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Small introduction


Starting a progress report and I am hoping to keep this updated. It's a new year and I feel ready to begin. I've been planning things out for some time now and I understand that this will require dedication and patience. I'm confident I'll see this through. But who's to say what will happen? On with it.


I will be creating four tuppers simulataneously. I may receive some flak for that with the idea that I may be biting off more than I can chew. However, I've already pondered this enough myself and I am comfortable with my decision. I have too much time on my hands anyway. I have come up with a wonderland, names, forms, and traits.




I will be using a mix of JD1215 and Fede's parroting methods. This will involve earlier imposition and me forming personality, voice, and movements directly. I know that some do not like parroting/puppeting and that is fine. I believe this approach will be more enjoyable for myself and my tulpa as well.




Due to the possibility of deviation, the information below should be taken as what I've laid out as the starting points for my tuppers. Meaning everything is subject to change. Even though I am using parroting, I still find traits important to keep in mind when interacting with them. Their responses and actions must reflect the traits during the parroting phase.


Blair - Female, Human

Personality: Spontaneous (Energetic / Excitable), Adventurous (Curious / Open to new experiences), Cheerful (Upbeat / Positive), Clever (Quick Thinking / Adaptive to situations), Optimistic (Hopeful / Focuses on bright side of things), Kind (Nice to others / Considerate of others), Sociable (Talkative / Enjoys Interacting with others), Protective (Caring / Motherly), Daring (Bold / Risktaker), Rebellious (Challenges / Opposes limitations), Dependant (Needy / Relies on others), Childish (Playful / Silly), Expressive (Does not hide emotions / Open to others)


Ophelia - Female, Human

Personality: Agreeable (Non-confrontational / Cooperative), Artistic (Creative / Imaginative), Charming (Attractive / Elegant), Clever (Crafty / Quick thinking), Humble (Respectful / Modest), Good natured (Easy-going / Positive), Hard-working (Dedicated / Focused), Patient (Tolerable of others / Able to remain calm), Open minded (Abstract thinker), Soft (Gentle / Fragile), Quiet (Reserved / Peaceful) Sincere (Honest / Genuine)


Yumi - Female, Human

Personality: Distant (Keeps to self / Does not bother others), Cautious (Thinks ahead / Considers priorities and options), Helpful (Generous / Empathetic), Organized (Detailed / Orderly), Loyal (Honest / Faithful), Polite (Well mannered / Respectful)


Rose - Female, Human

Personality: Active (Energetic / Enjoys being busy or occupied), Caring (Friendly / Supportive), Courageous (Head-strong / Likes Challenges), Enthusiastic (Passionate / Shows drive in activities), Reliable (Responsible / Helpful), Sociable (Talkative / Enjoys interaction with others)


Blair is a young girl that looks around 18 or 19 years old. She has black hair which she keeps in a ponytail. She has dark grey eyes and is about five feet eight inches tall (172cm). She wears a tannish sweater top and a black skirt.


Ophelia looks a bit older than Blair and has dark greyish curly hair that is short and rests just above her shoulders. She has somewhat pale skin. Her eyes are a lighter shade of grey and she is about five feet four inches tall (162cm). Her clothing consists of a black school uniform top with a big red ribbon under the collar, a long black skirt, black tights, and dark grey flats.


Yumi appears similar to Blair's age. She has straight and long black hair with a headband. She also has a greyish tint to her eyes and is slightly taller than Ophelia at 5 feet five inches (165cm). She wears a black gothic dress with a red bow in the center.


Rose is the youngest, looking to be about 16 or 17. She has short brown bowl shaped hair with brown eyes. She sometimes wears a pair of green glasses. She's the same height as Yumi at five feet five inches (165 cm). She wears a white top and underneath that two colors: one black and white stripe and a second blue top. She has a high collared light green unzipped jacket on too, and navy colored short shorts.

