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I don't really know what else to say besides I'm going to make myself a tupper pet.


His name is Kai. His form looks like a black and electric blue colored version of wolf-Link from LOZ:TP sans chain and ear piercings.


I don't plan on giving him a voice, but him and I will have some telepathic kinda thing going on.


As of now, visualization is perfect and I'm working on personality a little just to make sure he'll be friendly and loyal and stuff.

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So much going on these days. I've started helping Rob with his music and as of now we are absolutely sure the Nightmares are gone. Kai is doing well. I've never really made a tulpa myself before and I can force my own items and stuff very easily, but I guess I didn't fully expect Kai to be done so quickly. I kinda want to see about imposing him on Rob. See what happens y'know?

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