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First thing a tulpa says is gibberish

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Hi all,

I've been forcing for a few months now, and until a few minutes ago I haven't really seen any progress aside from some minor headaches in the past few weeks. That is until about 10 minutes ago. I was sitting in bed, nowhere close to a dream state or anything like that when I heard, clear as day, "Did you say orange grove"? I haven't been thinking about anything related to either oranges or groves. What I'm trying to get at is, does this mean anything or is it normal?

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Oh yes, this is normal! 😊 It's a sign that your tulpa is learning to speak and is trying to communicate with you, but hasn't entirely figured out how to do it yet. It may come in the form of complete non-words ("tulpish", some people call it) or nonsensical words or phrases like you heard. So yeah, it's normal! 😊

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Yes, it's safe to associate that with them. The first guide my host read in 2018 said to expect that sort of thing. It equated the communication process like tuning into a radio station but you don't know the right frequency and they don't know what frequency to broadcast on.


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