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Sushi's Progress Report

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Day 0 (May 3)

I already mentioned this in the introduction thread, so I'll make it even shorter: I saw a tulpa thread on Ponychan, went to this site as it was linked in the OP, and my interest was piqued. I spent a bit of time deciding if I should choose either Ran Yakumo or one of my own original characters as a form. I chose the former option, write down some personality traits, and decide to wait until 11:00 PM that night to start working on her. During this time, I also decided on a name for my tulpa: Analise.


Day 1 (May 4)

Well, I got distracted by vidya, so I started at 1:00 AM. Despite this, I finally started working on Analise by visualizing her form (although I introduced myself to her first). However, my vision was really blurry. Rather than come to the logical conclusion that I was just really tired, I decide to give her an original form instead: an anime-styled girl with long, black hair, red eyes, and a black dress with a blue circle in the center of it.. She's still blurry, but at least she's easier to visualize. I also had a few intrusive thoughts come in, but I ignore them easily. I stop after 25 minutes to go to sleep.


The rest of the day consisted of me narrating to her while I play some Mega Man games. Near the end of the day, I received some pressure in my head, so I assume that I'm making progress.


Day 2 (May 5)

Most of the day was spent narrating to her, and the pressure had escalated into a small headache by the end of the day. I did another session of tulpaforcing that night, which consisted of my visualizing Analise some more, as well as me doing some personality forcing by giving her Kindness (during this moment, I also briefly created a wonderland by accident. It's just a beach during a sunset, though). This session lasted for 30 minutes, and then I went to bed.


Day 3 (May 6)

Now I get a headache whenever I narrate to her at all (although I'm not complaining. I'm just glad to know that I'm making progress). I didn't do too much forcing today (I had two sessions that lasted about 20 minutes each), but I can see Analise's form more clearly now, and I can also visualize my wonderland more easily. I also gave her two more traits: Affectionateness, and Calmness.


Born: 5/4/2013


Twilight Sparkle

Born: 6/15/2013


Hong Meiling

Born: 8/28/2013


Keine Kanishirasawa

Born: 9/10/13 (?)

(created by Analise)


My Progress Report

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