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How to switch to wonderland while tulpa is fronting?

Zehel X403

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If you switch out, you effectively dissociat from the body. In the tulpa position now you have access to the full stream but your headmate is the one in control, the memories are theirs, they may force you or ignore you at their whim just as you did with them. You just switch places. Call that a step back. 


Take another step back, now you're not only dissociated with the body but also the sensory inputs. Here you may choose to immerse yourself in wonderland. You have any senses you choose, usually visual, then audio, touch etc. You are effectively dissasociated from the body completely. This we call "way back". At this point attention must be paid by the fronter to "document" the activities or they'll only be vaguely remembered if that. This can be sometimed confused as made up on the spot when you return but we disagree. It's a personal experience and you decide for yourself.


If everyone is way back, no one is associated with the body it will continue to act autonomically. It will breath, walk to a destination, do a chore, drive a car to a destination, and may require little bits of attention to help but sometimes nothing. There will be no memories if there was no attention paid to the activity other than again a vaguly remembered stream but again, it's up to you to decide if it was real or imagined, all memories are reimagined anyway.


Is it possible? Yes. How can you do it? By zoning out, dissasociating from the body just as you do when in wonderland with your headmates. 


What is the experience? It can be a shared experience including moments of the front control mixed with moments in wonderland or all in wonderland, completely amnesic of what happened in front to all front with the wonderland experience all but forgotten.


This is how we experienced it originally and do to this day.

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