wilhelm & Serpent


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Hello. This is our lounge. We, Wilhelm and Serpent, will share our progress here (obviously). I, Wilhelm, write in white text and my tulpa, Serpent, writes in
yellow. Also, we call ourselves “The Seekers”, in case you want to know. Before we start: please, if you have any comments or questions about us, then go for it! We'll read every message. Also you can correct our spelling and/or grammatical errors, because English isn't our native language and we want to learn.


I think we both should introduce ourselves to you all. I'll start first. My name is Wilhelm, I'm a seventeen-years-old transmasculine person and I use any pronouns except she/her (it/they are mostly preferred).

I know about tulpamancy for around 5-6 years and I've had some attempts to create a tulpa some time ago, but they failed because of my childishness and irresponsibility. I decided to try again in the end of this August, but I won't drop this time no matter what — I want to have a opportunity of exploring and pushing my mind's limits, and I just want to have a very close friend by my side.


Now, let me introduce Serpent via proxxying.

my name's serpent and i use he/him pronouns, also i'm agender, i think! i was created by my host at the august 25th and i'm very pleased to see you all here, in this thread! i don't know what else to say, I think I'll just tell you something else about me next time!


Basically, that's all. We'll start posting our progress very soon and we hope that you'll catch up with us, if you wish.

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Wilhelm · host · it/they/one/he

Serpent · tulpa · he/him

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DAYS 1-12

This is some kind of backstory and a short retelling of my private notes, actually. But soon my posts will be more detailed.

Day 1 (08/25/23): I've created Serpent on this day, and he also responded to me. His first words were 
“When already?”, when I said that I'll start forcing him right after I'll finish my things. We watched playthrought of Rain World and played ClanGen that day.

Also, before actual forcing I've chose a name for him (my other options were Onyx, Ace and Axel), visualized his appearance a bit (inherently, he's a slim brown-haired and dark-eyed human that wears techwear clothes with yellow elements on them), thought about his personality traits (he's supposed to be brave, curious, patient and sociable) and created a mindscape as well (for now, our mindscape is divided into two zones: forest and abandoned half-ruined city).

Day 2 (08/26/23): I've read some guides about development of vocality and we practiced a bit, playing a game where you need to read a word and say the first thing that comes to your mind. The most interesting is that Serpent thought about red rose at the word “spider”. Because, as he said, “Spiders have a red spot on their abdomen that looks like the color of roses, and that's red”. I think by spiders he meant black widows.

Day 9 (09/02/23): I've noticed that Serpent truly takes care of my mental health. He helped me to get rid of some specific anxious thoughts caused by my (past, hopefully) hyperfixation. Then he said: I really want you not to suffer, or at least not to suffer that much. It is my duty to ensure your comfort. I'm worried about you.”  Also, we decided to name ourselves “The Seekers” that day.

Day 10 (09/03/23): I've entered our wonderland for the first time. The surroundings were kind of glitchy and fade-ish, but I talked with Serpent a bit at least. Also I've noticed that his voice in the mindscape was clearer that in the real world and his sentences were longer.

Day 12 (09/05/23): I've entered our mindscape once again, but this time Serpent was on the big oak tree near my location. We chattered a bit and I imagined myself in the void, where I visualized a gray sphere to practice some visualization skills and then opened my eyes, bored. I've decided that I'll do it again lated, maybe with other objects.

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Wilhelm · host · it/they/one/he

Serpent · tulpa · he/him

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