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how to go inactive?


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so I'm the host and I want to try going inactive; my tulpas can front (and stay fronting for a while) but even when they do that I just never disappear? like I definitely go to the background and my internal speech becomes very quiet, but I never go away. like I'm still constantly aware of everything that's going on, it's just that a different person is controlling the body and being the active mindvoice. which is like, fine, I kinda like that because I can relax a bit more, but I just can't disappear. The reason I want to do that anyway is because sometimes I police my tulpas' behavior too much when they're fronting (like they'll be doing something harmless but I still stop them because I don't like it or don't want to watch them do it right now) and I wish I just wasn't there so they could have more independence from me. I guess I could stop doing that but I don't know if I could, and I think it'd be better for them sometimes if I'm just not there anyways.


so yeah, does anyone have some tips on how to do this?

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system members:

Ivy [formerly Daemon] (host, any pronouns)
Amaba (tulpa, she/they)

Mythril (walk-in, he/him)

maybe more but those are the significant ones

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Usually this is how it normally works. 
I don't know much in the fronting field, but I do have an idea, idk if anyone can back me up with this or can confirm it, but can you try something like falling asleep? You probably wouldn't be able to actually fall asleep, but would you be able to achieve something similar?

Lyceon (host) (they/he/xe/xe/cat/catself/it)

Currently most active tulpa: Ariya (she/her)

I have more tulpas, but I don't want to make a big list lol

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Putting the host into dormancy should be possible after learning to switch, so keep trying. When we first put the host into dormancy, our BodyOS kind of acts like a servitor where ws just ask it to say, please put the host into dormancy and it did. Not the best how-to but that just worked for us. Later he would go into dormancy by default and only Ashley would want to keep him. That took some effort and practice. They did that by playing Space Engineers without Bear. It was very hard for him to resist playing, so if he was dormant that was obvious.

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