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I am working on an art project about tulpa


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I'm a designer currently pursuing my master's degree at Goldsmiths. I didn't know about tulpas initially, but one day I discovered that my longtime boyfriend had a tulpa, which both surprised and intrigued me. Since then, I've developed a strong interest in tulpas. Later, I found out that other friends also had tulpas, and due to their unique life experiences, their tulpas were quite diverse. As I learned about their tulpas, I realized there were many facets to these individuals whom I thought I knew well.

Before creating my artwork, I need to conduct extensive research and interviews, not limited to just my close friends. If anyone is interested in sharing their experiences, I look forward to chatting with you. Thank you very much!

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Hi! Nice to meet you. Please call me Lind.

the one who lives with 16 Tulpas. It has increased this much in seven years. I've had a lot of experiences, so I'd like to share them. I hope my experience will help your work.:-)

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