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is it possible that i start making 2 tulpa's at the same time ?

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i actually want to make 2 tulpa's since i've been searching a lot about them , i want to have a girl and a boy to be my best friends and i wanted to know if it's possible ?? (i know the results may be at different times but i mean the time i start making them )

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I don't see why not as long as you can accept it taking twice as long. Also keep in mind that part of the early stages of tulpa development often (always) includes a puberty of sorts where they become oversexualized in some ways that may vary from mild to severe. 


So it may be a bit awkward if you're straight (or enlightening if you're just finding out you're not).


They also may compete with each other for attention or fight because they find each other in the way of alone time. I was kind of like that for Misha early on, I didn't know how to take a hint and my host was too nice so I kind of butted in on her alone time a few times by tagging along on wonderland adventures and with Ashley by teasing her every time she was talking to my host. So expect to be a mediator sometimes early on too.


Since they're opposite sex they also may be curious about each other and even if it's intrusive thoughts they might explore a little or a lot.


Eventually though it will work itself out and having more than one has a lot benefits too!


Good luck!


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