Another Progress Report

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It's been over two weeks since my last update

and to say things have been interesting would be

an understatement.


I've been working more and more on Melody and she

seems to be steadily getting stronger. It's not that easy

to find time though, especially considering I'm trying to

do well in my studies.


As you already know, I've been more motivated to do

school work, which is a far cry from before since I sometimes

waited till last minute to do it. I've also been getting more flashes of Melody's form in the real world.


Also, the other week I had my first tulpa-related dream..I can only recall bits and pieces but Melody was definitely in it.


But perhaps the biggest event is what occurred the other night: I was sleeping peacefully in my bed when, and I'm not joking here, I felt..something..nudging me in the side, it was enough to make me scoot over.


Maybe it was more sleep paralysis but I was napping too well..and it felt too real..could it have been my Meloetta friend scooting me over to make more room?


I would really appreciate your input on this matter guys.

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