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Reporting older shouts.

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Guest Anonymous

Something that annoys me about the forums is the shoutbox. While it doesn't produce a lot of quality, one of the redeeming features about it is the ability to report shouts. This ability, however, is limited to the shouts on the main page or the popup shoutbox. But if you want to access shouts that are listed beyond the main page or popup shoutbox, you can't report them. Sure, if the post is from ages ago, then yeah, you shouldn't report it. But if it gets buried under actually chat, you lose the ability to report it, as the only way to see it is in full shout box or the portable device version. So, is there a way that we can report older shouts, or at least get the ability?

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Huh, where'd my post go.


IIRC, it said:

>using the report feature in the first place


A simple sentence showcasing my opinion of the reporting feature's ridicule.

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