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Ishtar's tulpa journal!


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hello, my username here is ishtar but call me snake!

think i made a tulpa when i was little, like 1st to 2nd grade little, i wanted an imagery friend, and my logic during that time was "if i can't get an imagery friend to come to me, i'll make one myself"
i spent like all day (8 hours during school time) making her, i made myself see her, and then I forgot about her after a day or 2-

so this is my take on making one when i am 15 and know what i am doing! i'll start first making sure i can feel her in my head, i'm naming her Bora; and then i'll start talking to her after a week, well more that i first had lol, and direct my love and comfort to her while i weave the key personality traits i want for her, the rest she can pick, 

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