Day 1


I. Gave my tuppers essences. Little orbs that would act as a spark of life to get the process going. Yes, it's symbolism. As it was our first meeting I thought it would be better to introduce myself and my reasons for creating them. So, after the introduction was complete, we passed the rest of the time I had having some snacks and wandering the wonderland. I made sure to think about how and why they would react the way they would to the events that occured. However, I didn't spend so much time thinking things over as to not stifle the interaction going on. Our wonderland is basically a large ship that hovers over an island civilization below. Inside the ship is the main town where the girls reside, a wasteland, and a few other places to

get lost

in. There are many sights to see. On the surface of the ship is a small castle for Rose and a city beside it. (45 minutes)


II. A visualization session. Went to our home in the wonderland and had each of the girls sit in a chair while I worked out their forms in more detail. As I'll be working on imposition I am trying to visualize more frequently with my eyes open. I can see things clearly, but I need to improve my focus. Images fade away too quickly. (1 hour)


III. This session I worked on Yumi's voice. I thought of some songs to sing and had her repeat lyrics after me. We did this without the music playing, as at first my mind would be too focused on the artist's voice matching with the lyrics. This would cause both Yumi and I to sing in that voice. Overall it went well. I also had her say the ABC's a few times and read a short story. We worked on her facial expressions as well. We went with the seven universal facial expressions of emotion. That is happy, contempt, fear, disgust, surprise, sadness, and anger. I also told her some jokes to see her laughing. (45 minutes)

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Day 2


The day was mostly spent imposing presence and form around. None of them feel very prominent as of yet. I can still lose track of my thoughts and space out without paying attention to where everyone is. Rose feels the weakest, connection wise. I find the biggest issue is when we go to a different room or when I'm heading to a new location, I'll forget to bring them along. A few minutes after being in the new location I go back to imposing. Also walking on or sitting on them happens sometimes too. This tends to agitate Blair. Aside from that, I worked on each of their voices. Blair's is the least stable so far. Yumi's voice is pretty ingrained amd recognizable at this point. Will be doing some more work on that though.


Day 3


More imposing. The five of us just kind of mosey around the room. I wanted to take the girls out for a walk or something but it's cold. Yumi is usually sitting close to me. Blair and Rose like watching cartoons or playing games with each other. (Rose also enjoys being lazy and taking naps). Hard waking her up in the morning. Ophelia will often bug me on the computer to look at something more interesting like a science or news article. Things felt about the same from the previous day. Just getting used to my room being crowded. Blair is coming off as a slightly different person than expected. Which is of course no issue to me. Her voice is coming together too. Now it is Ophelia and Rose's voice I'll have to stabalize.


There were no notable active forcing sessions in the wonderland recently.

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Day 4


Slacked with forcing today. I didn't focus on the girls that much and imposition felt weak. As I was lying in bed for the night I did do some visualizing.


Day 5


Well, I talked with Yumi quite a bit today. I'm thinking that she is deviating as yesterday I would sometimes see her wearing a pink kimono with sandals. I changed her back to her dress, and then today towards the end of the night I kept seeing her wear the kimono again. I'll just keep visualizing her that way. Rose and Ophelia seem to be getting along well. Blair is showing a more serious nature compared to her intended playfulness too. Before I started, I imagined her as the "leader" of the group in a way, so that may explain her sudden take charge attitude. She's also very protective of Yumi. She'll jab me if I tease her too much.

Yumi is a softie.

I am still parroting/puppeting as I don't feel I've given things enough time to cement in my mind. I'll be stopping in a few days. I don't believe I've gotten any true responses, but when parroting I can sometimes feel an intent, as if I know what they want to say next. Or that they're guiding me somehow with what words to choose. I can't describe it. I could just be getting used to their personalities as mentioned in the guides. Not sure.


Edit: Forgot to mention that the place we spend most of our time in the wonderland looks like a traditional japanese house. With the sliding doors. (Shoji?) We enjoy the scenery around it and all that good stuff. Anyway, I'm wondering if that influenced Yumi's kimono.

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